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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan


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《Chronicles Of The Shura Clan》 Volume 1
1 The Birth of the Son of Darkness
2 Annual Recruitmen
3 The Little Devil
4 The Slaughter
5 The Slaughter II
6 The End of the Exam
7 The shock within the Heavenly Demon Palace
8 Ling Xiao
9 Ascension Battle I
10 The Ascension Battle II
11 The Ascension Battle III
12 The Clash Between Brothers
13 The Sect Master’s Intervention.
14 The Intimidating Little Devil
15 Fang Lan’s Opportunity.
16 The Forbidden Fruits
17 The Fruits of Creation
18 The Determination Of Fang Lan
19 Fang Lan’s Transformation
20 Fang Lan’s New Power.
21 The Long Journey
22 The First Encounter.
23 Devil Fang In Action.
24 The Injured 7th Rank Demon Beast I
25 An Unfamiliar Feeling.
26 Ling Chen’s True Identity Revealed.
27 A Myriad Of Emotion.
28 The Injured Black Fox II
29 The Promise
30 Bai Tian
31 The Awaken Little Cub
32 The Prodigal Son.
33 Kapoti Town
34 The Midnight Massacre I
35 The Midnight Massacre II
36 The Midnight Massacre III
37 The Midnight Massacre IV
38 The Midnight Massacre V
39 The Midnight Massacre final
40 An Increase In Strength.
41 The Ultimate Kill Command.
42 Well, I Tried.
43 One Kick Man
44 The Bloody Royal Feast I
45 The Bloody Royal Feast II
46 The Bloody Royal Feast III
47 The Bloody Royal Feast IV
48 The Bloody Royal Feast V
49 The Bloody Royal Feast Final
50 The Aftermath Of The Massacre
51 Side story: A Day In The Life Of Ma Tu I
52 A Talk Between Father And Son
53 Three Months Later.
54 Old Ling And Old Fang.
55 Hu’er
56 The Insane Growth Of The Black Lightning Fruit.
57 Golden Merchant Association I