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27 Arc 2: NhamTa 9

[Melon: Host! Host! Wake up! Don't scared me. Wuuwu!!"] Melon was sobbing loudly beside NhamTa body. He rarely show himself as he was afraid of someone will saw him.

NhamTa abruptly open her eyes when she heard Melon sobbing near her.

"I finally come back!" NhamTa exclaim happily.

[Melon: Host. What's do you mean by come back?] Melon automatically stop crying and asked her with a curious eyes.

"I was pulled out of the body and gose back to this world's ancient times. 'NhamTa' wanted to show me about her past life and pleading me to fulfilled her regretted." NhamTa explained everything to Melon.

[Melon: I was worry to death because i can't contact you. It's good that you're alright.] Melon really hate to say it but he really like his host, even though her emotions was like a roller coaster.

"How long had i been unconscious? I feel like it was a lifetime time already." She had watch NhamPheng's life untill the day she(NP) die.

[Melon: You only unconscious for three days. In this three days that fellow Tian Hao always come to visit you. Your family also come.] Melon reports everything that had happened in this past three days to her.

"Then where is my family now?" NhamTa just finished asking when..

*Thud *Thud

She heard a very heavy and hurries footsteps from the entrance. Melon hurries and gose back inside NhamTa's mind.

"*Luk Nham!! You finally awake Wuuwu!!" Virak Tharknikorn, NhamTa's father jumped on her and crying like a little kid. He was a very serious person but infront of his beloved daughter he will always a super doing father.

"Dad! You will hurt little sister if you hugged her any stronger." Nisay Tharknikorn, NhamTa's older brother is an always elegant young man who will put NhamTa's matter above everything else. Remind his father that NhamTa is still so weak.

"I was so happy, and forget that she just awoken." The tone he speak with his son was only a bit more not serious as he speak with others. Only his princess can make him speak cheerfully.

"I'm fine, don't worry. Where's mother?" She already met her father and brother leaving only her mother that she had yet to met.

"Darling! Mommy is here!" An beautiful middle-aged woman appeared with a hand full of things.

"What's is this mother? Why did you bring so many things for?" She had an incredulous look on her. This mother of her, does she just buy all the things from the malls?

"There is still more." She grin at NhamTa, a bit later she saw another person come in.

"Come put it there" Nitcha Tharknikorn, NhamTa's mother pointed toward the place she just put the items. Lum Phalang obediently put down all the things there.

"Wow everyone was all gathered, hehe you also come?" Phi Nai arrived and saw that everyone was already come. He also saw Lum and give him a winks.

Lum goosebumps all over his body. He really can't get used to Phi Nai anymore even though he had learned a lot about this era.

"Darling...I'm sorry. I can't get that slut to jailed. She got a powerful backup..Mommy is useless." Nitcha sobbing.

"Mommy, maybe there is a misunderstanding about this incident. You guy don't need to try getting her jailed. CEO Chaa is her strongest supporter." She said helplessly like there is no hope in send Dorkmai to jail.

But the two man suddenly had an epiphany.

'That's right! Get rid of her backer even he was powerful in entertainment industry, but he is not invisible.' The daddy and brother was both thought the same.

NhamTa saw their face and worryingly said. "Daddy, Brother don't do anything recklessly. We need to have evidence if not I'm afraid they will sue us back." She told them not to act reckless but reminded them about the evidence.

NhamTa was thinking about how she can change the script of the film she was shooting. After witnessed the truth about NhamPheng's life. She knew that everything that the king had wrote was not all true, even the love Chompa had for him also not true.

Chompa is the kind of person who only love herself, she only married the king because he was the most powerful and loyal to only a woman. But does she love him? Of course not, those three man got play around her fingers without their knowledge.

After talking for a while they go back to do their own work. Her daddy and brother go together to find the 'evidence'. Lum was about to followed Nisay out, NhamTa suddenly said. "Lum you stayed here for abit." NhamTa said and turned to look at Nisay. Nisay know that she need to speak something secretly with Lum, he nodded as a goodbye and leaving with his father.

"Lum, are you ready to meet your beloved Dorkmai? You had been with my brother for awhile, so you should already understand about this time." She said nonchalantly and watching the birth fly freely in the sky.

"I'm perfectly ready!!" Lum said excitedly. 'Finally he can meet his Dorkmai' a smile bloom on his face.

"What's if she is not like what's you had think she is?" NhamTa inquiry as she turning back to Lum.

"What's do you mean? Dorkmai, of course is like what i know. She will always be the most caring person!!" He firmly believe in his idea.

"Had you ever thought about reincarnate?" Her face still calm without any ripples.

"I..." Lum didn't know how to replie. He used to hate the person who sealed his soul, he really wish to reincarnate at that time. But after he was released from the Pot and saw Dorkmai he had never thought of reincarnate again.

"I will listen to your answer later. You had to stayed with me for now. Take this key and go back home first." NhamTa give him the house and car keys. Lum take it and leave.

"Aiy...I want to change the script but how?!!!" NhamTa hugged her head and think seriously.

"I will change it to however you like." Tian Hao appeared out of nowhere and sit comfortably on her bed.

"Why are you here?" NhamTa exclaim with a widen eyes.

"I'm worry about you." When he heard that she was awoken, he throws away everything and quickly come to her.

"Why?" She was confused. They just meet afew times, why does he had to worried about her?

"NhamTa. I don't want to experienced that agonized feeling again. Only you was by my side, only so i can make sure that no one will hurt you again. I really love you, even we just met, my love for you unknowingly so deep. Please be my girlfriend." Tian Hao decided to confessed his love. He didn't want to regretted it. This three day that NhamTa was unconscious is very tormented for him. He may already destroyed Chaa Nunthip company for shielding the culprit that almost kill his NhamTa, if not for the shared holder in his Corporation was so against to it. He was about to kicked out all of them and find the new Share holder, just then the hospital called him about NhamTa woke up.

"This...This..." NhamTa was so suprised to his sudden confession. What's should she response to his feelings? She doesn't love him or should she said she didn't love anyone after her heart had been broken. Even Bai Long she only like him but not love....

"Please don't said no...." Tian Hao encircle her into his embraced and pleading her with a painful tone.

"I...We just meet...I don't know anything about you...I...I...just had my heart broken by the man i love....I had nothing good for you to had such a deep feeling for me...How can i believed you? I don't want my heart to broken more than this..." The more she speak the more her tears flow out. There is some truth in her words even thought she just acting.

"I will slowly heal your heart. You are the most precious person to me. My feelings for you is true, my love for you is so deep like it had formed for long long time ago. I can't explained it, but please believe me. I will never hurt or betray you. If i fell my words may my soul to never reincarnate again." He hold her face with the both of his palms lift her head to look at him. He said and swears seriously while looking into her eyes.

Just as Tian Hao finished his vowed a loud thunderstruck was heard from outside the window. This suprised NhamTa to a certain degree...'Is he for real?' NhamTa thought that her charm was too strong toward this Tian Hao. For him to made such a vowed even made the heaven acknowledge it. He really is something.

"But you never told me anything beside your name..How can i date someone who i only know his name?" She will give him a chance if he told her about himself honestly.

"I'm the president of Tian Corporation, I'm from C country. I only had a grandfather and no one else...Bla bla" Tian Hao was recruiting his background to NhamTa without leaving anything except for one things.

"You are the new investors of Chaa Company?" Haha She can finally found away to change all the script in <The past life of our love> film.

"I will agree to be your girlfriend in one condition. I want to change the whole scripts of the new film we were shooting. And...I didn't promised you that..i will love you back.."

"I already ready agree to help you about this, so it's not a problem. As for how you will love me back or not....I will be patiently waiting...for you to love me...for sure." He used his thumb to wiped her tears and smile at her....

"*Thump *Thump.." His smile was so memorizing, NhamTa's heart unconsciously beat faster and louder. She look at him with a daze.

Tian Hao find the daze NhamTa so adorable, he leaning down and capture her lip. He was lightly kissing her full plum lip and continues with his tongue pry open her mouth and deepen their kiss. NhamTa didn't protest, because of the scent on his body was so identical to Bai Long it made her heart so comfortable and didn't want to left his lip.

" Mmm.." Tian Hao feels like his heart was finally completed. He always feels like there is something missing from his heart and didn't know what's it was. Untill the moment he met NhamTa and finally got her to be his girlfriend did he feels his heart was fulfilled. This sentiment is such a pleasure to him, he let's out a satisfying moan.

"Mmm..En..ough..mm..can't..breathe" NhamTa was out of breathes because of his hot kiss.

Tian Hao reluctantly pulled back from her lip. He give her another light kiss on her forehead before saying.."I'm sorry..I was just too happy..I finally got you..My precious" The rarely smile man like Tian Hao was showing her such a doting and brightly grinning.

"I still want your help in something more...You can say no if you don't wanted to.." NhamTa look down to her hands as she speak.

"I will never say no to you!" He lift her chin up.

NhamTa was having an illusion, she saw Tian Hao face become Bai Long's. Bai Long also used to said something like this to her....'Yue'er i will never said No to you'.