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24 Arc 2: NhamTa 6

"I am your neighbor." Tian Hao add as he saw their bewildered look.

"But that doesn't mean you can just broke into someone else house as you please!." Phi Nai sharply stared at Tian Hao. He doesn't act like his usual anymore, he was like a father who was protecting his daughter if you may ask.

"I heard a loud noise inside. I thought there was a thife or something." It's just his excuse, he broke in because he can't wait outside her house any longer, and the noises was giving him a good reason to do so.

"If it's not you who wrecked the house, then who?" Phi Nai eyes was still on Tian Hao as he spoke.

Tian Hao didn't say anything, he only points his eyes to NhamTa, his meaning was clear 'It's her, who wrecked her own house'.

"Ah..Ha..Ha..It's was me. I was the one who broke all those things and messed." NhamTa laughing dryly, and confessed awkwardly.

"Why did you do that? Is it because of yes--" Phi Nai was dumbstruck at first then he suddenly remember what's happened at the crew yesterday...

"Let's talk about it later!. For now...Can you all get out? I want to get dress." NhamTa hurries cut off Phi Nai before he could said anymore words. She shoo them all out of her room.

"I didn't had anything to wear" Tian Hao said his face as straight as ever. There is no emotions show on his face.

"Where is your clothes? Don't tell me you break in someone house without wearing anything?!" Phi Nai rise his voice at Tian Hao as he thought 'If he is not a thife then he will be a pervert'. His dislike about Tian Hao increase.

"I was perfectly clothed when i come in. But she puke on me so i had to take it all out." He still looking at NhamTa with his wooden face. It's hard to guess what's he was thinking about.

"Er...I don't remember anything...But didn't you said you are my neighbor? Your house must be near. You can shoo away to your home now." It's good if he go right now!! Seeing him will reminded her of the action they did before.

"I just buy the house yesterday. There is nothing in the house." God!! Why did he need to be this emotionless. It's really hard to speak with him. It's was like talking with a robot. You asked he answered if not his mouth was tightly closed.

"Urgg..I thought i got some big clothes. Try it on then. Now wait me outside of my room, i will take it to you after i'm clothed." She used one hand to covered her forehead as her head was now hurting. Not sure if it's from the hangover or the things that just happened.

After the one man and one gay was out of the room, NhamTa was swaying slightly when she walk. She was taking her time in the bathtub and inspected her body.

"Gezz He look like a woodblock but look at my smooth skin...He is just like Bai Long. Always left his mark on my body." Speaking of Bai Long "Why do i confused that man for Bai Long? I was clearly smelled Bai Long scent from him...Is it really just a coincidence for the both of them to had the same smell?" She suddenly thought of Melon.

"Melon! Can i look into the last world that we just got out from? Can i watch my Tuo'er and that's stupid dragon?" She had just wanted to check how they was doing. She miss them.....

[Melon: For now you can't. But if you had enough points. You can used it to exchange for a chance to looking at the old mission world. It's will costs you 100000 points for just one chance.]

"The F*ck!!! Why don't you just rob me then!!! How many world for me to completed in order to get 100000 points?!!!" She take a deep breathes to calm down herself.

[Melon: Host.....It's not me who name the prices. It's was my higher up...] How can he wanted to rob his host??? That's his stupid higher up's fault.

"Haishh...I know it's not your fault. Sorry i was a bit out of place." She sigh heavily, and get out of the bath.

She had finished prepared herself after one hour. That also mean Tian Hao was half naked for one hour too.

NhamTa take a biggest pant and T-shirt she could find to give it to Tian Hao. After she walked out of the room, she saw the angry Phi Nai was now drooling at the half naked Tian Hao and the said person just sit still like a statue.

'Aiy..Habits sure is die hard😧'

*Ding Dong.

"Who is it this time?" My house had many visitors today. "Take this clothes i only had this." NhamTa shoved the clothes into Tian Hao's hands and go to open the door(already fixed).

"What's do you come here for?" She was abit suprised, the person outside was unexpectedly The damn Krai Navat.

"I had a favour to ask from you." Krai Navat said that it was a favour but his tone was so firm. His behavior of putting his hands in the pockets, his eyes that look at her like she was a lowly person pissed off NhamTa greatly.

"Oh sorry Mr High and Mighty, but this lowly me had no favour for you to asked from. Please Leave." Easy meaning was 'F*ck off, You scum.' . She said coldly, her hands folding around her chest. Her eyes look at him disdainfully.

"Can we talk inside the house? It's really an important matter." He was taken a back by her coldly stared, she had never been this cold toward him before. 'That's must because of what's happened yesterday.' as he thought so, he hurries soften his attitude.

"What's your problem got to do with me? We were best only a fellow actors, my house can't host such a great person like you." She pulled the door close but Krai Navat force himself in before she could. "Get out!!! My home doesn't welcome you!!!" She never saw such a shameless person like him.

"Why do you had to be this hostile to me? We only break up, it's not like we can't even be a friend." Krai really need her help if not he may not even come here, and now he was scram by her.

"Friend? Haha sorry but i can't even stand the sight of you. Fine if you don't leave i will call the police." 'If not i may accidentally kill you right here and right now.' She turned back into the house. But Krai Navat swiftly grabbed her wrists and pulled her back.

"Can you listening to me first? Only you can do it! Nham can you help tell Dorkmai that's we break up?" Krai shackle NhamTa still in place, forced her to listened to his request.

"Release me! Why don't you tell her yourself? You broke up with me for her, and now you want me to help you with your relationship?! Krai Navat!! What did you take me for? Your slave or what?!!!" 'Damn!!! If not for the mission, i might already kill this scumbag!!' NhamTa was so angry but her face was full of tears, for her mission she had to act pitiful and suppress her murderous intend.

"Nham...It's not like that...I already told her but she didn't believed me. So only you tell her yourself will she believes it." He try to talk to her with a warmth tone but his hands still grabbed hard on her wrists.

"So what if she didn't believes you? That's your own problems!!" She try to wriggle her wrists out but he grabbed even harder.

"Nham! Don't be unreasonable!" He shouted at her and grabbed her hands hard untill there is no more blood one her palms.

"Ouch!! Hurt!! You hurting me!! Release me this instance". 'This bastard dare to hurt me!!😠 After finished my mission i swears!! Your life will be a living hell!!!' She vowed Inwardly.

"No! Not until you agree to it!!" He said coldly, extended even more strength.

"It's hurt!! Release me!!" She cry out off the pain. Her wrists almost break or maybe broke already.



She feel someone's hands on her waist after that, she was in a very familiar embraced. His scents calming down her murderous intend. If Tian Hao was late for only a minute than this, she may shredded off her mask and started bashing the scum man.

"Who are you? How dare you hit me? I will sue you!!". Krai Navat crawl up from the ground, he wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth.

"I'm her boyfriend". The woodblock Tian replies leisurely without any shame.

"You said that's i was cheated on you but look here, who is the one that's was cheating?" He said sarcastically. He saw the man infront of him was dress in NhamTa's clothes. The pantleg was shorten to his calf and the T-shirt he was wearing is so tight on his body.

"Krai Navat! Don't speak nonsensed!" She looked hurtful at his word. But that didn't soften his heart a bit.

"You never let's me touch you more than a simple kiss!! But here you were sleeping with another man! I never thought you are such a slut!" His heart was on fire as the thought of her ex-girlfriend sleep with other man.

"*Punch! Don't insults my girlfriend." Tian Hao give him another punch, his eyes filled with angers. His natural sharp eyes mix with the chilling aura he was emitting made Krai Navat unconsciously shuddered.

"*Pui A cheap girl and a bastard man! You two really match with each other!". 'What's is a cold type person? Scram!! This bastard is a shrew!!!.'

"Wuuwu....You...You are so Cruel!! How can you insults me like this?" She was sobbing hard even the aggressive Krai Navat a moment ago calm down.

Krai Navat feeling for NhamTa was very unstable. One time he's really hate her. Then the other times he feels like she was his woman even they already broke up. This made him go crazy.

"I..." Krai Navat wanted to sorry her but somethings prevented him from doing so.

"Enough! Didn't you hurting my NhamTa enough for all this time? Because of that slut who like to seduced a man, you lie her, hurting her mind and body!! What right do you had to criticized her?! Scram before i really call the police." Phi Nai can't bear the sight of the broken heart girl anymore. He scram out the scum whose made all of this mess.

"Nham..I'm sorry..But please help me only this time." He still going on with his f*cking request.

"You still dare to speak about your sh*t problem? Scram!! Scram now!!" Phi Nai was exploding like a volcano, his gay voice was now turned into a muscle voice as he scram the bastard out of the house.

"Phi Nai... Had i ever wrong him? For all these years of ours relationship i love him the most, never in my wilderness dream had i thought of cheating him. But he insults me as such!! Wuuwu!!" She had to gained even more sympathy from everyone. That's will help her with the final blow on those scum.

"No..Honey..You do good for all this years. It's that's scum fault. Please stop crying." Phi Nai hugged her in his arms, comfort and coaxed her.

No one saw the forgotten man's expression, his whole face darkened. The raging storm was blowing recklessly inside him.

'How dare that ant hurting my girlfriend?' Tian Hao decided himself to stick with NhamTa forever, so she won't be hurt by someone again. His face become emotionless again without anyone noticed the changes in him.