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21 Arc 2: NhamTa 3

[ Main Mission: Make Krai Navat(second ML) realized his fault and whole heartly apologize!! = 5000 points ]

[ Side Mission: Don't let's Lum Phalang take over Big brother's body = 1000 points ]

[ Side Mission: Help Lum Phalang, make him give up on Dorkmai and agree to go to the afterlife = 1000 points ]

"Melon, are all this mission is the wishes of the owner of my body?" NhamTa was puzzled at the last side mission.

[Melon: Yes host, the mission was given to you by the wish of all the body owner in every worlds but sometimes it's was from the higher up of the system.]

"Then was the last side mission from your boss or 'NhamTa'?"

[Melon: It's was from 'NhamTa'] Melon also don't understand about the last mission.

"Isn't she supposed to hate Lum for all the tragic ending of her life and family? Why would she wish to help him got reincarnation? Is there something else that's you systems didn't tell me?" It's not make sense at all.

[Melon: Ai ya...Host, like i used to told you before alot of hidden things was not told to host it's need you to find out yourself.] He don't understand his higher up management too. Why don't they just give them the full information? Haishh...They really make things difficult for a little system like me 😧.

"The information that you give me had only told about how she will die and how her family was destroyed but it didn't show the details. And the memories of this body was limited, i only got the memories from when she was a child till the day i took over her body. But the future memories, it's was blank!!!" 'Is their systems broken? Why it alway show only half details?' NhamTa thought.

[Melon: Maybe they want us to enjoy finding out the mysterious?] Melon said uncertainly.

"Well it's also good. If i got to know every details it's not fun anymore." After accepted her fate of not getting the full details, now she was thinking about NhamTa. "Truthfully 'NhamTa' is not a real antagonist. At first she just wanted to used her ghost to make FL get away from Krai Navat(second ML). But FL is like a magnet and Krai Navat and ML is like an iron. They both can't help but got attracted towards FL. No matter how the ghost that's 'NhamTa' send to threatened her to stayed away from Krai, it won't be long before she go find him and borrowed his shoulder to cry whenever she argued with the ML." She was feeling sh*t as she thought about the FL action.

[Melon: Host, what's are you going to do now?] He was afraid of failing the mission as there is so many things that's they didn't know😣.

"The reason why 'NhamTa' and the other come to Chiang rai was to act for the new film <The Love Of Our Past Life>. The place where we met with Lum was the old palace of the king's brother. I thought there will be more fun at the crew tomorrow" NhamTa had a look of anticipated to met the FL and the other. 'Hehe let's have fun Maily' She said to herself.

[Melon:...] Aiy...Forget it. His Host is so smart and cunning. She didn't even afraid of failing the mission at all, so why should he? Let's enjoyed the show that his host will act.😃


In NhamTa bedroom..

"Bai Long, Tuo'er what's are you guy doing now?" NhamTa caressing the Dragon Jade Ring that's Bai Long give her. " I told myself that i will not miss the two of you...But i just can't help it. Whenever i was alone all the memories we share togethers was replayed on my mind. Tuo'er mother miss you so much, Bai Long do you also miss me?" She feels a little melancholy, she nudging her face with the Ring as is she was trying to touch the peoples she was thinking about. Then she closed her eyes and sleep.

On an airplane...

Tian Hao suddenly had a pang of sadness out of nowhere. His heartaches, a strange feeling of missing someone that's he himself also don't know whose.

"Where does this feeling come from?" The more he thought the more his heartaches.

"Young Master, we will arrived at the TXL country soon." Then his secretary informed him about the schedule.

"Em." He only replies with an uncaring tone. He was busily thought about his sudden sadness and the feeling of craving for someone...someone that's very important to him, but who?

This strange feeling appeared when he arrived at the TXL country. Maybe he will got his answers soon.

Twenty minutes later the airplane successfully landed. When Tian Hao appeared the crowd of woman in the airport was squealing they never saw such a hansome man. He had a long black hairs that was tie normally. He wear a black jeans and black leather jacket he look absolutely hansome.

Tian Hao and his secretary act like they didn't saw those shrieking women and continues walk to the Black Rolls-Royce Phantom then drove out of the airport.

"Young Master, tomorrow we had a meeting in our company about the investment in the entertainment industry." The secretary come from his own family that's why he always call Tian Hao as Young Master.

"Em." He was feeling even more restless after landing in this country. He try hard not to rush out of the car and followed his feelings to a certain direction. If not for the meeting this time really need him to attending. He looked out of the car window, he had a tranquil atmosphere around him. No one knows what's he was thinking about not even his secretary.

'*Sigh Young Master is always quiet' The secretary look at his always silence boss and sigh helplessly.

Tian Corporation...

"The investment this time will bring us alot of benefits. This will be our first step into the entertainment industry. The Chaa Company is the best choice for us, it's the biggest entertainment company. They was now sponsored for the new film. The CEO of the Chaa Company also wish to meet you. Mr.Tian, what's do you think about this proposal?" One of the shared holder presented all the others in the meeting rooms and explained everything to Tian Hao. The Young man infront of them was so damn quiet from the start untill now all he do was looking at them sharply and said nothing. That's made them shivered from his stare.

"The Chaa Company?" After listening to all the talk Tian Hao was now looking at the documents about this time investment. He suddenly interested in the name of the film that's The Chaa Company was sponsored.

"Tell the CEO of The Chaa Company that i agree to meet him. Dismissed" Everyone was baffled at the sudden dismissed.

"Then what's about our plan in the investment?" One brave man speak up, even though he was afraid of the chilly silence young President but they still need his answers.

"I will decide after meeting with That CEO" Finished speaking he got out of the meeting room, he didn't like to say much but now he waste so many energy to speak with those peoples. So his mood was a little vexed.

"Woaw the new President is so scary!" After Tian Hao was out of the room, everyone heaved out a sign of relief.

Inside the most private Chinese restaurant...

"Welcome President Tian, please have a sit." Chaa Nunthip(ML) get up from his sit and welcome Tian Hao. Even though the ML was a big shot in the country but he can never compared to Tian Hao. Tian Hao influences was international, no matter where he goes no one dare to offend him.

"Em." Tian Hao only look at Chaa Nunthip indifferently.

"Let's got into the main issue. What's can we get from you if we invest in your Company?" All the talk was on the secretary, Tian Hao need to do was agree or decline.

"Please have a look at this, this was our proposal and the projects we was in now. I guarantee that your company will got a lot of benefits from it." Chaa Nunthip speak respectfully to Tian Hao, while Tian Hao was reading the papers. On the list of the Stars that was act in the New film of the Chaa Company. One name attracted his attention.

'NhamTa Tharknikorn?' When he saw that's name his heart going ^Dub..Dub..Dub..^ He didn't look at the other papers and decided.

"I agree" His sudden agreement made his secretary and Chaa Nunthip feeling perflex.

'All done like this?' The both confusing men thought.

For Chaa Nunthip he thought that, Tian Hao was a difficult person. He thought that's he will need much time in order to persuade him, but different from his thoughts. Tian Hao was agreeing to his proposal so easily and in a super fast way.

Actually Tian Hao don't care about his proposal anymore. He only agree because of the name that's made his heart beat strangely. If not he may already turned down Chaa Nunthip proposal.

"I want to go to the filming Location." Tian Hao had a natural chilly atmosphere around him so that's made peoples always subconsciously afraid of him. Even the almighty ML still not immune to it.

"Ha..ha. Of course, i will personally tour you!" He try not to made his trembling voice knows to the two man in the room.

'To the Filming Location, it's also good haha. I can finally met my beloved Dorkmai' Thinking about his Beloved woman made Chaa Nunthip forget his fear for a while.

"I want to go now." Tian Hao was impatiently, he wanted to see the owner of the name that's made his heart race.

"Ah!!?" Both men exclaimed at the same time. Tian Hao's secretary(Let's name the secretary later) was suprised at how impatient his young master was.

'😲Young Master!! Why are you this hurries?' Meng Chi(secretary) Inwardly thought.

"Hm? Is there any problems?" Tian Hao stare coldly at Chaa Nunthip.

"No! No, there is no problem!. I will book the flights right now!". Then Chaa Nunthip call his secretary to prepares everything.

"President Tian, we can flight there about one hour later." Chaa Nunthip never met such a hurries person😥, Haishh but that's also good.



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