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8 Arc 1: Hong Yue 7

Hong Family's manor...

"Patriarch there is a yong woman wish to see you. She said that you need to meet her or you will be regreat." The Steward speak respectfully to the man infront of him.

"How presumptuous! Let's go to see who is that cheeky woman is Hump!" Hong Chen swung his sleeves to his back and walk out to meet the woman.

Inside the hall of Hong family...

There stood a woman with her back face the door. She wear a red dress that's style with the golden threads as a soaring phoenix. Half of her hairs was tie up with a phoenix hairpin. The Hong Patriarch walked in and saw the scene and was a bit stunned before regained his composure.

"So you are the ignorant woman that want to see me? Now tell why will i regret if i not meet yo----" Before he can finished speaking, he was frozen still from head to toe when he saw the woman turn to face him and take out her veil.

"Father, you still as fierce as ever *giggle. Why do you still stand over there for? Don't you miss me? We haven't seen each other for two years, but look like you don't want to see me at all. Fine! I will go back and won't disturbed you anymore." Hong Yue pretended to be upset and walked out to the door. As she walked past him he suddenly pulled her to stopped. As his trembling hands slowly toward her face.

"Ah Yue, is it really you?" Hong Chen gently touching her face as he was afraid if he touch a bit stronger she will vanished from his sight.

"Of course it me your only daughter. Only two years you already forget my face. Look like I'm not important in your heart anymore." Hong Yue eyes reddening and her tears was threatening to roll down her little face.

"Ah Yue don't cry anymore. It's father's fault for not recognize you early. How can you not important to me? I always miss for this past two years but i thought that you..you... already death." He almost gone crazy when he heard from Xiao Shui that she was death.

"I really almost death if not for my foster parents help me. Father let's go in first before we talked." The father and daughter duo walk back to the hall and started talking leaving the stunned steward with his mouth wide open when he saw the woman face without the veil. Ah... so she is our young miss that's said to be death two years ago. She come back!!! and more beautiful thand before. After come back to his sense he close the hall door leaving only the father and daughter pairs. They must had a lot to talk with each other.

"How are you doing when you were outside? Does anyone bully you? Did you had enough to eat? bla bla...." Hong Chen started to question her non-stop untill she stopped him, if not he going to question her untill the night come.

"Father I'm fine really. I only miss you and worried about you. You all alone in this big house." She smile sweetly at him, such a loving father 'Hong Yue' really blind to spend so much time with that as*hole and leaving such a father to be lonely.

"Ah Yue, can you tell me what happened? Why were you being kidnapped by the bandits and then fall of the cliff?" The air in the room suddenly drop. Hong Chen feels his body was a little shivered.

"Who said i was kidnapped by the bandits? " Hua Yi asked her father even though she can already guess who the culprit is.

"It was Xiao Shui who told me about it." Hong Chen was bewildered as he doesn't know what's going through Hong Yue mind.

"Does he also tell you that i fall of the cliff?" Her voice become chilly.

"Yes he was the one who tell me about everything that's happening that day. Is it not true?" He finally grab the hint from Hong Yue questions.

"Absolutely! He lie to you. Everything he said was a lie." Hong Yue agitated reply to Hong Chen as her tears started to flow out her phoenix eyes.

"Tell father what's really happened that day. Father will find justice for you, don't cry anymore." Hong Chen feels so hurt as he saw his only daughter crying.

"It's hurt me so much to say it, but i need to tell you everything about that bastard did to me." Hong Yue cry even harder as she continues " That's day i got a message from him to meet at the outer of the forest but he did not come and i was knocked out and feed with aphrodisiac but i finally run away from those kidnappers. *Wuuu but i still tainted by some stranger man". Hong Chen feels so angry that's he was almost explode when he heard the last thing Hong Yue said. How dare they do that's to my daughter!!!!

"That's not all... Father do you know how i fall off the cliff? It's was that's son of a b*tch, He and that's slut wife of him was all flirting infront of me and hurt me with their words before pushed me off the cliff. *Wuuwu Father that's b*tchy man cheat on me all along. He was long hook up with his slut and plot to kill me. Father i come back first is to reunion with you and the other was to get back everything i gave him and take my revenge." She was crying but abruptly stop when she talk about her revenge, her eyes full of hatred.

"I will take back everything i help him for this past two years. He dare tell me that's it's was your last wish for me to help him with every problem he face and support him. Ah Yue father is an idiot for believed him just from his a little wound when he come to told me. I don't even suspicious him even a bit. I failed as a father i let you face such a tragedy all alone." Hong Chen finally broke down and started to cry with Hong Yue.

"No! You are the greatest father of mine you give me everything i want. That's why you was cheated by him. But from now on i will take back everything one by one and made him know what's die better than living is." She stopped sobbing and also coaxed her father to stopped too. "Father you don't need to do anything. I already had my plans. You only need to pretend like you never know about the truth.

"Good, When will you come back home? Father was all alone. Let's father fulfill my duty as your father, it's really been hard for you, Ah Yue.

"Father, I want to introduce you to someone after that i will come back and live with you."


"Let's it be a suprised.*giggle" Chor Yi mysteriously said make Hong Chen really anticipated about this suprised. "Father I'm going to go, take care of yourself. I will come back tomorrow." Hong Yue put back her veil. Hong Chen send her to the front door of the Hong Manor. He watch her ride the carriage untill can't see anymore before go back in the Manor.

Medecine Center...

"Mother!!!!!!" Chor Yi Just step into the hall when she heard a child melodies voice called her, and with a swoosh the child already jump into her arms.

"*Mua What's took you so long? I miss you so much already. My heart hurt when i can't see you even a minute." Tuo Tuo kiss his mother and express how much he didn't want to part from her.

"Look at you, Tuo Tuo you only this small but already such a sweet talker. Mother only go to meet your grandfather, you will go with me tomorrow to meet him then we will live there with him.

"Really? I got another grandpa beside grandpa Mo Mo? Will he love me? What's should i wear tomorrow?" Tuo Tuo really grown up faster than normal children. He's only one year but he look like a five years old child.

"This child... you ah!!! Grandpa will love you for sure you such a sweet little love of mother. My beloved treasure stopped your unwanted anxiety." Tuo Tuo had such a cute face. She doesn't want to see his worryingly about anything at all even a little matter.

"Ah hem!!" While mother and son duo was being lovey dovey. They heard someone coughing.

The hell!!!! I forget about that's man in the hall!! Tuo Tuo just remember that he was in the middle of talking with that cold face man before his mother come back. Tuo Tuo face when he think about that man become colder there is no more smile that he had with his mother. Tuo Tuo is not an innocent child like his mother think he was a two-face face.

"Who are you?" Hong Yue finally noted that's there is a man sitting in the hall.

The man then turned to face Hong Yue...