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Scarlet expressed her amazement, her mouth opening wide and she reached out, grabbing Ash's arm in excitement. 

"Big sis! You were so cool!" Scarlet called out, looking at her in admiration. "I wonder if I can ever be like you…" 

"Hehe, it was nothing," Ash chuckled humbly, patting Scarlet on the head and advised, "If any man is playing on your nerves, you have to kick them in the balls and assert dominance. Only then will they leave you alone." 

They continued walking towards the platform, this time without anyone staring at them. 

"Ah, what if I can't fight?" Scarlet asked worriedly, acting cute. "Will big sis teach me?" 

"Huh? You can't fight? What martial arts did you train?" Ash asked confused, not expecting such a request. 

To her surprise, Scarlet tilted her head and asked back, "Martial arts? What's that?" 


Wuxing cleared his throat and explained before she sank deeper, "Scarlet is still a beginner. I wanted to teach her some useful skills during the selection." 

"Yes, big brother is amazing," Scarlet commented as she glanced at him, smiling brightly. 

"Wait, wait. How did she get into the selection then…?" Ash questioned as they stopped before the platform stairs. "She should be skilled in something else then, right?" 

"Well, sort of. She is a good actor and can trick anyone with her cuteness. Can you see how she wrapped you around her finger with her little sister act? I'm training her to be an assassin," Wuxing described, pulling the confused Scarlet away from Ash.  

"Big bro... I didn't act at all…" Scarlet countered him, pouting cutely but she didn't pull away from Wuxing's arms, laying her head on his chest. She would never reject a hug from him. 

Wuxing grinned and asked while pointing at Scarlet with his gaze, "Can you see how good she is?"

"Whoa… I got tricked…" Ash muttered in amazement. "I was totally bought by her act. Great! To think we have such a talented individual in the selection." 

"Yup. That was the main reason why the management allowed her to join the selection. All she needs is some basic training of self defence and learn how to kill. As long as she overcome her innocence, she will be a great mercenary," Wuxing explained for her, patting Scarlet's head. 

When she heard about killing, Scarlet wanted to raise her head and question him but Wuxing suddenly hugged her, keeping her head pressed against his chest. She wanted to complain but getting a tight hug from him was a rarity. Scarlet didn't waste such an opportunity and hugged him back silently. 

"Mhmm, I think so too. I wouldn't for a second think she is one," Ash agreed, staring at Scarlet's back. Out of nowhere, she suggested, "How about I train her instead?" 

Wuxing opened his eyes widely. "Ash, you can't. Aren't you an instructor? You will be really busy during the selection. I don't want to burden you so much," Wuxing rejected her kindly but she waved her hand in response. 

"One private student is nothing," Ash assured him. "As you said, I'm an instructor. My job in the selection is to guide you all. You will be busier than me so when do you plan to find time to teach her?" 

Wuxing made a complicated expression and questioned again, "Are you sure…? Won't that be unfair? Other people will accuse us of getting preferable treatment." 

"Oh, don't worry about that. I will take that on myself. I will also inform the management about it. Rules are there to break them," Ash persuaded him and asked her future student instead, "Scarlet, what do you think? Do you want big sis to teach you?" 

Ash looked really fired up to teach her, making Wuxing secretly excited. Everything went according to plan. If Scarlet studied under Ash, he wouldn't need to worry about her anymore. No one would touch the instructor's pupil. 

Scarlet heard Ash but she didn't look happy, looking at him with a frown. He already guessed that she was looking forward to his teaching but there was nothing he could do. Having Ash as her trainer would be much better for her. 

To convince her, he whispered into her ear, "Accept the deal and I will give you a reward." 

He knew normal convincing wouldn't work on her so he had to sacrifice himself. Ash even taught him in the past so he was sure of her skills. Unfortunately, saying that Ash was a better teacher than him wouldn't work at all. 

Just as he thought, at the mention of the reward, Scarlet regained her smile and whispered back into his ear, "I want two hugs daily..."

He grinned, already expecting such a demand and agreed, "Fine, now go greet your teacher." He didn't need to ask her twice as Scarlet smiled brightly and pulled away from him, going to Ash instead. 

"Teacher, please take care of me," Scarlet called out cutely and saluted with her fists as if she was greeting her ancient master. 

"Hah," Ash laughed and hugged Scarlet instead. "Don't worry, I will take care of you. I won't let anyone bully you." 

It was a short hug as Ash released her and announced while pointing at the dining platform, "Anyway, I need to go back to work. We can talk about it in detail later. Enjoy yourself for the next hour. There selection will officially start when all preparations are done." 

"Alright, thank you for bringing us here," Wuxing replied, grasping Dongmei's hand and looked up at the Instructor who acted as a gatekeeper for the platform. "Will he let Scarlet in too?" 

"Oh, right!" Ash exclaimed and called out to the crooked nose man watching them from above, "Martin! This girl is with me." She patted Scarlet's head and the man nodded in response. 

"It's settled. I'm off," Ash said with a grin and ran away. 

As they walked up the platform, the instructor named Martin let them inside without saying anything which worked for them. There were already eight other Top Ten members sitting by the tables, socializing with each other but they decided to sit on their own. 

"Two daily hugs, huh?" Dongmei commented just as they sat down, looking at the Wuxing with a smile. "I wonder what I will get in exchange?" 

Wuxing knew she was just teasing him but Scarlet quickly jumped to defend him, taking the blame, "It's my fault. When big bro mentioned a reward I couldn't think of anything else but hugs…"

"It's okay dear, I'm just playing," Dongmei replied while giving Scarlet a side hug. "It's good that Miss Ash decided to teach you. We don't need to worry anymore." 

"Mhmm, I'm sorry for making you two worried," Scarlet replied, returning the hug. 

Even though Dongmei was acting, a part of her wanted to receive something too. Wuxing placed his hand on her thigh and gently squeezed it, whispering into her ear at the same time, "Don't worry, you will also receive a special reward."

Dongmei seemed to be happy with that as she turned to him and gave him a soundless kiss as a response. It was her way of telling, 'bring it on.' 

As if he couldn't pick the worst timing, Devil Face returned and informed, 'Katherine and Anna are still stuck with the organization work but they will join you all soon.' 

'Alright,' Wuxing noted. He was about to ask what the girls want to eat and drink when he spotted one of the Top Ten members left their table, walking up to them with a drink in his hand. 

His face darkened when he realized it was the very same guy that lured the bald guy at them. There was an apologetic smile on his face but that didn't change Wuxing's mind about him. 

Before he reached them, Wuxing scoffed. 

"Get lost. We don't give second chances."