Captain Raven
29 Playtime is Over
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Captain Raven
Author :viko96
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29 Playtime is Over

*pant* '*pant* "C-can you just stop running already?!"

"Never! You only get me over my dead body!!!"

"D-damn it! Are you a fucking mule?! Why do you have so much damn stamina!?"

"Who are you calling a mule?! You are a mule! You look like a sun tanned mule! look at you?! Who the fuck has this much muscle?! I bet you can't even scratch your damn back!" James looked pale and was out of breath from running.

Suddenly, Arvan, the big bald tattooed muscle man, stopped running.

James too stopped running.

Arvan took a step forward, James took a step forward.

James looked at him cautiously.

'Arvan stop playing around with our guest! Should I beat you again? Why the hell are you wasting god damn time ! Don't forget we still have other more important things to do'

Arvan looked at the ceiling, then to the ground. he sighed...

"The old mans perception is still as strong as ever..." mumbled Arvan.

James just blinked at him, maybe he could sneak away?

"hey you-...where did he go...? Well not my problem" Arvan shook his head and made it on his way.
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"Finally gone... that muscle head maniac... why does this happen everytime?! I am normally very luc-"


James who hid himself, walked right into a pit.

"Ahh~ Nevermind..."

James looked around and found a tunnel, he hesitated a bit before he gritted his teeth and went into the tunnel.

"How bad can it be...."

"Pete, are you sure this is the right way?"

"trust me Dan, I feel it in my gut.."

"'Pete you said it three times already, just admit we are lost!"

"Dan, trust me we are not lost!"

"Then care to explain this!"

Dan pointed towards a wall.

'Dan&Pete were here' next to it were two smiles with a bright smile and a raised eyebrow ':D and fingerpistols.

"Don't say.."

"We are god damn lost here!"


"what do we do now pete? they threw us in the hole and ordered us to 'Go explore', Now we can't even reach the team or go back.."

Dan looked very worried, ever since the brothers joined the Avarus Malum organisation, nothing went good, their ship got crashed because the autopilot malfunctioned and collided with meteorites, they got their salary cut because they mistook their superior for a escaping slave, they lost their guns after a drunken night to forget their sorrows and then they got stationed on god knows what island and were ordered to explore these underground tunnels in the mountain. In fact, the teamleader was just fed up with their stupidity and couldn't endure it anymore. what Dan and pete don't know is, that where misfortune comes luck follows after them.

they have miserable bad luck, followed by good luck.

If the autopilot didn't malfunctioned and they didn't collided with meteorites they would be killed in battle because they were sitting ducks, the superior they caught who they thought was a escaping slave, was in fact a spy scent by the federation, Avarus malum covered the incident up, as to protect their image they fabricated a case and blamed it on them. Remember the night they lost their guns because they were drunk? Well, they got stolen while they were drinking, the thief who stole them died, because the weapons were a defective product, they imploded. The order they got, saved their lives, still Dan and Pete don't know any of them, why? Simply put, they are very simple people who just happens to have miserable bad luck followed by good luck

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