Are you a P.K, or the parent of one? It's nice to have you share my experiences about the challenges of P.Ks and how to overcome them. The Preacher's Kid (P.K as it is generally called) is a term usually used to describe either the son or the daughter of a minister of the gospel, irrespective of his or her age. Even when some of them are already adults, they are still referred to as kids, and you will soon know why!

Parents, who are deeply involved in the work of the ministry either as pastors, preachers, evangelists, deacons, elders, vicars, priests or bishops, always have their offsprings automatically referred to as Preacher's Kids. Whether the children like the identity or not does not make any difference, at least to those who prefer to call them as such. As long as your parents have something to do with the office of the clergy, you cannot escape either the designation or the challenges of a PREACHER'S KID.

The essence of this book is obvious from its title. The Pastor's family today is the major battleground of the archenemy of God, and the main target of that battle, just like the King on a Chess Board game, is the Preacher's Kid. Once we allow the devil to capture them, the game may be over for the family.

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This book is an attempt to help the Preacher's Kid realize the challenges ahead, get prepared for them before it is too late, and also help their preacher parents so that they can help their kids in a more spiritually conducive way that will encourage the Pastors' kids to overcome whatever challenges they face and still stand tall for the Lord. Each chapter starts with a vivid description of what the challenge is, and ends with possible solutions that will either completely eliminate the challenge, or reduce its effect on the P.K.

Most pastors spend years at the Bible School, Seminaries and Theological Colleges just to learn among other things, how they are expected to behave as pastors. However, they have children who for once have not been to any Preacher's Kids' School where they are taught how to be a good preacher's child. Yet, people still expect them to be at their best every day anyway, whether they have been trained for it or not. This sound as though we are expecting to reap where we did not sow.

Sad enough to say, either offline or online, there are very few intensive counseling resources for the preacher's child to take advantage of, even at this age of massive information. They are left to take decisions on what is expected of them by their intuition and whatever else they gather from hearsay by the people around them. This, of course, is the reason why, once in a while, you find them falling into errors ignorantly.

If you are a Preacher's Kid, and you have been hurt before now, either by the church or whoever, I hope this book will help heal your wounds, open your eyes to what precisely is expected of you, help you to understand why your preacher-parents react to you the way they do, and lastly help you to smoothen the stale relationship between you and other difficult members of your father's church.

If you are the parent of a Preacher's Kid, or a church member, I pray that as you read the book, the Lord will open your eyes to what the Pastor's Kids around you are going through, and open your understanding to ways you can help them become better Pastor's Kids.

If you have a Preacher's Kid around you, or you are a close friend to the parent of one, and you really love them, get them a copy of this book. It will change their lives for better, teaching them how to overcome the CHALLENGES OF BEING A PREACHER'S KID.

Sam. O. Salau