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14 Tenragan actived..

Kaguya Dimension…

Currently, Naruto is standing in front of an eight-handed magma golem which looks nothing like human or that shape but it's more like a gorilla without its head well there is head but it's too weird looking and on its head stood Vasuma Hitotsuki with the face of absolute confidence. The face he was showing looked like he is looking down an insect from high haven but from Naruto or any other people's perspective he looked more like a ***. Vasuma's black aura with his chakra made the manga color black and from its look, anyone can say he was making the magma on the golem's body more powerful.

On the other hand, Naruto is standing on the ground with a confident smile which us telling everyone he doesn't care about what the other party thinks about him. The only thing he cares about 'that I am alone with you and going to see what made your dojutsu turn black after I capture you' with a smile he claps his hands (Hashirama style) as he said " Wood style: One thousand Dragon Asura"

When Naruto was done transferring his chakra in his surrounding the ground right under his foot started shaking violently and soon wood started to come out from the ground he is standing on after that a giant snake-like dragon came out and on its head stood Naruto then another unknown amount of dragon  started to come out from the ground and large with the first dragons body on which Naruto is standing on. When the fusion was finished there was Titan made of wood with 20 hands and on its back instead to hands like how Hashirama had on his "thousand hands, Buddha" this one has "One thousand dragon heads " ready to devour its opponent and the worst thing is unlike the hands that the dragon heads are moving as if it wants to attack but waiting for command. When The "Dragon Asura" was complete it became one thousand and two hundred meters tall which was five times bigger than Vasuma's magma golem.

After completing his Jutsu Naruto sat on the Dragon asuras head as he asked "Do you give up or shall we continue. " with a weaker smile on his face he said this with a calm tone but amplified the sound with his Chakra enough for Vasuma to hear without any problems.

"Never we Hitotsuki will never accept defeat again and especially not from some Otsutsuki half-blood never. " Vasuma said with anger as he knew that he will not be able to win this fight but he can't lose either. He has come a long way. After making his decision he thought 'I don't have a choice but to use it but if I fail I will just use my final trump card to escape but I also want to see just how powerful the forbidden technique of our clan is. They said it was strong enough to kill thousands of Otsutsuki and even an emperor at the same time. Though I am alone I think I have enough Chakra after eating these many different elements from different worlds. ' after thinking till this he said loudly looking at Naruto "I am not done yet. I will show you the true power of Hitotsuki and why everyone fears us. You little fools might think Six paths is the limit but I will show you what true power is. "

As he finished his words he started to sink in the body of Magma golem and the golem started to transform or started to change again. Naruto was also curious about what will the new power that he Vasuma is talking about so he didn't stop him as he continued to watch the change that is happening at his sight with his 'Ragan'. Just after entering the Magma golem the hot magma that was flowing from the body of the golem stopped moving and the golem opened its mouth as a sound came out "Forbidden art: Flesh of lies creation of Titan. " and the golem's body started to become soft from hard rock. After that within a second, the golem becomes a huge version of Vasuma with four hands and it grew in size almost two times but it was still smaller than Naruto's Dragon Asura but Vasuma wasn't done yet as he opened his eyes and the black chakra started to cover his huge body and he said "Witness the power of Hitotsuki Vasuma. Witness the power of God path. Be proud that you are able to see the eye of the elemental eye of Dark Gods defendant "Zogan". We are the clan that rejects the rule of God. " and finally he opened his eye with that the whole huge body of Vasuma turned dark and the eye of his now became enough black that even light was unable to live from it. The surrounding of his became dark and a dragon wing came out from his back. With that Ten orbs with a different element came into existence. (Fire, wind, lightning, earth, water, Yin, Yang, Time, Space and finally Destruction )

After the orb came out from his back he flew up in the sky at the same height as Naruto then smiled with the fang-like teeth of his as he Now looks like a true devil then said "What will you do tiny half-blood. " as his eyes were burning with Black chakra.

As Naruto looked at the monster in front of his eyes with his dojutsu he is easily able to see what is going on in front of him. The monster is eating the world chakra like someone births as normally and powering himself. He won't stay long in this form and will get a backlash sooner or later for sure but he isn't worried about that because he thought 'I should also show him the difference between us. He is too ugly and Sasuke will return any minute and I don't think I will have a better time than this to test my power. ' then he closed his eyes again as he said while still keeping his eye shut "You will be the first one to see this form of mine be proud of yourself. You self called God or something. Also, don't ever call me half-blood because I am multi-blood and self-transformed.  " Naruto said confusing Vasuma.

As Naruto finished his word he opened his eyes and the world started to change its color. After changing to the basic 3 colors it again became normal and his Aura vanished from his body. The new eyes or dojutsu of Naruto activated and the Irises is also gone. The eyes now have a dark blue pupil surrounding it has three spinning black rings after that there are two more rings which was blue and they were shrinking and becoming larger while overlapping each other and kept on spinning at the same time and finally there are 8 rings at the corner with two silver, two golden, two green two purple than finally left the eye color which is dark blood red. After Naruto opened his eyes he said " Tenragan" and 13 multi-color orbs came out of his back. The orbs were shining with three prime colors of nature.

Vasuma saw the change in Naruto's Dojutsu and the orbs in his back as he said "What is this Tenragan of yours with 13 rings why didn't hear about it before. "

"You don't need to know that because this is the end for you. " Naruto said as he commanded the Dragon's to attack Vasuma with gestures of his hands.

when the dragons went to bite or surround Vasuma he shouts out "Don't understamet me"