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Brutal Journey of an Unfortunate Female Heroine
Author :Yuyumamoru
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-1 Slyphir Levels

Once slyphir has been inside a person long enough it forms a core and establishes a bit of an intelligence. This can vary on what color and the density.

These levels don't determine the strength or overall power of a person, it just limits how much they can advance. An example is Lydis's father. Despite being having green slyphir he still managed to rise pretty far up in the ranks and was fairly strong. For the gamers think about it as a level cap. Reaching the cap is and being able to utilize it properly is up to the person entirely.

Another factor is the density of the color. Having a deeper hue will allow for stronger slyphir to collect while making it a bit smarter than others and vice versa for lighter hues. Less power and less intelligence.

Slyphir can evolve and change over time, for example someone who has yellow could train it to become blue. It takes time and a lot depends of the body constitution.

>White – A child who has just sensed the world's slyphir and has yet to change the color to their own. Generally stays for about half a year before different colors begin to fade in. Children who see color before the sixth month are considered geniuses. Children who don't show color have an option for a job change or another half year to see results.

>Yellow – A common color. Most of the populace has this color. Normal workers and people not involved in the military have this color. No slyphir intelligence.

>Blue – It's a bit less common than yellow but the soldiers and footmen of the military mainly consists of blue slyphir people. People with blue slyphir can also be city or village lords. No slyphir intelligence.

>Brown – Generally the leaders and corporals in the military ranks. A bit of slyphir intelligence. Varying from a few words to short phrases.

>Green – Elites in the military and some nobles. Better slyphir intelligence. Full sentences but only one or two whole sentences before pausing.

>Purple & Red – Nobles are generally in this category. Since they like to keep their bloodlines pure nobles tended to marry other nobles. Much better slyphir intelligence. Can speak full, mid-size sentences without pause.

>Pink – The royals tended to have pink slyphir. With a strong slyphir intelligence it can even activate a slyphir barrier without instructions too.

>Orange – Records of other races using slyphir beyond pink have been recorded in the previous wars, although it's only very rarely. Scientists have yet to determine how intelligent slyphir can get due to not knowing the limits of slyphir entirely either.

There are other levels that have yet to be discovered or introduced to the humans and efforts to increase data has halted due to the war.
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