Brutal Journey of an Unfortunate Female Heroine
-2 The World Etafor: Lativa
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Brutal Journey of an Unfortunate Female Heroine
Author :Yuyumamoru
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-2 The World Etafor: Lativa

The World Etafor: Lativa
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Lativa is one of the five major continents in the world of Etafor. Bordering Lativa are Seruin and Milata. The three border each other, keeping the powers in stability. The other two continents are out in the ocean, surrounded by water. The five countries have all made a peace pact which has been stable for years.

Lativa is known as the Bane powerhouse. In the last great war before the peace pact their Banes caused fear to seep into the minds and spirits of the enemy soldiers. The front lines and the defense of Lativa, their Banes have plowed through unbelievable situations on pure strength alone. Focused on cultivating Banes and Ghosts Lativa has the greatest development and number of Banes and Ghosts.

Inside Lativa are twelve major countries and forty smaller countries. The twelve major countries are the main military powers, each with an academy of their own. The smaller countries would send their promising students there and have them be trained to be a Bane or Ghost. Aside from the combat classes the academies also offer classes in other areas like command, engineering, general affairs, politics, and more. Those who aren't exceptional are given mandatory classes before graduating and becoming a normal citizen.

Lativa's royal family is the Lolaplace. They have been on the throne for thousands of years. The current Emperor, Blisten Fir Lolaplace, rules with the people in mind. He is a benevolent ruler, but he is ruthless to his enemies. His strength is unparalleled as no one could beat him, even one thousand to one. A common example of his ruthlessness was when his fourth son once started a rebellion against his father because the Emperor would not go to war with the other countries, calling the current Emperor a coward. Through this way the fourth prince gained some followers who were unsatisfied with how the Emperor was and they caused a rebellion in Lativa. When it was over all the fourth prince's wife and children were slaughtered. His aids and the nobles who sided with him were killed and stripped of their land and title. Anyone who opposed the Emperor was killed. Ruthless and benevolent the Emperor is known as the Gentle Callous Emperor.
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