Brutal Journey of an Unfortunate Female Heroine
-5 The World Etafor: Milata
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Brutal Journey of an Unfortunate Female Heroine
Author :Yuyumamoru
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-5 The World Etafor: Milata

Milata is the land of the dwarfs and dragons. Being the only Continent with two Royal families there is often tension in Milata. The dwarf Emperor Heigin Juttershin. Having lived for three hundred years Heigin lived through the Great War. Having not participated much Heigin is often not mentioned in the books. He is a wise and cautious ruler despite what rumors say.

Only defending and never attacking, the dwarven walls and cities were indestructible and impenetrable. Along with Heigin's knowledge of siege warfare and his nimble tactics he was able to defend againt the waves of soldiers from Jorgororo. Forged by the dwarfs the quality is assured.

Dwarfs are known to be the best smiths and the best drinkers. Having cultivated a special wine called Oomsy, it's infamous fame came from the people unable to take half a sip.

The dragon Emperor Dredeus Cal Helvnir Droog. Having the longest lifespan no one knows the real age of the dragon Emperor Dredeus or other dragons, only that he is a battle hungry maniac. Always on the front mine during the Great War he fought for whichever side seemed like would lose. Not out of a noble cause but because that would mean that the other side was stronger. Proficient in slyphir manipulation and at Mystic mid tier Bane he could be said to be the strongest being alive.

He rules with nothing except strength. He had said, the day of his coronation as dragon Emperor, however long ago that was, that anyone stronger than him could become Emperor. Having won each challenge his strength was known to everyone. Focused more on strength than military they're similar to Lativa in mainly cultivating Banes and Ghosts.

Even though there are two separate royal families it doesn't mean that Milata is not united. Any decision they make the two families make together. The decision on who would defend while the dragons were away would fall to the dwarves and the attackers would be the dragons. Each doing what suited the other the unity of Milata is unshakable. Though it doesn't look like it the dragons and dwarves get along very well.

Long time rivals and buddies the tension between the dragons and dwarfs isn't clear as to why but it just is, along with the moments of drunken celebrations.
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