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-6 The World Etafor: Windim

Windim is one of the five main continents and is surrounded by water. Being around the middle in size scope between the other continents Windim is often not mentioned anywhere as the only ones who didn't participate in the Great War. The land of the elves Windim is often the talk of myths and fantasies. It's also the only continent that always has an Empress ruling. There is an Emperor but the Empress has the final say. The current Empress Lafafia Papla Aidna. In her mind the priorities are the safety of the elves then the forest then whatever is going on beyond her continent.

The elves have a long lifespan, almost equal to the dragons. Though long lived they don't age. Once in their life they can chose a point in their life when they want to stop aging, looks wise, and live like that. The youngest ever known to have done that was an hundred year old kid who accidentally made his decision.

Windim is powerful. Though they haven't been in any major wars or battles, past records from thousands of years ago show that when the current Empress of that time died and the outside people found out humans had stormed their coasts. Killing and kidnapping elves and running rampant. The new queen had yet to be fully coronated and she was killed by a group of humans who had managed to sneak into her room. After tainting the queen they then beheaded her and left. The pillaging only ended when the elite troops of the Empress's guard came back. They had went off to a secret place to bury the former Empress and had returned to find their homeland filled with the death of their family, friends, loved ones and children. Enraged they killed all the humans they could see. Eventually when they returned to the castle and found what had happened to the next Empress in line their anger flared even more.

Records of the following were short and thorough. Having lost their next Empress the elite guards ran rampant, killing all humans in their lands, trying to recover any who had been kidnapped, and they moved inland. To the bigger human countries, and invaded. They didn't pillage or kidnap as the humans had done, they just killed. Only sparing the ones deemed innocent like children. Whereas the humans took their children and sold them off to slave traders. The elves ran rampant for three months. A single battalion of about seven hundred elves had managed to take over the eastern side of the Lativa Continent and the northern side of Seruin. It was only when a new Empress had been coronated in Windim did things settle down. Having went to the battlefield herself the new Empress went to every soldier, regardless of what their status was and how much blood covered them, and hugged them. One by one she calmed their raging anger with a hug.

Not much is known after that except that Lativa and Seruin paid a heavy price for their invasion of Windim. To not get invaded themselves Lativa and Seruin killed and replaced their current rulers, passed a law forbidding elf trafficking and tried to track down each slave captured but, hoping for all of them is impossible. Lativa and Seruin signed a pact to never invade Windim and they paid the elf people back in full plus a lot of interest. Workers were sent over to rebuild cities and towns destroyed by Lativa and Seruin. Provisions were sent over to feed the hungry. Lativa and Seruin even changed and killed or imprisoned the nobles involved in the invasion or elf trafficking. Before leaving Lativa and Seruin the Empress still wanted something so she used slyphir and took a chunk of rich forests and mountains from Lativa and Seruin, each about 500 miles long, and added them to Windim. Seeing this display of overwhelming power Lativa and Seruin vowed to never attack Windim.