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Again, Lydis was dreaming but, this time it didn't feel real. She was falling endlessly. Thin branches reached out for her and soon entangled her body. The thorns pierced into her body and her blood glowed in the darkness. It was a beautiful red, almost like melted rubies. It pooled on an unknown floor. A figure rose out of it, it's face a disoriented mess. First it was a baby, a child, an adult, then it became her. Lydis struggled to break free from the branches. The figure walked closer leaving bloody footprints wherever it stepped. It reached out and touched Lydis's cheek, blood dripping from the finger. Suddenly it reared back and jabbed Lydis in the eye. She screamed and struggled but the thorns kept her in place, digging deeper with each movement she made. Soon Lydis stopped struggling and then she woke up.

Lydis shot out from her bead. Her forehead littered with sweat.

"Wh-where am I?" Her eyes scanned her surroundings. She was in a large tent that looked like a command room. The table in the middle was covered in maps with scribbles over them and red and blue figures dotted everywhere. The rest of the room was filled with heavy metal crates. She herself was laying on one of the crates that had been cleared and had a thick blanket placed on top. Her first thought was to find a weapon. The hairs on her arms rose with a sense of urgency. After examining the room a bit more she got up and grabbed a wooden stick that looked like it was for shifting the pieces on the maps and snapped the end off, creating a jagged sharp point. Then she went next to the door and climbed on top of the crates until she was just above the door. Anyone who entered she would pounce on and kill. Lydis stayed still and waited patiently. She caught her breath when she heard footsteps nearing the tent. She lowered her breath and gripped her weapon. The muffled voices got louder until they stopped just outside the tent.

"I'm telling you, we don't even know who she is! It may look like a child but who knows what it could be!" The angry voice sounded like a man.

"Oh my. You finally have the b***s to raise your voice at me?" The other person sounded like an old woman, but it held a heavy weight to it. Sweat was forming on Lydis's forehead. She could feel slight killing intent coming from the other side of the tent.

"N-no that's not it! It's just…" The man seemed nervous.

"It's, just what? You think I can't handle a child? Or what, you think the years are getting on me?" The old lady's killing intent was increasing but only by a little. It seemed like she was only concentrating it on the man with her. There was a long pause before the man sighed.

"…No…" The man sounded defeated and he walked away, his steps slow and heavy. The old lady sighed and turned around, opening the tent flaps. Lydis stayed hidden until the old lady was fully inside and the flap had closed. Now that Lydis could see her it didn't look like an old lady but someone covered in full armor. Her helmet glowed a faint red. The brown cloak covering her body shifted and revealed her navy black body armor as she walked. The armor made a slight hiss whenever she stepped. In a second Lydis had pounced on the old lady but much to her surprise the old lady swiftly dodged to the side and grabbed Lydis's arm as she flew past the old lady. In another instant the old lady twisted and brought Lydis's face to the floor.

"Oho? Aren't you that child? And what's this?" Lydis tried struggling but the old lady was strong, her grip firm and unmoving. The old lady took the stick from Lydis's hand and chuckled to herself. "I didn't know you liked toys so much Krim." The old lady threw the stick away and used her other arm to toss Lydis towards her sleeping place. Lydis landed on her feet and instantly was on guard. The old lady pressed a button behind her neck and a long hiss filled the silence. After it stopped the old lady took of her helmet revealing her short graying hair sticking to the side of her face. She brushed the hair away and gently touched her eyepatch.

"Now, where were we? Ah, right. I'm not sure if you remember me but my name is Valeri Frawn. Squad leader of the scouting squad Sunburst." Valeri smiled and raised her arms. "See? I'm harmless." She shrugged her shoulders and walked closer towards Lydis. Lydis stood up and patted her knees.

"What do you want with me?" Although she was trying to be imposing, a little eight-year-old standing on a crate is about as scary as a hamster with a toothpick. Valeri chuckled again and lowered her hands.

"Me? Nothing much. Isn't it natural to save a child who's in danger as part of my duty?"

"No, what's unusual is why I'm here. Inside the command tent." Truth be told Lydis didn't even know what she was being defensive about. It had been true that Valeri had saved her from the wolves but then again, that kind of perfect timing couldn't happen naturally, right?

*sigh* "Kids these days are so cautious. Look." Valeri sat down on one of the crates and rested her head on her hand. "I'm not going to do anything. I just want to hear your story and why you were there at that scene all alone." Valeri smiled at Lydis while waiting patiently. Lydis was still on guard.

"It's usually the one's who are smiling that have the darkest intentions."

"If I wanted to force you or kill you, I've had plenty of chances to do so. You know that there are some who don't like your presence here." Valeri stared at Lydis, her eyes unwavering.

"And you should know that all children are taught not to talk to strangers. Especially ones who have hypocritical smiles."

"Hmm? And what do you mean by that?" Before Lydis could say anything, her stomach made it's point clear. A long and deep growl erupted from her stomach, declaring it's need for food. Lydis quickly covered her stomach and turned around, her confident front disappearing. Valeri chuckled.

"Seems like you're quite hungry." Valeri got up and opened a crate next to her. "Here." She tossed a small silver packet towards Lydis. It was about the size of a book. It landed at her feet, the warmth and smell it gave off almost making her crumble.

"What is it?" Lydis was still on guard against Valeri.

"Hm? Obviously, it's food. Don't worry I didn't poison it or anything. See that green tab in the middle? If I opened it in any way it would change from green to yellow. When it's red then that means that something's wrong with the food." Lydis didn't believe her. "Oh come on. Just e-"


Lydis covered her stomach again, her ears turning red.

"Huh, looks like your stomach knows what's good for you better than your mind." Valeri reached inside the crate and took out another bundle. She unwrapped it and pulled out a juicy piece of meat. The steam rising from it only added to the smell that engulfed the room when she took it out. Again, Lydis's stomach growled. Valeri took a big bite and placed the rest on the table in the middle.

"See? Perfectly safe." Lydis hesitated but her stomach growled in protest so she eventually gave in. She picked up the wrapped bundle at her feet and unwrapped the silver wrapper. Soon her nose was filled with a sweet and meaty smell. Her mouth was drooling as she unwrapped it. When she took a bite it was like cool water on a hot summer day. She felt alive and at the same time she realized just how tired she was. After eating the two slices of meat inside she licked the wrapper clean, her eyes drifting to the open bundle on the table.

"Ah, don't worry. There's plenty left!" Valeri reached inside the crate and took out another silver bundle and tossed it towards Lydis. Lydis caught it in her arms and the warmth it gave off was comforting. As she unwrapped the bundle a small click reached her ears. She stopped mid bite and looked directly at the left side of the door. Somehow she knew that there was someone there but her eyes told her otherwise. Feeling the same sense of urgency again Lydis stopped eating.

"Make him go away."

"Oh? Who?" Valeri acted innocent to Lydis's request.

"That man, right there." Lydis lifted her finger and pointed to the far side of the tent. Still nothing moved, there was no one there. Had it just been nothing after all? She stared and a small glint caught her eye. She threw her bundle at the area and sensed a small bit of suppressed killing intent. There was definitely someone there.

"Oh my, is your head alright?" Valeri got up and was walking towards Lydis still acting ignorant.

"Shut the f**k up! I won't play these games with you granny." Lydis was furious. Even though she was a child even she could sense the killing intent of the man hidden among the crates. She glared at Valeri. The two had a stare off, neither side willing to look away. Just as Lydis's eyes were beginning to well up Valeri gave in.

*Sigh* "You heard her Tio. She doesn't want you around. Too bad you got found out." With a snap of her fingers a man in black armor appeared in front of Valeri. She nodded to him and he nodded back in response. As he walked past Lydis she could see that her meat bundle had landed squarely on his chest. The oily sauce still dripping down his armor. As he passed her Lydis felt a bit of killing intent from him. Probably mad at having been hit with food and found out from a child. He didn't say anything to Lydis. As he exited the tent outside a loud thud followed by a few shockwaves shook Lydis's body. Valeri looked amused.

"Happy?" Valeri continued to smile at Lydis. Initially Lydis didn't think that he would reveal himself nor did she think she would get away with insulting them without a wound. She nodded back and sat back down. Valeri sat down across from Lydis and held her head in one hand while the other threw another silver bundle towards Lydis.

"Now, tell me your story."

Lydis grumbled a bit before nodding yes.