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Brutal Journey of an Unfortunate Female Heroine
Author :Yuyumamoru
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9 Trouble

The young doctor was frantic. The young miss's body suddenly began to glow and then it stopped. The sweating stopped as well but her red hair changed to blond, then black, and then red again. The temperature of the room dropped, frost accumulating on the window.

"D-Drove, get my coat." The doctor's breath was visible as he spoke, turning into clouds of mist and then disappearing.

"Roger." The little eye ball flew into the mess of drawers and flew back out with a long white coat, thicker than the one he was wearing and lined with thermal heating pads inside of it.

"Thanks." Grabbing the coat he pulled his arms through it and zipped up the side. The heating system kicked in instantly and adjusted the coat's temperature to stabilize the doctor's temperature. No longer freezing and shivering the doctor went over to the young miss.

"Drove scan her body."

"Roger." The same blue light scanned over her body and once again the results were a negative.

"Scan again but look for temperature anomalies."

"Roger." Again, the blue light scanned but this time it beeped. "Anomaly spotted. Irregular body temperature in the right arm wound, the crown, and high temperatures in the middle of the chest area."

"Strange. Get me vial Z-98."

"Roger." The little eye once again dived into the chaos of floating drawers. The eye brought out a small black case locked with finger print recognition. "Vial Z-98 doctor."

"Thanks." Taking the box he placed his finger on the scanner and put in a pin. With a light click the case popped open and there was a single vial of purple liquid with am attachable syringe next to it.

"For now this should stabilize her, hopefully." Attaching the vial to the syringe he reached for Lydis's arm. As he grabbed it blood began to dribble from her wound.

"Dove! Inject C-12 and wrap this wound now!" The eye moved swiftly and it pulled a miniature syringe out and injected it into the wound, stopping the blood, and began wrapping the wound in new bandages.

"Wound bandaged. Shall I clean the blood." Hearing the word blood the doctor shuddered thinking about how he would get killed for allowing the young miss to bleed.

"Yes and make sure it doesn't leave a smell or stain." Turning back to the syringe in his hands the doctor injected it carefully into the upper part of her arm. Injecting about a third of the vial he moved on to her head and injected another third into her head. The last place with a temperature anomaly was her chest. He wasn't sure what to do. Injecting through her clothes would be risky since he couldn't see the veins properly, taking off her clothes might result in his death too. Conflicted he didn't know what to do. After pondering for a bit he decided to just go with it and began to unbutton the middle buttons so of the dress revealing the middle of her chest. Opening the clothes slightly the doctor slid the syringe's needle into Lydis's chest and injected the remaining amount of liquid. After all the liquid in the vial was injected he quickly rebuttoned the dress and backed away sighing loudly.

"Drove, scan again for any abnormalities." The doctor went to put the syringe away when the floating eye beeped again.

"Warning! Body temperature dropping, cause unknown. High mental pressure sensed from the head. Warning!" The eye continued to repeat it repeatedly. Frantic the doctor dropped the syringe and the black case. He rushed over to Lydis to check her wrist and neck for her pulse. Weak and barely noticeable he still felt it. Slowing down the time intervals between each thump was getting longer. The eye was still replaying the warning making the doctors ears ring.

"Drove shut up! Get me Gene-A37!"

"War- Permission denied. Requesting passcode." Groaning the doctor manipulated the surrounding slyphir to help maintain Lydis's body temperature. Having studied medical majors, the doctor's control of slyphir wasn't even comparable to a trainee. Sweat built up on his forehead.

"Override code psc3dt71. Responsibility will fall onto me. Get me Gene-A37."

"Override code confirmed. Higher ups have been notified. Parental units have also been notified. Permission granted from Central. Retrieving Gene-A37." Sighing in relief the doctor continued to work on Lydis. The eye floated to the top of the drawer mess and brought back a clear case. Inside was a vial containing clear liquid with slips of blue essence floating inside it. The doctor pressed his thumb onto the scanner and a small needle pricked him as he did, scanning both his finger print and blood. It beeped and the scanner turned into a number pad. Pressing the buttons with his bloodied thumb the case beeped again. Invisible shifting gears clicked and the case slowly opened. The clear outside and vial had been a decoy, a cover for what was actually inside. There was a penny sized pill covered with a clear covering. The doctor swiped his bloodied thumb on the cover and it slowly disappeared, revealing the pill. Picking it up gently the doctor placed the pill into Lydis's mouth. Dissolving almost instantly the pill's liquid made it's way into Lydis's body and continued to spread.

"Drove scan her again."

"Roger." The floating eye had just finished scanning when the doors were busted open. On the other side was Lydis's mother and on the floor behind her were the two guards and Lydis's father. Lowering her foot she stomped her way next to the doctor. Cowering and trembling the doctor silently prayed in his head.

"Why did Central authorize the use of an incomplete Gene?!" Lydis's mother was about the doctor's height but he felt like he was looking at a mountain, unstoppable and terrifyingly powerful. Her killing intent made the doctor fall to his knees unable to mutter a word under her invisible pressure. Slight groaning was heard behind her as the two guards and her husband got up.

"Honey, calm down. How can he talk if you pressure him so?" Gesturing to the trembling doctor Lydis's father saw that his wife wasn't going to stop. "What if you hurt Lydis with your uncontrolled killing intent?" Realizing it, she released the doctor and eased up her killing intent but, only enough for the doctor to speak, the pressure was still there.

"T-The young miss was in danger!" The doctor managed to speak. All eyes were on him as he got to his feet. "Something like I've never seen before happened. Her hair changed colors multiple times. From red to blond, from blond to black, and finally from black to her red hair again. Her body caused the room to freeze. She glowed too. And then when I saw that there abnormal heat signs on her body I injected some body stabilizers. But after I did that her body started to slow down, her heartbeat, pulse, and her breathing. The time intervals were too long. So I asked for a override and Central allowed me to so I gave her the Gene-A37. It's properties allow for a mini cryostasis but I'm not sure how long it will last. The effects might wear off any minuet or days later. To preserve her current body status I couldn't allow it to worsen so there wasn't much I could do. I don't have any of the proper facilities of a hospital, I suggest you get her to one fast." Seeming to let it all out in one breath after the doctor finished his breathing was ragged.

"Call the private transport car!" Without hesitating Lydis's mother began to bark orders. Roland nodded and disappeared. She looked at Derick next. "I want none of this this to be leaked." Derick nodded and disappeared. Turning to the sweating doctor her gaze like blades. "None, of this is to be leaked." Repeating her previous orders to Derick the doctor understood that if he uttered even a word of the young miss's condition he would be taken care of silently. Becoming an unknown dead body in an unknown alley. Nodding his head furiously the doctor didn't say a word. Stepping past the doctor Lydis's mother reached for her daughter's hand but was repelled by some force. Looking around she didn't sense anyone, who had repelled her from touching Lydis. Looking at her daughter she saw a faint darkness around her. It was thin but there was a dark mist layer over Lydis's body. Her mother looked at the doctor again and shook her head, doubting that he could've done it since he flinched at her every move. She reached out again, covering her hand with a layer of slyphir. The thin mist held strong. Seeing at how his wife was struggling against an unknown force Lydis's father stood next to her and coated his hand in slyphir and reached for Lydis's hand too. Wavering a bit the mist suddenly changed forms and shot out blades of darkness. Dodging in time her parents were shocked. Disbelief filling their faces as the mist settled down again.

"Doctor! What is happening? What is that?" Pointing to the thin black mist surrounding Lydis, Lydis's father was confused. The doctor shook his head.

"It wasn't there when I gave her the pill, and it's not an effect of the pill. The pill is just supposed to put her in a temporary mini cryostasis." Baffled her parents continued to look at the black mist. Rushing in, Roland was out of breath.

"M-My lord! There are attacks in the east garden!" Panting and slightly bloodied Roland was already fully equipped with his armor and weapon. He leaned on his sword as the wound on his right arm opened again. Swiveling his head her father looked enraged.

"Who dares to attack my residence?!" His voice no longer the soft tone he used to console his wife, it was the voice of a leader and an Archduke.

"Their flags show that they are from a continent across the seas. A country called Umphia."

"Get the elite squad and handle it!"

"My lord, the elite squad has been poisoned. I found them in the training grounds with the same wounds on their necks. There were no signs of struggle. I believe that the enemy is very skilled. Please, while I hold them off escape and inform his Majesty of invaders."

"Nonsense! This is my land, my country, and my people! I will rise and fall with my countrymen." Her father brought out a small pouch and pulled out a black armored suit. "Never though I'd have to wear this so soon." Pressing the suit, it seemed to come alive. Light threads spread out from where his thumb was and soon the suit came apart and reformed on his body. He pulled out a pair of sturdy boots and slipped his feet in, the shoes adjusting to his feet. He pulled out a black overcoat and pulled his arms through. Feeling the familiar weight of his coat he pulled out his weapons. A belt with two handguns strapped themselves to his waist, a knife on each leg, and a long slender black blade stuck to his back. Running his hand through his hair he slicked it back and placed on his helmet. With a small click the visor came alive and glowed a light green. "Show me, where are the intruders." As he stepped forward a light green mist enveloped him and soon he vanished. Leaving no sound or trace that he was there.

"Yes sir!" Saluting to nothing Roland dashed towards the east courtyard. As he left a slight breeze also left with him. Hurriedly, the same maid who had brought Lydis to the dining table, appeared in the empty doorway.

"Miss! Please follow me to the car! There are enemies invading!" The maid rushed in but in the next moment she was sent flying out the door, a gaping hole in her stomach. Frightened the doctor let out a yelp of surprise. He looked at Lydis's mother, standing there where the maid had been, blood splattered around her.

"Miss! Why, she was only trying to help?!" He had forgotten his fear in that moment but when she turned around he shut up once again trembling. Calmly walking past the doctor Lydis's mother reached for Lydis. The black mist appeared again but this time her mother used some strength with her slyphir and it quickly dissolved into the air. Pulling out a small bag similar to her husbands she pulled out a similar black suit but it was slightly bulkier, made more for defense and power than stealth and speed like her husband's. She pulled out knee high boots and with a click they fitted themselves to her. She pulled out four short slender blades and they stuck onto her back. A handgun found it's way to her leg along with a black cylinder on her other leg. Pulling out a similar black overcoat to her husband's except instead of all black it had white bands on each arm, white lining on the ends, and a big red crescent on the back with five stars filling the outline to make a full circle and, in the middle it had three slashes. Pulling on fingerless leather gloves she rolled her head to the left and right.

"I, too, never thought I'd have to wear this again so soon. Honey." Looking to the east she closed her eyes and went to Lydis. "Don't worry I'll also protect this country and our daughter." Grabbing Lydis in a princess carry she walked out the door. Not sure what to do the doctor followed suit and peaked at the bloodied maid. Looking closely he saw that it wasn't a maid but an enemy in disguise. The clothes were that of a maid but with their death their slyphir illusion of the maid's face and features disappeared leaving an unknown dead body dressed like a maid. Realizing his foolishness the doctor scampered after Lydis's mother, thankful she had not killed him for his impudence in doubting her quick decision.

"How did you know about the maid?" The doctor quickly covered his mouth. He hadn't meant to say his question out loud.

"Her breathing. As ragged as they tried to look they still controlled their breathing to not be rugged. And I know that she wouldn't say for me to go first. She would most definitely worry about Lydis first before anything. That's how she's always been." A pained look flashed across her face. Full of regret and sorrow since if the enemy knew what she looked like it was likely that she was dead. "Forget that, we need to get a move on." Nodding his head in agreement the doctor quickened his pace.

In the east garden Derick was surrounded by twelve people. Six dressed in black and the other six dressed in white. A mask covering their faces. Their movement and colors made it hard to tell what was an enemy and what wasn't. Derick's silver hair swished as he readied his stance. Holding a body length training stick, a missing arm, and with his feminine looks most of the intruders doubted Derick's fighting ability. The first to make a move was a man dressed in white. The others stopped moving to watch as he lunged at Derick with swords in each hand. Swinging left and right all his strikes were parried by Derick's stick. Seemingly enraged at how he couldn't hit this feminine looking person who was using a stick to fight he became reckless and impatient. Letting out a war cry he lunged again, using short quick jabs he tried to overpower Derick in speed but Derick continued to parry them. The others began to laugh at their comrade who couldn't even land one hit. Hearing the mocking jokes the man dressed in white attacked randomly. Derick was unfazed. Parrying again Derick quickly jabbed the stick into the man's throat, crushing it. Shocked the man let go of his swords and in the instant that the blades were in the air Derick swiveled and kicked each blade at another enemy, piercing their throats. It took the rest to process what had happened. Three down in one instant, the others realized their misjudgment of this feminine looking person in front of them. He beckoned them to come at him.

"What? Is that all you have?" Derick maneuvered his stick in the air and stood there looking at them with a face full of triumph and mockery. Nobody moved, the air became tense. "Well, if you're not coming to me then I'll come to you." He dug the end of his stick into the ground and using that as leverage he pushed himself forward, shooting at the nearest person like a bullet. Swinging his stick around him he bashed the head in of two more people. Landing swiftly he dodged the blades coming for him. Jumping in the air a large hammer smashed the ground where he had been. Using his stick to parry the flying knifes he knocked them all out of the air. Twirling his stick around him he landed once again, away from the group, and readied himself. "Now, that's more like it. Come at me all at once or else you won't be able to leave here alive." Two people dashed out, one in black and the other in white. Each wielding a short sword and a mini arm shield, the size of a large book. Working together in unison they attacked together not giving Derick a chance to attack. When they thrust their swords it was together and when they blocked they raised the shields together to form a bigger shield. Derick continued to parry until he saw a large hammer flash in the corner of his eye and knocked the enemy dressed in black in front of him and dodged backwards. Unsteady from being pushed the enemy in black met with the hammer of his ally and had his ribs and arms broken from the impact. The hammer user stopped and looked at his dying teammate.

"Trash, why'd you get in the way." His gruff voice had an unpleasant ring to it. He spat on the dying person and refocused his attention onto Derick. The other short sword person stopped and looked at their dying counterpart and dropped their weapon.

"Brother! Brother…" Taking off his helmet it revealed a boy who didn't look any older than sixteen. Messy dark hair and swollen green eyes. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he cradled his brother in his arms. Shaking the young boy removed the helmet of his dying brother. Under the black helmet it was like a mirror. The dying boy looked like the crying boy. Smiling gently the bloodied boy closed his eyes and breathed his last strained breath. Wallowing in despair the boy cried. His cry was cut short as his head flew from his body. Another man dressed in white had cut off the young boy's head.

"Noisy brat. I knew that this mission was too much for them. And you." The man in white pointed his sword at the hammer wielding man. "What the hell did I teach you about working together?" Clicking his tongue the man sheathed his sword. "Finish this quickly." The others nodded and saluted to the man in white. The only one who didn't was the hammer wielder. "B-04 why aren't you responding?" The hammer wielder continued to stand in silence. Irritated he was about to pull his sword when Derick's chuckling laughter grabbed their attention.

"Wow, you guys suck. He's already dead." With a snap of his finger the hammer wielder tumbled backwards. "Six dead, six remain." Derick twirled his stick and once again beckoned for them to come.

"I see that you are young and talented. Join me. Defect over to the Umphia country and we can repair your arm." The man in white studied Derick carefully.

"Why would I ever do that?" Derick scoffed at the man.

"Because we will win this war." Once again Derick's mocking laughter filled the garden.

"Fools, who do you think you're talking to? Come, let me show you that the Banes of Lativa are not to be underestimated." Tossing aside his stick Derick snapped his fingers together and a small flame ignited on his fingertip. As if playing with the flame he twirled it in between his fingers an then smushed it. Flame burst from his hand and in the flaming space a burning lance materialized. Gripping the lance Derick spun it around him leaving a trail of flames in the air. He pointed his lance at the man in white. "Come at me all at once, I'm more than enough to handle you trash." Others were intimidated while the man in white in the middle didn't say anything. Two turned around to leave but their heads hit the floor before they could turn around fully, blood covering those close to the headless bodies.

"None of you may leave, that's considered desertion, penalty by death." The man in white cleaned his blade. One of the men dressed in black looked at Derick and then back at his superior. He didn't know who to fear more. His superior who had always been harsh and ruthless on his unit, killing anyone without mercy, or the Bane in front of them, who had managed to form an Embodiment weapon. Banes who had an Embodiment weapon were many times stronger than a Bane who didn't have one. Shaking in terror the three remaining members tried their hardest to not run, pressured by the killing intent from the feminine person and their superior.

"Lady, don't make me do things I'll regret." The man in white slowly drew his blade. "You're talented enough, join us."

"Who are you calling lady!? I'm a MAN! A MAN!" Frustrated, Derick's vision became clouded for a moment and in that moment the man in white attacked with a low rising swing. Noticing his presence Derick blocked the sword and twisted his lance with his fingers and swung the blade part at the man in white. Jumping backwards the man in white kicked at Derick's legs. Using his lance Derick propped himself up in the air and flipping his body he brought it down on the man in white. Using the side of his blade the man in white parried the lance, letting the lance's blade slide down his blade and sliding his blade out from the lance he swung at Derick. Bending his back Derick saw the blade pass over his face. Jumping back Derick steadied himself and looked at the man in white.

"You're not too bad."

"Same to you despite having only one arm. It's as they say, the youngsters will surpass the old but, you are not nearly there yet." Swishing his blade the man in white was about to attack when he stopped abruptly. "I apologize for being rude, but I would like to introduce myself. You should at least know the name of the victor." Derick scoffed at the man.

"What a big ego. Very well, I also apologize for the late introduction. Derick Tourn of Gestva. Lance master." Derick twirled his lance around him and the flames formed the symbol and flag of Gestva, a crescent with five stars finishing the circle with three slashes in the middle. The burning symbol vanished when Derick lowered his lance. The man in white didn't say anything. He put his sword back in the sheath and removed his mask. With a soft *fwsshhh* the helmet fell to the floor. The helmet revealed a battle worn man. His white silver hair shined in the light. Old worn blue eyes shown with the joy of battle. A slight smile made obvious by the wrinkles on his face. He looked to be about in his mid-fifties but his white hair made him look older.

"Henry Draves of Umphia. Long sword master. Be gentle with my old bones." He pulled out his sheathed sword, sheath and sword, and threw it to his trembling teammates. It landed at their feet and they quickly picked it up and made distance between them.

"Sir Henry, we will continue the mission." He nodded in their direction and they disappeared. As Derick was about to go after them Henry inhaled sharply and suddenly his face went a bit pale and then he threw up black sludge. Disgusted Derick was slightly shaken. The old man stopped barfing and stood up, wiping his mouth. "I apologize for the sight but my weapon's a bit annoying to summon she's quite a trouble maker." Hearing this Derick stiffened. Knowing the true name of an Embodiment weapon will increase it's power by tenfold, Derick wasn't sure if the old man knew his weapons true name or if he was just bluffing. Derick's attention was drawn back into the standoff as Henry bent over to pick his sword. Grabbing a white hilt he pulled out a white sword whose blade reached five feet in length. The black sludge sliding off. Raising the sword he then stabbed it into the puddle of black sludge. The sword began absorbing the black sludge, staining the white blade black. After fully absorbing the black sludge the once white blade was now black, darkness dripping off it, killing the grass and plants it touched.

"Well, that's one fancy way of summoning your weapon." Derick stood ready.

"What can I say? She's a wild one." Henry held his sword ready in front of him. The tension in the air broken by Henry's dash forward.
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