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Brutal Journey of an Unfortunate Female Heroine
Author :Yuyumamoru
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Katos stood in front of the room watching Reina. Patiently waiting for her answer. Reina's face changed as she thought of something but she turned to Katos,

"Well… what kind of wish can you grant?"

"Hmm… anything so long as you are capable of withstanding it." He looked at Reina and shrugged.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, let's say if you wanted to be immortal. To be immortal your body needs to be strong enough to withstand the blessing or curse, whatever you want to call it. However you get it, if you're not strong enough then you'll be immortal for maybe five days, meaning nothing can kill you in those five days but, when it's over then you'll go boom." He made an explosion motion with his hands and added the 'pwoosh' for sound effects. Reina went back into thinking mode. A few minuets passed in silence. Katos took out a black disc and twirled it on his fingers, playing with it as he waited for Reina to speak again. Noticing this Reina's eyes flicked to the object in Katos's hand but she quickly went back to thinking. As he twirled the disc he let it fly at Reina at a frightening speed. Ripping through the air the disc was a black blur. Without looking Reina's hand moved to her scissors and as she pulled them open her arm flicked and the black disc fell to the floor. The disc had been cut into neat squares. As they fell, losing their momentum, the black squares dissipated into the air. Reina glared at Katos.

"What? I'm bored. Usually people would already have an idea beforehand." Katos brought out more black discs and began to flip and twirl them too. Laying on his back with one foot propped up he continued to create black discs. Sighing Reina went back to thinking. Bored again Katos threw the discs around the room, creating more and adding them to the tornado with hundreds of black discs. In the middle of the tornado Reina was still thinking about a wish. Suddenly four discs flew from the tornado and attacked Reina. Dodging them smoothly Reina paid them no attention. As the first four went back into the tornado eight blades came from all sides. Still not paying the discs attention she swiftly knocked them out of the air with her hand, her other hand was rubbing her template, her brows furrowed together. Katos was no longer bored now. He sat upright and continued to maneuver each blade as he did feints, low hits, high hits, and multiple discs in a row. Each time a wave attacked their numbers would double than what attacked in the last wave. Soon Reina was dodging and parrying over a hundred black discs at a time, still lost in thought. Katos was having a lot of fun has he tried different things to try to catch Reina off guard, but nothing worked. Reina who was in deep thought finally had an idea. When she raised her face she used her scissors to cut each black disc into a thousand pieces in a second and walked towards Katos.

"I've thought about it and I've found my wish."

"Finally! I thought I would have to wait here for an eternity before you decided on something. So? What will it be, unlimited money, fame, unparalleled strength, or true love?" Katos added the last one as a joke but Reina scoffed at it.

"If I used this chance to ask for 'true love' then I would be the biggest idiot in the world. No, my wish is to be transported to another world. One where I would really feel alive. Where I can live out my days with adventures and thrills." What Reina had in mind was those reincarnation novels where the protagonist gets sent to another world and becomes strong without a lot of trouble. Her main reason for choosing this was that she couldn't stand being in her current world. Her mother gone, her friends half across the globe, and living with her father. She couldn't help feel that if she stayed she would become a member of their family through and through, smiling and laughing with them, forgetting her past. The thought scared her.

"Hmmm. Not a lot of requirements, right? Nothing like building up your kingdom, army, or 'harem'?" Again Katos added the last one out of amusement but Reina still shot him a glare. With his hands raised he admitted a look of defeat. "Ok, your wish is granted." He clapped his hands and a dark light lit up the floor. The floor wobbled and began to dip in the middle, the bodies and blood flowing and sliding to the center of the floor. Reina didn't look at Katos as she stood still pulled along by some powerful force to the center. As her body began to be sucked up into the floor Katos appeared in front of her crouching.

"Just so you know, as payment I'll take something from you as well." His cocky smile irritated Reina.

"Fine, so be it. As long as it's not my life take it." Without much thought of her words Katos smiled more.

"Then, thanks for the memories." Before Reina had a chance to say anything her head slipped through the floor, her body falling into a dark abyss.

Her head was a mess as memories were taken from her. Memories of her mother, father, almost everything was taken. What little remained was the memories of the fight, Katos, and her undirected anger. Her sole good memory was the feeling of slicing through flesh with some unknown weapon. It had felt comfortable, warm even, to hold that weapon in her hands and cut down her enemies. She had felt powerful. But, she couldn't figure out what weapon it was or even the shape of it. Head throbbing she fell deeper into the abyss, her mind slowly fading away.


A warm feeling enveloped the girl. The smell of the earth filled her nose, bits of grass tickled her face as the soft cool breeze blew her hair away from her face. A faint rumbling rang in her ears, like muddled voices. It got gradually louder and louder until it became unbearable to stand anymore and the girl tried to get up to see what it was. When she tried to move she found that she couldn't. She tried to move her fingers but only her left hand's finger twitched. Slowly she raised her head and saw blood. Lots of blood. Dried blood caked her face, whenever she moved cracks would form. The initially green grass had a small pool of blood with the girl on the side. As she moved her head more she saw why she couldn't move her right hand, she didn't have a right hand. She didn't have a right arm, all that was there was the upper part of her arm, anything below the elbow was gone. Panicked she began to try to get up and then the pain hit her. All at once the tear in her arm and the missing limb registered in her mind. Clenching her teeth she let out a pained gasp. She curled to one side, her severed arm on top of her while she lay on her kind of good arm. Afraid to touch the wound her hand hovered over it. She turned her head again and saw a giant black wolf. It's height looked about three meters tall and it's glistening black fur seemed to float in the light breeze. The four eyes on it's head all stared at the girl's every move, some twitching to the left and right but never once did it stop looking at her. It's mouth hung open, drool pooling under it, teeth the size of her hand lined the inside of it's mouth. On it's head there were two horns, one half broken and the other a glowing red torch, releasing a thin red mist around it, the glowing one was about two feet long and the broken one looked as if it had less than half a foot left. Snarling it came closer to the girl. Fearing for her life, her mind a blur, trying to process everything. Just as the beast lunged forward a huge sword landed in it's path. Nimbly dodging the blade the wolf jumped away and kept it's distance. Pacing back and forth it's hungry eyes still locked onto the girl. A moment of silence fell in the forest. Just as the wolf was about to lunge again a big hefty man jumped down from the trees. He landed near the huge sword and picked it up with one hand, swinging it side to side to test it. Grinning he looked over his shoulder,

"You ok young miss?"
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