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Brutal Journey of an Unfortunate Female Heroine
Author :Yuyumamoru
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4 The Battle Ends

Reina, who was hidden in the corner, started to slowly stand up but before she could reveal herself an arrow zoomed towards the thread boy. The boy crooked his middle finger and the invisible wall of thread suddenly became visible, blocking the ice arrow. He released his finger and the ice arrow dissolved as his threads unwound revealing his smiling face,

"You should be better than the other girl, right?" without another moment he threw his circular blade towards her, cutting through the air their speed almost invisible to the naked eye. There were three people in the way of the blade but it didn't matter. The blades curved towards each person slicing their heads in half diagonally. Too immersed in their own battles they didn't react fast enough and had half of their faces split. The first was a boy holding a pair of daggers, his head split from his eyes revealing the lower part of his brain as the severed part slid off. The blade continued, dividing the remaining two girl's faces in half like jelly. The bow girl took her shield position just as the circle blades hit the barrier. The ice barrier shook but it held.

"Tsk, stubborn." The boy pulled his pointer finger and the blades returned to his as fast as they had been thrown. After catching them he threw them out to the sides to curve and hit the girl from her sides. With her bow already drawn the girl released a rapid fire of arrows as she dashed to the left. Bringing his hand to his face in the shape of a claw his threads appeared, defending him from the arrows. Unlike the girl's ice barrier which was see through, when his thread formed a barrier it also blocked his vision. Dodging the blades the girl leapt into the air and released another barrage of arrows. Keeping his barrier up the boy used his other hand and pulled the blades to curve back to him. The girl, sensing the incoming blades, released a powerful arrow at the ground to push her towards the ceiling, barely dodging the blades. Pushing off from the ceiling she dashed backwards keeping up her barrage. Landing softly she took a defensive position, bringing her barrier up again. The threads loosened revealing the boy. His hands empty, he shrugged. The girl's eyes widened, for a moment a flash of light appeared to the left of her, as she was about to jump she saw the second blade coming from the right, it was at a height where if she had jumped she wouldn't be able to avoid it. Her two choices were either take the lower left blade or the higher right blade. Her thoughts a jumble her body moved by itself. Bending backwards her back flat to the floor and her knees pointing towards the boy the blades flashing past her face. She felt a slight breeze from the left blade as it flew past her nose, barely touching it with a distance of 10cm between them. The right blade flew past overhead. Flipping back onto her feet she readied an arrow but the boy had vanished. Quickly she dashed to the side against the wall and set up her barrier waiting for the boy to make a move.

Silence filled the room. It was unusual to not hear movement after the intense sounds from the fights. Reina looked up and saw who was still remaining. The girl with her silver-aqua ice bow, the boy with his threads was nowhere to be seen but, Reina knew that he was still alive, she could feel it, and two more. One was a girl with a war hammer, exhausted and breathing heavily, wounds covered her arms and legs, her hands shook slightly from the weight of the war hammer. Her eyes like a wild beast, hatred and fear mixed in, glared at the other person. The other was a girl covered in blood, from head to toe she dripped blood. Unlike the girl with the war hammer she was calm, her breathing steady, and she stood straight, ready to attack or defend. The blood dripping off her didn't seem like her own as no wounds were visible. She stood in a corner like Reina except she was surrounded with bodies. Severed limbs littered the floor. Blood dripped from the walls, leaving thin red trails. The girl exuded death. The girl with the war hammer charged forward with her weapon raised above her heads. As she stepped forward her foot landed on a hand and it slipped on the blood on the floor. Caught off balance the girl with the war hammer couldn't do anything except watch as a thin light flashed before her eyes. Her detached arms adding to the mess on the floor. Flailing her arm nubs around, blood splattered on the other girl. Calmly watching the bloodied girl didn't even dodge the blood flying towards her. Falling to her knees the armless girl's head flew off as her body fell to the floor, her head following shortly after. The bloodied girl looked up at the ceiling, making the blood on her face roll downwards, she reached up to her face and began rubbing the fresh blood over it, smearing it.

"Warriors, let your blood flow into me and become my strength, you who I have slain. I have paid my respects by letting your head be the last to fall from your body giving you a quick rest." As she leaned against the wall her weapon finally came into view. It was a katana. A dark blade which seemed to emit a dark smoke leaned against the girl, seeming to soak up the blood from her clothes and the floor. The hilt was a beautifully woven design of red and white silk, with the guard which looked like black steel carved into a blooming lotus. At the end cap a small golden bell hung, swaying slightly. Her blade almost reaching her armpits with the hilt reaching her nose. Her katana was almost the size of her. The sheath nowhere to be seen. As Reina observed the girl with the katana, trying to find a sheath on her somewhere the girl suddenly raised her katana, stretching it out in front of her with one hand.

She grasped the hilt with both hands and swung the katana at nothing, her bell not making a sound. A moment later threads ripped apart, revealing a classroom within a classroom. What had looked like the bow girl, still crouched against the wall, was no longer there. As the threads unwound and loosened they fell to the floor revealing the illusion. Behind the wall of thread was what had actually happened in the fight between the bow girl and the thread boy.

*rewind to the bow girl*

As the bow girl's instincts took over she bent backward to avoid the left blade but, as the left blade passed her threads poured off of it, grabbing onto the bow girl. Panicked she tried to knock them off with her bow but she only got tangled more. Finally, unable to move, the bow girl accepted her fate.

"What? Struggle some more, let me hear your scream, beg for your life like a dog." The threads parted and revealed the thread boy. He had a dissatisfied scowl on his face.

"That was too easy. Make it, I don't know, 'better'." He emphasized the word better. The bow girl spit in his face.

"Kill me." She had a satisfied look on her face, like she wasn't the one who could be killed with a twitch of a finger, literally, but the one who had gotten victory. Wiping the spit from his face,

"Y-you!" as he was about to clench his fists to kill her he stopped. "Why do you have that look on your face? Tell me!" The bow girl didn't answer him. All she did was stare at him in silence. "Let's see how long that dignified pride of yours lasts." With those words he curled one of his pinkies and the strings around her bow hand tightened. The thread around each finger cut into her flesh reaching her bone. When he felt that it had reached her bones he stopped.

"Well? Anything you want to say, I'm all ears…" he waited, the bow girl didn't respond. "Fine, have it your way." He flexed his fingers and gently the thread around his hands became loose. Freeing his hands from control he grabbed one and began to pluck at it. The thread in the bow girl's hands began to vibrate. It sliced into the flesh surrounding her bones and cut out internal chunks, it was like flossing but on her bones. She winced but she showed no other signs of a response. Sweat was forming on her forehead but she still had her triumphant look. Frustrated the thread boy grabbed another thread and began plucking it was well. It was the thread around the bow girl's other hand. The same thing proceeded to happen to her other hand. This time she didn't wince but her brows furrowed together, tightly knit, and the sweat continued to build. She clenched her teeth. Blood was streaming from her disfigured hands. Her breathing became heavy and ragged but she still didn't say anything.

"What is up with you? Is this pain not enough? Well then, let's take it up a notch." The edges of the thread boy's mouth twitched upward. He didn't seem to notice as he began reaching out and pulling different strings and plucking at them, he looked like he was playing the harp except no sound came from the strings, just soft thwangs. He continued to pluck at the threads rhythmically, humming along himself. The bow girl faced the all-out assault. Threads would tighten in the right places to take out chunks, sear off flesh thin layer by thin layer, while others would just wedge themselves into her flesh and vibrate and tear at her from the inside. After a few minuets of this there wasn't any place on her body that still had normal skin. It was a surprise that she was still alive after all of that. Blood poured from her like a waterfall becoming a pool beneath her.

"Wow. What, is, up, with you?" the thread boy asked as he stopped his silent symphony. He walked around and around the bow girl admiring his work. "Now this, this is a masterpiece." He began laughing to himself. "Ha, ha, ha! Not so strong now are you, whine or beg I don't care what you do, just beg me to kill you already. That would make this perfect." He had a victorious face as he turned to look at the girl's face. Her head hung low, no skin left on her cheeks, making her look like a bloodied zombie. She raised her head slightly, as if wanting to say something. The boy brought his ear closer,

"…s-sce…reeww…y-you…" her head flopped down again when she finished, waiting to be killed.

"No, no no no no. What you're supposed to say is 'please spare me!', 'help me', 'I'm sorry', or 'please kill me' but instead you choose 'screw you'?!" *deep inhale* "I'll give you one final chance, say your sor-"

The thread boy's illusion was broken at this moment. Whipping his head around he stared at the katana girl.

"Hey, wait your turn. I'm in the middle of something. If yo-" before he could finish she threw her sword forward so fast it looked like lightening. Expecting to be struck the thread boy pulled his fingers together to form a barrier made up of more than a hundred layers of thread but nothing hit it. Out of the corner of his eye to his left he saw the bow girl get impaled by the black katana. Time slowed down as she was ripped from his threads she turned to look at the thread boy, a smug smile formed, the victory in her face was full of confidence. That one moment seemed to last an eternity to the thread boy. Her smug smile branded to his eyes. Time started to flow again as her body flew past him and landed impaled to the whiteboard. The threads had cut off her lower arms and legs, leaving half arm and leg nubs. When she landed the impact caused her blood to gush out and coat the whiteboard with a new layer of blood. Her bloodied body finally knowing peace.

Anger welled up in the thread boy.

"HEY! She was mine to kill! You b***h!" the thread boy dropped his barrier and flung out his circle blades. The katana girl ducked and dodged them, looking at her katana imbedded into the wall.

"All I did was give her a merciful death. Playing with your food is bad manners." The katana girl sprinted for her sword.

"What the hell? Manners? If we're talking about manners stealing someone else's prey is also in bad, taste!" he gripped the air and spun around, his blades swinging along with him. The katana girl jumped dodging the first blade.

'Gotcha!' was the thread boy's first thought until he saw that the katana girl bent and twisted her body inhumanly mid-air to maneuver away from the second blade. As she neared the ceiling she pushed off from it towards her katana.

Clenching his fists he pulled all the threads he had set up and blocked her path. The katana girl tried to maneuver away from the wall of threads but she was too close to it and ended up colliding with it. In the instant that she touched it the thread boy loosened it to wrap around the katana girl and in the next moment he tightened it again. Caught in his threads the katana girl didn't struggle, feeling them cut into her skin slowly.

"Ha ha ha ha! I've caught you now! Now I'll make you pay!" the thread boy laughed. The katana girl was silent, soft mumbling noises could be heard as her mouth moved to speak incomprehensible words.

"What? Are you really praying right now? Ha ha! This is perfect! Let's see if the god you're praying to will help you now!" he clenched two fingers and the thread around her head tightened, cutting lightly into her skin, causing blood to trickle down. The girl mumbling grew louder and louder,

"Come!" with a shout she extended her hand, the threads cutting deeper, and from her palm a thin black blade cut through. As the blade came out a soft thud sounded next to the whiteboard. The boy looked over and saw that the bow girl's body had fallen from where it had been impaled, the sword nowhere to be seen. His head swiveled towards the katana girl and in her hand was her black katana. With a twist of her wrist the threads holding her were cut. Her blade moved elegantly and soon it pointed at the thread boy. He dashed towards the whiteboard while throwing out his blades. Swiftly, in one movement, a light flashed and his blades fell to the floor. Clattering as they fell mid-air. Slowly backing away the thread boy looked scared.

"W-wait! We can talk this out, right? I'm sure we can take on Katos or whatever with both of u-" before he had time to finish the katana girl did a forward slash and sliced off his head in one clean cut, it took a moment before the blood started flowing from his body but when it did she made sure to bathe in it.

Standing alone, covered in blood, the katana girl looked over to Katos. He had been watching everything unfold from where he had been in the beginning. Not moving a single step nor getting any blood on him.

"Well? I've finished. Grant me my wish and restore this classroom and everyone back to normal, no memories of this cursed event." Waiting expectantly the katana girl watched as Katos didn't move.

"Hey-" she was cut off with a raise of his hand.

"Don't forget who you're talking to maggot." The katana girl shut up instantly. "Look, is everyone dead?"

"Yes?" not sure why he was asking she began having second thoughts.

"Wrong." He raised his hand and pointed to the corner where Reina had been hidden. Surprisingly it was the only area where there was no blood splattered everywhere, except for a frozen body.

"What do you mean?"

"Come out little wolf." From where Reina was hidden the objects around her were suddenly evaporated into dust and there she stood. Clean of blood and the horror that had just happened. The katana girl was puzzled by how she didn't notice her. She had sensed the thread boy's illusion the moment he put it up, the poison on the dagger lodged into the longsword girl, and the self-destruction trap the bow girl had set up to kill the thread boy when certain conditions were met. How had she not noticed this trembling girl in the back?

'Probably because she doesn't have any killing intent, I didn't register her as an enemy', by giving herself an excuse she dismissed the point that maybe the 'trembling' girl was actually stronger and more rational that she looks.

Reina shot Katos a glare. By calling her a 'little wolf' he had almost blown her act. Looking a bit displeased at how the katana girl missed it Katos silently sighed and shook his head. Relieved that she had missed it Reina relaxed a little bit.

"U-um…why, why is this happening?" *sniff* "P-please…please stop..." *sniff* "…all this killing…" Reina fell to her knees sobbing. Making sure to keep her scissors covered.

Katos could barely hold it together. He turned around and pretended to examine the decimated bodies of the other students. Shaking ever so slightly, almost unnoticeable but, Reina saw it and she knew the reason why he was slightly shaking.

"Katos, do I have to kill her?" the katana girl turned to face the same way as Katos.

"Uh-Yeah, she's in this classroom is she not?" annoyed he turned around and faced Reina. "I mean look at that 'terrifying' monster." The katana girl turned as well and looked at Reina's pink swollen puppy eyes and the tears that littered her face.

"What do you mean 'terrifying monster'?" The katana girl looked at Reina and suddenly an urge to protect her rose from within her chest. Seemingly to bloom out of nowhere. She gripped her katana and walked over to Reina. Seeing as she was coming closer Reina flinched and squeezed her eyes shut, covering her head with her hands. The tears never ending. Seeing this the katana girl's heart softened again.

"I won't be able to kill her." She let out a sigh. Pivoting on her heels she turned towards Katos. "Instead I'll fight you." Legs spread and katana pointing straight the fierceness in her eyes was replaced with the desire to protect. Seeing this Katos couldn't help but let out a stifled laugh.

"Do you think it's impossible for me to beat you?" the katana girl tightened her grip. "You think that this is funny?"

"Yes, I find this very funny. Much more than I thought that I would." Katos was grinning now. His eyes sparkled a little as he looked at the katana girl.

"Then let us be-" a sharp pain entered her side. "W-what?" she looked down and saw Reina's scissors in her side, blood flowing out. "I-I thought…you were...?"

"I'm what? Didn't everyone in the room get a weapon? Why let your guard down when it's possible that I could kill you?" Reina twisted the scissors and pulled them free. The katana girl leapt away from Reina. Her landing a little wobbly from the wound. Reina on the other hand was standing straight, jumping up and down lightly, and twisting her neck from side to side. It looked like she was getting ready to run a marathon, stretching, warming-up, and even taking the running position. The katana girl readied her stance which was more stable now. Reina kicked off from the ground and sprinted towards the katana girl. Waiting for her chance to strike, the katana girl, watched as Reina dashed from side to side getting closer and closer. When she was close enough the katana girl swung her weapon to where Reina would be next but Reina twisted her body like a snake and changed directions at high speeds. Coming directly towards the katana girl Reina could feel her instincts take over as she did things she never knew she could do. Her hands reached for her scissors in one hand while the other grabbed one of the katana girl's arm, twisting it behind them and making the katana girl drop her weapon. Grunting the katana girl tried to struggle free and succeeded.

In their tussle Reina had managed to kick away the katana but, she also made sure not to let the katana girl chant and summon it. Throwing a left hook the katana girl didn't stop for a moment, dodging the blow like a feather Reina returned the left hook with a roundhouse kick knocking the katana girl down. On her knees the katana girl struck out her legs and swiveled her foot, trying to trip Reina. Flipping backwards Reina had the katana behind her and the katana girl in front of her. Crouched down Reina shot out like a bullet towards the katana girl throwing kick after kick , punch after punch. The side wound was taking it's toll on the katana girl as she gradually got slower and her breathing becoming ragged. Reina was hoping on her feet, always moving.

"Well? Got anymore fight?" Reina mocked the katana girl by turning around and tapping her butt at the katana girl. Taking this chance the girl dashed forward hoping to catch Reina off guard and thrust out a flat palm, capable of cutting into rocks like butter. Reina didn't even look behind her as she twisted her arms around the other girl's. She stuck her knee out and pulled the katana girl that way, tripping her. With her back to the floor the katana girl tried to reverse Reina's grapple but failed. Reina took out her scissors and twirled them around in a split second and jabbed them into the katana girl's left eye. Curling her body the katana girl used her feet to push Reina off of her, using that momentum she rolled backwards and stopped in a crouch. One hand went to her eye, warm blood flowed from her eye socket and her left eye ball was still connected to Reina's scissors. Reina swung her scissors to fling off the eyeball. As the eyeball hit the floor it bounced a bit before sliding further away on the bloodied floor. Again Reina was jumping lightly, flexing her fingers and stretching her legs. The katana girl saw a dark glint to her right. This time Reina charged forward, faster than before. Dodging to the right and rolling the katana girl's hand closed against a familiar hilt. Still crouched she stayed low and dashed, letting her blade swing out in front of her. Reina jumped backwards. As her feet touched the ground she launched herself toward the katana girl scissors bared. The katana girl swung her blade at Reina but her scissors parried the blade.

"These aren't so bad." Closing the distance between them in another step Reina brought the scissors close and stabbed the katana girl's chest. Falling backwards the katana girl brought the hilt of the katana to block the incoming scissors. Mid thrust Reina suddenly changed directions, a sharp 90-degree turn brought Reina's scissors into the katana girl's right leg. Jabbing through flesh Reina twisted her scissors inside of the katana girl's leg to make the wound bigger. Reina jumped backwards avoiding the katana. A wound appeared on her check as a small line of blood trickled down. Reina reached up and touched her cheek, warm blood covering her fingers. She became excited.

"Come on, done already? I was just warming up." Reina mocked again. The katana girl didn't react to Reina's mockery this time. She readied her stance, slightly crouched with her blade raised and pointing towards the floor. Looking like a still mountain Reina too the offensive again. As Reina moved towards the katana girl she kept her movements random. To the left, right, a feint, left, she moved forward. The katana girl's eyes followed Reina wherever she went. She slashed to her right and there was Reina. Reina had used her scissors to block the blade and instantly used her other hand to jab into the katana girl's leg wound. Wincing the pressure on Reina's scissors lifted slightly and she slid her scissors against the blade coming closer to the katana girl. Stopping at the hilt Reina's scissors seemed to come alive. Like a snake it wound around the guard, over her arms, and towards her face. The katana girl barely had time to flick her head away from the scissor's open blades. One blade missed but the other gouged into her flesh and continued straight through, cutting her ear in half horizontally, and leaving a nasty wound on the katana girl's face.

With half of her face covered in blood and the numbing pain in her ear the katana girl let go of her katana and slipped away from Reina. Putting distance between them she covered her leg like a wounded animal, frenzied and scared. Sweat formed on her forehead. She hadn't felt fear fighting anyone else, even when she was surrounded by people she was calm but, every inch of her body was screaming at her to run away, to not fight. The katana girl shook her head and steadied herself.

'What would all this killing mean if she just gave up at the end?'. Her eyes full of conviction she readied herself for Reina's next attack. A flash of light to her right caused the katana girl to stiffen and as she was turning to face the right a black shadow leapt at her from the left. Without her left eye she had a huge blind spot but the katana girl had been prepared. Feinting to look at the right she shifted and whipped her body around to parry against an attack but nothing came. The attack to the right had been Reina. Seeing as how her distraction worked Reina collided with the katana girl's back, pushing her to the floor and grabbing both hands behind the katana girls back. As her face violently crashed into the floor the katana girl's nose broke and blood began to fall from it, dripping to the floor. The katana girl struggled but Reina's iron grip was impossible to escape from a second time. Realizing that it was futile the katana girl stopped resisting.

"Kill me. I have lost." The katana girl resided to her fate. Reina was victorious.

"Sure." Without pausing for another moment Reina's scissors pierced the katana girl's neck, breaking through to the other side. Soft gasping noises whistled out of the girl's throat. Twitching, her body struggled to breath, then she went still. Sliding her scissors from the other girl's throat she wiped the blood on the katana girl's body. As she stood up she looked at Katos.

"Now what?" Katos looked at Reina full of curiosity.

"What was your weapon?" he eyed Reina up and down. Only seeing that she had a big pair of black scissors in one hand. "Don't tell me it's those large scissors?" Reina shrugged and nodded. "Great! That's great. Oh man!" Katos hugged his stomach and continued to laugh. He bent over, with a hand covering his mouth, his laughs still audible. "Y-your wish?" He barely got the words out in between breaths of laughter.

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