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Brutal Journey of an Unfortunate Female Heroine
Author :Yuyumamoru
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3 The Fight Continues

A few moments before the longsword girl fell over another girl in the corner next to Reina's was drawing her weapon. It was a beautifully made silver and aqua colored bow with white feathers at the tips. The thin bowstring glinted in and out of sight as the girl moved her bow from side to side. Where are her arrows, was the only thought in Reina's mind but as soon as she thought it the girl holding the bow pulled the bowstring and drew the bow. Small particles of ice flowed to the tip of her bow and formed an arrow. Looking at her Reina couldn't help but think that her pose looked like those of professionals, no wobbling or trembling. As steady as a rock she held the drawn bow and released the arrow towards the longsword girl. A moment later the arrow made contact with the longsword girl's head and with the power and momentum of the arrow her head was torn from her body, flying past Katos and hitting the whiteboard. The longsword girl's head had frozen on impact from the arrow and when it crashed into the whiteboard it shattered into chunks. Her eyes falling out and rolling on the floor, one of them splitting in half. The blood wasn't a liquid but frozen solid. Her skull smashed against the pressure and frozen bits of brain fell to the floor.

All eyes were on the bow girl. Quickly she drew her bow again and this time three arrows formed on her bow. Without waiting another beat she released the arrows and once again a head was flying to the whiteboard. The other two arrows had been either deflected or shattered. As she reached for her bowstring again a rain of multiple small daggers flew her way. Not knowing why but the bow girl followed her instincts and drew her bow, crouched down, and pointed her bow at the floor. As she finished a thin ice barrier quickly formed in front of her blocking the daggers. The boy who had threw the daggers dashed towards the bow girl covering her vision with an endless barrage of daggers. A smug smile formed on the boy's face as he closed the gap between them. Coming at a diagonal angle he was about to strike her but when he came close to the bow girl she whipped her body to the side and pointed her bow at him. In the next moment her shield disappeared, she let go of the arrow that had taken its place. One second the boy was about to land a blow on the bow girl the next he was sent flying backward and crashed into the windows near where Reina was. The ice arrow let off cold steam as the boy's chest froze. With his last breath he tilted his head to the right and saw Reina. His eyes glanced at her and a look of question filled his face as it slowly froze over. Frost accumulated on his cheeks and on his eyelids, making him look like he had just been sleeping in the snow, but Reina knew that he had died.

Everywhere else in the room students were fighting amongst each other, following their instincts and fighting like they had wielded their weapons for years, the intense battles continued in different areas of the room. Blades clashed and clinked together. Sparks of fire and ice flew upwards as weapons of different elements clashed. On the other side of the room three students were at a standoff. One boy held a flaming lance, crouching slightly, and eyeing the others. The girl to the left of him was holding a short sword and a shield, her shield was raised to cover her chest area while her sword was pointed outwards against her shield. She was slightly crouched as well. The last of the three in the standoff was a boy who stood lazily. His shoulders slouched, his circular weapons were down by his sides. He leaned against the wall, watching as the other two eyed him and each other. The boy leaning against the wall shifted slightly and the girl holding the short sword dashed forward, covering the five-meter distance in a split second, and thrusting her short sword forward, lowering her shield. Though his reaction time was slow the lance boy still managed to bring the shaft in front and parried the blade. Knocked backwards slightly the girl landed on her feet and using the momentum she bent her knees down and, like a frog, used the pressure to bounce back towards the boy holding the lance, faster than her dash before. Caught off guard the lance boy stabbed toward the floor rapidly while dashing backwards. His back hit the corner suddenly and the abrupt stop caused his arms to jerk to a halt. In that moment the girl who had been using her shield to block the wave of attacks used her shield to push the lance away from the boy with an abrupt jab. The lance boy could do nothing as his lance was shaken from as his hands and fell away from him. He tried to reach for it but in the corner of his eye he saw the girl with the short sword there. It was like time had stopped. There was the girl, hovering mid-air, holding her sword in her right-hand mid-swing, her blade seemed to glow white. The fierceness in her eyes, the way her hair released droplets of blood when she moved, she was full of nothing but the instinct to win, scared the lance boy froze, like a deer caught in headlights. Time restarted, and the girl finished her swing. Neatly slicing the lance boy's head off in one clean cut. As the girl landed softly the head rolled to the floor. The headless body leaned against the corner, sliding slowly to the floor, blood gushing from the neck and covering the rest of the body with a blanket of blood. The head rolled and revealed a frightened face. The eyes wide and his pupils rolled into his head, the smallest bit of his pupils could be seen near the top of his eyes. His mouth wide open from fear, it seemed like a scream would come from it at any moment but nothing did. As his body slipped to the floor it twitched slightly in rough jerky movements before stopping fully.

The girl with the short sword swung her blade at the floor, a line of blood splattered where she swung her sword. Her blade now clean she resumed her slightly crouched defensive pose and turned towards the boy who still leaned against the wall. Having witnessed her terrifying speed and ruthlessness the boy leaning on the wall wasn't fazed. He didn't even flinch when the girl dashed towards him shield first. Dodging to the right, away from the wall, he twisted his body inhumanly and flung his circular weapons from both hands and let them rip through the air towards the girl's torso. A wicked smile appeared on his face. After missing her shield rush she continued to charge forward and with a twist of her ankle she pivoted using the force from rushing forward and blocked the incoming projectiles. The force behind the circular blades more than what it looked like. With her shield raised she was pushed back two meters from her initial pivot point. The circular weapon cut into the shield slightly and continued to push against her. The short sword girl flung off the circular blades with the same jab she had used against the lance boy. The blades flew off her shield and without waiting another moment she kicked off from the ground towards the boy. As she rushed him again she looked up and saw him smiling face. A twisted smile that seemed to say, 'checkmate'. Brushing off the warnings her body sent her she continued to charge forward, faster than before. The boy brought both hands to his face and grabbed the air. His fingers bleeding, his blood traveled on invisible lines, going down in multiple directions and to the sides as well. By the time that the girl noticed that she had been caught in a trap it was already too late. Thin silk like string had been strung all over the area around the boy, when he had pulled on the point where they all crossed the trap tightened and the charging girl found cuts all over her body. Stopped in place by the thread she struggled but it was futile since the string would just tightened as she moved. The boy twitched his ring finger and his dual circular blades returned to his hands. Felling the comfort they gave him his face eased just a bit. Glancing at the bleeding girl he twitched his left pinky and the thread around her hand which held her sword narrowed in an instant. Her fingers severed in a second, then her hand fell to the floor in chunks. Clean straight cuts on the bone and flesh slowed the pain by a millisecond before the girl felt it.

Her high-pitched scream filled the room, stifled sobs escaping every now and then. She tried to move her fingers, hoping that they were still there but all that moved was her nub of a hand, back and forth spitting blood with every movement. Tears mixed with snot filled the girls face.

"I'll kill you!" she screamed at the boy. "I tear your f***king flesh off! You hear me!?" Insult after insult, her rant went on and on until the boy grew tired,

"Hey, how does it feel to lose a tongue?" Her eyes widened. Before she could say anything her toung was lifted, thin string slowly tightening around it.

"Pwes, pwes, d-" A moment later her toung fell, but the boy had not decided to spare her tongue, instead he cut it off, completely. Blood pouring from her mouth she screamed in agony thrashing her head side to side, which only lead to more pain as the stings tightened more and more. Gagging she choked on her tongue and the clogged up blood in her mouth. Her face turning deathly pale as her eyes slowly rolled into her head. After a few more moments of struggling blood dribbled from the corners of her eyes and nose. Her face no longer pale but a sickening blue.

"Aw, what could be better." The boy said as he reached a hand out towards the girls face, gently caressing the girls cold blue face, brushing her slick blood drenched hair off her eyes.

"Beautiful. Exactly as I imagined." The pleasure in his voice made others stop their battles to stare at the girl's hanging corpse. The boy reached two fingers out and the girl's body lifted off the ground, her arms stretched out like a cross. Her legs and feet bound together as one she hung there in the air like an angel except in the next moment the boy clenched his fists. The body twisted and bent in odd angles. Seeming to want to roll into itself. Broken bones pierced through her cold flesh and blood slowly poured out. Her arms and legs had chunks sliced off, those chunks of fell to the floor and splashed blood around.

With a grin too big for his face the boy turned around and bowed deeply to the remaining students. Unable to hide his excitement he looked up and said with a big smile,

"Who's next?"
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