The man continued in silence.

"This here if a very fine example of what not to do." He said as he walked over to the headless body. Kicking it so that it was facing the ceiling his foot lingered above the body and as if finally deciding something he began to repeatedly to stomp on the headless body. Each foot landing with a whump sound. Again and again, whump, whump, whump. As he stomped blood splattered everywhere. It sprayed out to the sides, in the air, and yet not a drop landed on the man, even his shoes were spotless. Cracks were heard as the ribcage was broken. As if he wasn't satisfied he stomped on the arms and legs, anyplace that still looked like it wasn't broken he stomped. By the end the body was a clump of flesh, sharp white bones sticking out at weird angles covered in blood. Mangled arms and legs made it hard to tell which was which. The internal organs escaped from one side of the lump and sloshed on the floor, sliding slightly whenever the man stomped. Crushing all the bones in the body he stopped and with a satisfied look in his face he looked to the trembling crowd.

"Well, wasn't that fun?"

When he spoke the other students, as if awoken from a trance, ran and screamed. Rushing to the doors, shoving and pushing each other. Knocking each other down and pounding at the doors. Reina stayed still in the back corner, trying to be as unnoticeable as possible. Students who hadn't barfed retched over and added to the awful smell in the room.

"Oh disgusting." And with those words he snapped his fingers again and the people barfing exploded. Blood, barf, shards of bone, flesh, and organs covered the room. Showering the rest of the students with blood and bits of flesh. The ceiling began to drip blood like it was raining. Five people dead instantly. Unable to understand how the man did that panic and chaos erupted in the remaining students.

"H-help me!" A few of the girls cried.

"Let us out!" "Please spare us!" were the responses of others.

Their frantic screaming and pleading made Reina pity them. Idiots, as if he would let you off if you asked him, she thought to herself. Without so much as a glance he hummed to himself and walked to the front of the whiteboard. His slow and steady steps drew the attention of everyone and their eyes followed him as he reached the front of the class. He drew a breath,

"Ignorant sheep! Tremble and cower for you have the opportunity to change your pathetic lives. Abandon this dull garbage world and take this chance to actually become someone. To become something worth remembering. I am an ultimate existence, far more superior to you feeble humans. You who is incapable of understanding my greatness." His voice echoed and rang in everyone's eardrums.

"W-what do you mean? Can't you just let us go... Why us?" A feeble voice said. In the sea of faces and bodies it was hard to see who had said it but when those words left that person's lips their fates were sealed.

Smiling wickedly the man bursted into laughter. His laughter was by no means cheerful, it was full of evil intent and made others uncomfortable.

"Let you go? Now why would I do that? No, what would be more fun was if you all killed each other. Now wouldn't that be fun?" The excitement in his voice filled the room and an eerie silence fell over the room.

"Wait, wait, wait… I went in the wrong order… Hmmm… Ah!" *ahem* "My name is Kiyu because later in your life I'll 'kill you'…" As he finished he striked a pose with his fingers pointing out and a goofy face. No one said anything. Straightening himself out he stopped and ran his hand through his hair. "Wait, wait, that wasn't it… what was it again… game, game, game…Ah!" Everyone in the room flinched as he suddenly raised his voice. "My name is not Kiyu, pfft, it's ******, wait, you won't be able to understand... hmmm... so troublesome, just call me Katos. I came here to inform all of you that you were selected to have a death battle with each other. Winner gets a chance to become whatever they want or have their wish granted. Now you may all proceed to kill each other." He waited expectantly for someone to move but no one did.

"What if… what if we don't p-" Before the words left the girls mouth she was split down the middle. Her eyes half closed, like she was in the middle of blinking, stared at nothing as each half of her body fell apart. When her halves hit the floor her brain jiggled out along with her intestines, liver, and all of her bodily fluids in her stomach, making the room have a sour like smell. Blood pooling around her two halves silence filled the room once more, it was so silent that people thought that they could still hear her heart beat it's last beats before it stopped fully, never to beat again.

"People, people how many times must I show you that there was never an option?" Clicking his tongue he shook his head ever so slightly, as if scolding a misbehaving child. "Here, weapons. Each item is very strong so I suggest you finish this quickly, I have other things to do." With a snap of his fingers weapons of different styles and lengths appeared in everyone's hand. Some had short swords with different designs and blades. Other had things like spears and javelins. Some had daggers and an assortment of projectiles too. Reina looked in her hand as a cool weight suddenly appeared in it. Hers was a bit strange. They looked like scissors but she couldn't have possibly have gotten scissors as a weapon. Not when everyone else had things that looked like actual weapons. Compared to the others her scissors were an ebony color. No fancy designs, no flashy ribbons, just a big pair of scissors. They were about the length of her finger tips to the middle of her arms. They were bigger than normal scissors but, they felt right in her hands, like they were a part of her except for the fact that they had just appeared. Except their length and how they felt that was all she found special about them.

Around the room people were fascinated by the weapons they held. Some looked at them with awe while others just stood dumbfounded. For a moment they forgot about the blood stained room they stood in, the mysterious man near the front, and the dead bodies of their fellow students. One girl couldn't take it anymore and threw her coral colored blade at the air. As soon as she let go it erupted into flames. A slash of coral flame burst forth and landed on a boy opposite from her. He instantly caught flame and began screaming. His screams of anguish and terror filled the room. All eyes were on the burning boy as he writhed and stumbled a few steps, he stumbled onto a desk holding himself up and reaching out to the girl who had let go of her weapon. Unable to speak any words, much less make a noise, he finally, as if giving up, collapsed onto the floor. When the smoke cleared and the flame had gone out completely his burnt face could be seen. His charred skin peeled back as his veins and tendons were exposed. His thin layer of pink and black flesh clung to his bones making him look like a mummy. His eyes nothing but black charred holes in his skull, all of his hair gone. His body began to pus and ooze out yellow liquid onto the floor, becoming like an adhesive and melding his flesh to the floor. The smell of burnt flesh added to the vile smell of the room, becoming more and more unbearable. Some students thought that if hell had a smell it would be close to this.

Soon the others reached for the coral blade, their faces filled with greed. Letting go of their own weapons and reaching for the coral blade. The three people who grabbed the blade erupted into flames as well. Their bodies burning and exuding pus just like the previous boy.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." The girl said repeatedly. She fell to her knees and curled up into a ball, as small as possible, and began rocking herself. She cried softly, becoming scarred for life. A very short life in fact. Someone moved and screamed. It was a girl who held a longsword, wielding a weapon almost as large as herself she swung it relatively easily as she curved the blade toward the crying girl. Shifting her face up she saw the girl who was screaming and a face filled of relief the head of the crying girl was sent flying as the blade easily cut her body in two. The girl wielding the longsword let out a painful laugh. Her mind descended into madness as she had just killed her best friend who had killed the love of her life. Trembling and crazed she pivoted and lashed out at the students remaining.

"I'll kill each and everyone of you! I'll resurrect my beloved and live happily! Happily!" Laughing like a maniac she slashed randomly, trying to hit anything. "And you!" she pointed her sword at the man standing in the front. "I'll torture you until the brink of death. I'll make you wish you were dead a thousand times over. I'll tear your guts out while you're alive and let you watch as I feed them to dogs and when you're about to die I'll painfully mince your limbs starting from the end up. Your head will be adorned on a spike while your flesh rots from maggots!" The other students ducked and dodged trying to avoid the reach of her longsword. Two students were unable to react in time as one had her stomach split open while the other was about to have his body cleaved in two. Blood gushed from the wound and the girl's mouth. Clutching her stomach together to prevent her intestines from slipping out she threw a dagger at the girl wielding the longsword. Incapable to dodge mid swing the dagger lodged itself swiftly in her side releasing an ice cold into the girls body from the blade. Feeling weak the girl who threw the dagger fell face first and died. Another pool of blood formed around her. The second person who received the longsword was about to be split in half from the chest up but the dagger caused the longsword to lose momentum as her arms faltered. The longsword became half lodged in the boy's body. His right arm fell to the floor with a thud. Blood flowed from his fallen arm and his wounds, the sword in his body shifting slightly as it moved towards his heart. With his last rush of adrenaline he gripped the javelin in his left hand and stabbed diagonally towards her heart. His javelins tip was designed to tear through flesh easily but was hooked at the end making it hard to pull out. Feeling the pain she finished her swing and the longsword cut through the boy effortlessly. His head and shoulder falling to the floor while his body stood for a second and then fell. Another pool of blood formed in the classroom. Panting the girl with the longsword glared at the man in the front using her sword to steady herself. The javelin which hung from her chest made it hard to stand up while the dagger in her side caused her breathing to become hoarse. As she took a strained step forward a soft thwunk sound followed by a light whizzing sound closed in on the girl. Barely reacting fast enough she whipped her head towards the sound and then nothing.

All was silent and dark. It somehow felt very comforting and cozy. Embracing the tiredness of her body and falling into an eternal sleep the girl with the longsword died.