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18 Teaching skye ki

Once I fly off scene I instant transmission to skye.

"Hey, where were you. Did you hear about what happened in New York. Is that why you moved me hear."

"Calm down skye... I was in New York helping out."

"What?!?! are you injured..."

"Are you crazy? Do you know who I am? None of those peasants could scratch me"

"Alright mr. confidence"

I look at her and chuckle. Not because of her stupid joke. But because of how worried she was.

"So skye...."


"In about 2 years... I'm going to be leaving earth."

"Wait, what?"

"Before you ask... yes, there is life out there besides us...."

I put my arms around her. Then put my hands around her mouth to block the flurry of questions.

"So, I am going to be teaching you how to fight before I go."

I release my hands and she looks back at me confused.

"You will be operating my company from now on. And I won't be here to protect you anymore."



I put my finger over her mouth

"Get some rest"

* 1 year later

I have been putting skye through intense training ever since the day I got back. She has been running through forests, up mountains, across plains. Pretty much, everywhere around the world. Her ki has reached the level where it seems 5 times an average person. That should be around a power level of 50.

"Alright skye your intense training is over."


She throws her weighted vest off and plops on the ground. I then touch her by on the shoulder and instant transmission her back to the vacation home in California.

"Alright... the next part of your training will be controlling your ki. First I will teach you how to feel your ki. I want you to sit down in a meditative pose like this."

I sit down cross cross and she copys me.

"Now... what I want you to do is meditate until you can feel a warm feeling in your stomach."

*10 minutes later

"Wait I think I can feel something"


"Wait... no"

"Fuck you"

*1 hour later

"So it's a warm feeling in your core right?"


I say annoyed.

"I swear if you are playing with me... you don't even want to know."

"I'm serious this time"

"If you are then stand straight up and try to push that warm feeling to your feet."

Skye stands up and focuses. She then begins to float. After a while she stops and falls to the ground drowsily.

"Good, atleast you weren't fucking with me for the 7th time"

I then take her to the bedroom and let her get a good nights rest.

"Well... this proves my point. Regular people can learn ki. Just imagine it. Well now it's time to switch to Kami's training"