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Not knowing what to do, Broly decided to sit down cross-legged and dive deeper into his body and observe the reason why he can't compress the energy.

He kind of expected some problems otherwise he wouldn't have removed himself from the near periphery of Namek, but now he had to figure out what was wrong before he could proceed.

Since his body was several times larger than his base, it would take more time to sense every change and bits of energy.

Through the rough first analyzation, he didn't find anything wrong, now he would examine his body in precise detail.

With this some days has passed before he figured out what was wrong. After coming to the realization, he only slapped his own forehead. He already knew how to achieve Super Saiyan 4. It was to fuse his Super Saiyan with his Oozaru powers.

Usually he would transform into a Super Saiyan and then use his Oozaru powers in the form of Ikari to stack them on top of each other.

Now he had transformed into an Oozaru and then stacked Super Saiyan on top of it. Obviously, this wouldn't give him the form he wanted.

From what he had seen in the series was that Goku had first transformed into an Oozaru and then Super Saiyan, afterwards he somehow was able to combine them and achieve that form.

He had to have forced these two powers together. Afterwards he had probably used them together right from the start, which is probably a level higher on the difficulty scale.

So instead of compressing the energy, he had to fuse them.

Broly tried to discern these two powers. It took him a few more days until he finally had a vague grasp on the two powers that were slumbering deep inside. With his control over ki and over his body he guided these two powers into each other.

They were repelling each other, and a tremendous amount of pain followed with every step he went by forcing them together.

It was like forcing two magnets of the same polarity together, just that these magnets were able to destroy planets with ease.

He concentrated so hard that he was once again covered in sweat. He was straining his muscles so hard that some blood started leaking out of his closed eyes and ears. The more sensitive muscles in his body started tearing apart due to his extreme effort to combine these powers and it showed effects. Indeed, his giant Oozaru form showed signs of shrinking.

However, already at the start of the transformation, Broly lost the control of one of the powers and it was practically flung out of his grasp. The two powers immediately shot out and rampaged in his body, triggering the remaining energy as well.

He instantly reverted back to his base form and spat out a mouth full of blood. He could feel several ruptures inside him. His organs were in a bad state and his whole body gave him the illusion of trembling.

He couldn't control his ki at all in the moment. Even worse was the fact that he couldn't even hold up the technique that he was using to be able to survive in space and he was currently on a planet without an atmosphere.

It didn't take much energy to keep that technique going and to Broly it was almost as natural to use as walking but now he was in a state where he couldn't even get up. It was like he was completely drunk without being able to function even in the most basic way.

His head started to feel dizzier as the lack of oxygen was getting to him. He tried to move but all his muscles were on the verge of tearing apart, but he knew that he had to do something. Without bothering to move, he started to use his telekinetic abilities to guide a healing capsule into his mouth.

The energy of it directly started healing the wounds that were being caused, but it wasn't able to calm down the energy inside. Broly again threw another healing capsule and felt relieved seeing the energy lose momentum.

Now he was able to use his magi and lifeforce to supply his body with the basic energy it needed to function while also calming down the rampaging energy. He wasn't in a life-threatening state anymore.

After another three healing capsules, he was able to force his energy to calm down completely and heal his body considerably.

He laid down on the cold ground and started thinking about the failed transformation. He couldn't help but smile. The repulsion that the two energies were producing increased as they got closer to each other.

Through the repulsion, he got some insight on how much power he would gain. The moment he goes Super Saiyan 4, he would be officially a god tier level even without his soul.

He also now knew what one needed to have to achieve that form

An absolute control over one's energy and body, consciousness, an extraordinary firm will and a strong body that could actually sustain the process of transformation.

Since his energy was far more violent than Goku's, he needed an even better control than him, which would be incredibly hard to achieve. Normal ki control training wouldn't cut it, but didn't he just find out the perfect ki training?

What was a better way to train to achieve a transformation, other by trying it over and over again? He didn't need to forcefully proceed the transformation but could stabilize it in that extreme state until he was comfortable to fuse it further.

He would take step after step until he could handle all the energy with its repulsion. After he was done, his control would even exceed that of Goku's after he achieved Super Saiyan 4 or the Full Power version of it.

Although he knew how to proceed, he was already recovering on this planet for over a week and it would be soon time to state his wish. He didn't proceed his training and teleported back to the moon that revolved around Namek.

When he arrived, he saw several spaceships landing on the planet. In fact, there were already several stationed on the ground.

"Does someone covet my wish?" Broly frowned. He already waited for several months to lend the Dragon Balls and now some people were landing on Namek. He didn't think that anyone knew of the Namekian Dragon Balls. Maybe they were after something else, but what if they accidentally killed the creator?

Without thinking further, he directly flew towards the densest crowd on that planet. He was able to see that several Namekians were cornered in one area while some were lying dead on the ground, which looked like the warriors amongst them. It seemed even they weren't capable of fending these soldiers off.

"Hm? They again?" Broly recognized a symbol on one of the devices that one soldier was holding. It was the Universal Intelligence symbol.

Suddenly that device was destroyed, and the soldier was then scolded by his commander. It seemed like that idiot brought some company property with him on an undercover mission.

Broly was astonished to see such an idiot in an obviously elite team.

The Universal Intelligence probably heard of the Namekians Dragon Balls and wanted to use them to find the Super Dragon Ball that Broly had hid.

He had also thought of that method of using the wish to directly find the Super Dragon Balls but there was a reason why Broly suspected that it wouldn't work. He himself was able to extract himself from the normal Dragon Balls influence.

If he wanted to, he could use magic to hide himself completely. Of course, the dragon could see in the past and determine his position before he hid himself and if he could do that the creator could as well.

If the creator, Zalama, didn't want the probably most powerful objects in the multiverse to be found easily, he would have some countermeasures.

This once again showed the brilliance of Bulma who was able to determine the locations through technology, something even the greatest magicians and the gods of destruction wouldn't necessarily be able to.

All said and done, he would still try that wish himself otherwise he would just go to Champa's planet.