Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
40 Art is Explosion
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Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
Author :Username_unknown
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40 Art is Explosion

Akatsuki was an organization that had members coming from different villages. And while all of them were strong, besides Pain, Obito and Itachi none of the members were strong enough to go against a village.

Besides the three, the rest could be counted as slightly strong Jounins that were hard to fight against. But Naruto, Kakashi, and Guy were fighters belonging to Hokage class maybe even higher. Sure Kakashi seemed a little unnoticeable compared to Guy and Naruto but Kakashi made up for it due to his intelligence and experience.

Compared to characters like Naruto, Hashirama, Pain, Obito, Kaguya, Kakashi seemed very lacking but these were characters that were favored by the plot. Kakashi was the guy who lost his all due to the plot and still remained fighting without showing his pain.

Kakashi was overshadowed by Naruto and other overpowered characters in the series but he was still one of the strongest characters in the series and a Hokage as well.

Deidara despite being one of the weaker members in Akatsuki his ability to create destruction wasn't anything less than other members and maybe it was slightly even higher. As Deidara started to fight against Kakashi, his C1 couldn't keep up with Kakashi's speed and hence activated his C2 creating a massive clay dragon and flew in the air to attack Kakashi from the air.

Kakashi started to jump around dodging the incoming missile from Deidara as he was helpless to fight against an airborne target.

"HAhahaa, My explosions are art. Let me show you one of my masterpieces." Deidara said the mouth in his hand spat out a clay shaped like a bird. Unlike his previous creations, the bird didn't move.

Deidara then tossed the bird towards Kakashi which grew in size after its launch turned into a 10ft tall clay bird. Deidara's C3 dropped down towards Kakashi like a nuke turning Kakashi pale. He was already having trouble dodging Deidara's C2 and now this was something he couldn't dodge.

"Kamui," Kakashi said as he was forced to use his Mangekyo Sharingan. The space in the middle of the bird collapsed turning similar to the black hole and swallowed the bird completely. Kakashi fell to his knees as he took a heavy breath.

The normal Sharingan was already taxing his chakra reserve and using Mangekyo Sharingan his Chakra Reserve was almost depleted.

"This damned eye again," Deidara said looking at Kakashi's Mangekyo Sharingan. He had already suffered defeat under a pair of eyes similar to Kakashi's.

"I have to admit that ability of yours is great but looking at your condition you can't do it more than a couple more times," Deidara said as took out more clay from his side pouch. "Too bad, I can create my art as much as I require."

"Now let me show you what true art is." Deidara's hand mouth spat out another bird.

"Shit, Kamui" Kakashi once again forced himself to cast another Kamui and this time he went for the hand before Deidara could throw his C3.

Space contracted near Deidara's hand and before he could fly away the Clay bird and one of his hand had disappeared. "Argh" Deidara jumped away from his C2 dragon and created a smaller bird that could carry him.

The Kamui swallowed the C2 dragon but Deidara managed to escape but barely. Blood dripped out from Kakashi's eye as he overused his Mangekyo Sharingan.

"Che, I was going to save this for Itachi but you leave me no choice Kakashi," Deidara said as he quickly started to chomp down more clay by his mouth directly. Seeing Kakashi was struggling to cast another one of his damned ability Deidara didn't wait around to let him recover.

"Ughhhhh" Deidara vomited out his white clay which slowly turned itself into his image forming a giant clone of himself. "Kats...."

"Sorry kid, you're a bit too young to play with explosives." Naruto appeared in front of Deidara in a flash and slammed his Rasengan into Deidara's heart.

Rasengan tore through Deidara's heart with his hand coming out of Deidara's left shoulder blade.

Deidara was focused on Kakashi hence he was caught unprepared by Naruto. "Ughh" Blood poured out of his mouth as he looked at the hand going through his chest.

Naruto didn't go easy on Deidara knowing how destructive C4 was. The only reason Deidara lost to Sasuke was plot armor and many agreed to this point including Naruto. Hence when he saw Deidara pulling out his C4 Naruto went full speed to stop the explosion.

"It's too late. Katsu" Deidara said his last words knowing his fate and gave his all to explode the C4.

But the explosion Deidara expected never happened. Deidara spent his last energy towards his C4 and saw 2 of Naruto's clone drowning his C4 in bolts of lightning.

Seeing he had failed Deidara closed his eyes fell from his clay bird already dead before he could die from the fall.

Kakashi shut his Mangekyo Sharingan seeing Deidara had died and looked towards Might Guy. Currently, Guy stood on top of broken wooden puppets, his skin had turned red as he had activated his 6th Gate of death in order to deal with Sasori.

Kakashi's match up with Deidara was unfair since Deidara could fly and remain outside Kakashi's range of attack. But unlike Kakashi, it was Akatsuki's turn to have an unfair match as Guy broke through Sasori's puppets with ease.

Sasori was a puppet and poison expert but his puppets were too fragile in front of Guy and Guy easily evaded Sasori attack not letting him use his poison either. Sasori looked with no emotion's as he barely had any but the crack's on his own puppet body could tell how he was feeling. Sasori ran around trying to dodge but he was not able to escape Guy.

"Asa Kujaku" Guy used sent countless kicks and punches in Sasori's body. His punches and kicks turned ablaze due to the sheer speed and friction creating a peacock-like fan of flames which was how the name of his technique came to be.

Under Guy's fierce attack Sasori's puppet body slowly shredded apart and soon his heart the only living part of his body got destroyed finally putting him out of his misery. The green blaze surrounding Guy faded away as he closed his gates of death after finishing his job.

With three of the Akatsuki dead Naruto and his group turned their eye towards Kakuzu who was fighting Six-Tails. Kakuzu was strong but he was lacking when compared to Six-tails. He jumped in front trying to display his annoyance but he got more than what he had bargained for.

Utakata was a guy who managed to defeat two of the 6 paths when he was attacked by pain. While it was only in a filler, the abilities of Tailed beasts only grew stronger with each increase in tails.

"Rwoarrr" Utaka let out a roar as he shredded one of the black figures wearing water mask sent by Kakuzu and launched himself towards Kakuzu ignoring other 3 black figures.

Just as Utakata was about to hit Kakuzu a plasma beam struck him down sending flying to the side. The black figures wearing Fire and Lightening mask had joined together and started to used combined attacks to amplify their damage.

"Alright, I need some help. Let's deal with this quickly." Kakuzu shouted out his call for help but turning around he saw three people that didn't belong to him. Kakuzu turned pale as he realized he was fucked seeing the dead bodies of Deidara and Sasori. As for Hidan, he had no idea if he was alive or dead.

Naruto and his gang's fight barely lasted 5 minutes and Kakuzu had been putting all his attention towards Six-Tails so he didn't sense the fight that was happening in his back. But seeing how quickly others were dealt with Kakuzu shook his head as he knew it wouldn't have made much difference.
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