Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
37 Land of Water
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Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
Author :Username_unknown
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37 Land of Water

Naruto was enjoying the gentle breeze on top of Hokage monument with Hinata on his lap. Naruto looked down to realize Hinata had fallen asleep with a smile on her face. There was a red area around her left eye slightly swollen due to the surgery but it would heal after some time.

Naruto had been blue balled for a week by Tsunade and Shizune and with Hinata sitting in his lap his desire slowly flared up. Girls and boys both matured early in the elemental world due to the abundant chakra and also due to the early training.

Hinata was the prime example as she already had a well-defined curve in her body and unlike Yugao Hinata held a cold and pure beauty. Hinata woke and saw Naruto staring at her with desire and couldn't help but blush a little.

Hinata pushed Naruto away and tried to escape but she was too late. She was pulled back to Naruto's embrace again and this time Naruto went for the lips. With one his hand holding her cheek and other pulling her waste Hinata were caught by surprise. A tongue invaded her mouth as she gasped for breath but slowly lost herself to Naruto's attack.

It wasn't long before she clumsily fought for dominance against Naruto's tongue as she wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck and pulled him closer. Naruto's hand started to explore Hinata's body as both of his hands caught her butt and started to fondle then to his heart's content.


As both teens were getting lost on their hormones someone coughed beside them to gain their attention. While Naruto was surprised but organized his thoughts quickly and calmly looked at the source of the cough. Hinata, on the other hand, turned stiff like a scared cat and buried her head on Naruto's chest refusing to show her face.

A Chunin was on the side trying to hide his embarrassment but stood erect on the side waiting for Naruto's response. "What is it?" Naruto asked slightly annoyed but he couldn't blame the guy since he was sitting on top of his father's head and making out with his girl. Any Chunin or above with sharp eye could witness their bold act.

"Sir, Hokage-sama has called for you." The Chunin answered.

"Anything else," Naruto asked again

"No, sir. I'll take my leave" The Chunin said quickly disappearing from the duo's sight.

"Hinata he left let's continue" Naruto teased seeing Hinata was still hiding her face.

"What do you mean by let's continue. Taking me to my home." Hinata said but her voice was no longer as cold. Naruto laughs and carried her standing up from his father's head and disappeared from the Hokage monument.

Naruto appeared inside Hyuga Residence where Hinata trained. Naruto gave a light peck on Hinata's lips and disappeared towards Hokage's office. Hinata stared at the empty space running her slim fingers over her lips dazed at what had just happened. She couldn't help but smile remembering today's incident and ran towards her room.

Inside the Hokage's Office

"God-father, Is something going on?" Naruto entered the office after a light knock on the door and asked.

"Yes, we just confirmed the location of 4 tails and 6 tails. The bad news is Akatsuki found their location before us and according to my sources, they have already acted on their part. Four-tails is at the land of Earth and Tsuchikage will not allow us to act there.

I sent the news to that old fool but I don't know if he'll act on time. Hopefully, we won't lose anymore tailed beast to Akatsuki." Jiraiya said smoking his pipe.

"And the Six tails" Naruto asked

"I heard its Jinchuriki ran killing his master. He is currently hiding in one of the islands near Land of Water. This is the last known position of Six tails." Jiraiya said pointing out an island on the map that was hung on the wall.

"So we are going for 6 six tails instead and leaving 4 tails up to his fate," Naruto asked again.

"We have no choice. Onoki is a stubborn fool who refuses to acknowledge the abilities of Akatsuki. He won't let us enter his territory. And the only reason we're going for 6 six tails is that the new Mizukage personally stepped forward to ask for cooperation.

I'll let to escape the details about politics but I want you to know Kirigakure is trying to enter a new era leaving behind their dark past. Let's just hope she can achieve her goal." Jiraiya said remembering the giant melons of the Fifth Mizukage.

"So when do I leave?" Naruto asked again knowing he was the one who was going to be sent for the mission.

Despite his young age, Naruto was without a doubt the strongest of his village stronger than both Jiraiya and Tsunade. And Jiraiya was aware of it and hence was confident in Naruto's ability.

"Tomorrow, and I'll be sending Guy and Kakashi with you just in case," Jiraiya replied

"I could be faster if I went alone but ok, It is better to be cautious. I'll take my leave now" Naruto said and left after taking the mission scroll from Jiraiya. The scroll held the minimap of Land of Water and its surrounding islands.

Naruto went to the market to buy items for his departure. Unlike how he went to Kumogakure, he'd be running alongside Kakashi and Guy. Naturally, they'd take more than a couple of days to reach the island and would be camping in the jungle for few nights if they didn't find any villages or towns on their path.

By the time he was done with his little shopping, the sun had already touched the horizon ready to disappear. Naruto quickly through the rooftops arriving at his home in little time. Naruto decided it was time for a nice cold bath after his little jog on his way home and entered the bathroom.

Humming a tune Naruto threw his clothes and entered the bathroom only to freeze in his tracks. In front of him stood a naked figure drenched in water with her blonde hair stuck to her skins. Naruto quickly covered his private parts but looking at the perky wet breast Naruto's little brother decided to peek out of his hands and greet the lady.

Similarly, Tsunade who just got out of the bath was looking for her towel when suddenly Naruto barged in humming a happy tune. Both continued a staredown competition halting their movements.

Naruto slowly calmed himself down and displayed his erect dragon to Tsunade and walked past her with a straight face and laid down on the bathtub hiding his body inside the water. Tsunade woke up from her daze and looked at Naruto who had closed his eyes ignoring Tsunade. His little brother showing his head above the water looking at Tsunade.

Tsunade was a 50-year-old woman who had experienced most of life had to offer but she suddenly realized she had yet to taste a boy younger than her. "Fuxk it," Tsunade said and walked towards Naruto not ashamed of showing her body to the little guy.

"Little guy, how about I help you take a bath?" Tsunade said in a soft voice putting both her hand on the side of the bathtub. Naruto gulped looking at the bare body of Tsunade and nodded his head in agreement.

Tsunade slowly entered the bathtub and laid beside Naruto looking at him with clear eyes. Naruto wanted to initiate but Tsunade grabbed Naruto by his balls halting his movement. "Whoa, little guy. I said I'll help you so let me help you." Tsunade said as she moved her figures sending shivers up Naruto's spine. This bath was definitely more than Naruto could have asked for.
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