Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
36 Bingo Book“s Recent Edition
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Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
Author :Username_unknown
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36 Bingo Book“s Recent Edition

Naruto decided to drop by Hokage's office to let them know he was ready for missions again so he let Tsunade and Shizune go home by themselves and changed his path. After getting to the Hokage's office, Naruto realized many Jounin's were gathered outside.

What surprised him though was how the Jounins opened up a path for him to pass through looking at him with various expression. Confusion, Fear and Respect was the most common one as Naruto entered Jiraiya room in confusion.

Naruto was pretty sure the incident that happened in Kumo would remain in Kumo all blocked by Kumogakure to save their faces so it was odd for the news to be here already and known by so many people.

Entering the office, Naruto saw Might Guy, Kakashi, Danzo, Ino-Shika-Cho trio and many other important figures of the village all gathered in a single room. With around 20 people in a single room, the big Hokage office had turned a bit crowded.

Naruto drew everyone's attention as he entered the room as the rowdy office quickly turned silent. "Let's sit in the conference room and have a proper discussion. We won't get anywhere with everyone shouting at the same time." Jiraiya said seeing everyone had turned silent and moved out ahead dragging Naruto as well.

"What happened? Did someone die or something?" Naruto asked in puzzlement as he was being dragged by Jiraiya.

"You're the one who created all this mess so why do you even ask?" Jiraiya said in irritation.

With everyone sitting in the conference room Naruto also sat down beside Jiraiya and looked at the projector screen in shock. The screen displayed his picture with some details about his abilities.

"Name: Naruto Namikaze

Age: 13

Class: S

Threat Level: Run at sight

Title: Yellow Nightmare

Known abilities: Nine-tails Jinchuriki with a perfect transformation

Flying Thunder God Technique

Sage Mode




"So as everyone can see this is the newest edition of bingo book from Kumo. Though it should a matter of celebration since we have managed to produce such prodigy, his little stunt has put other villages at guard." Jiraiya said eyeing at Naruto

"This isn't the only reason I've called for this meeting. I'd like everyone to know that the little mercenary group consisting of missing-nins known as Akatsuki have gotten their hands on one of the tailed beasts.

According to my spy network, they have started to hunt down other Jinchuriki and we have no idea which tailed beast they will go after next. More importantly, we all know how destructive Tailed Beasts are and them having one beast already puts us hidden village at danger.

So I'll try to negotiate other villages for a combined mission to hunt down Akatsuki before they get more tailed beasts under their hands." Jiraiya said bringing out a document and started to read the plans for future against Akatsuki.

Naruto was kind of surprised to see his Name on the bingo book and about the surname it probably A's doing thinking Naruto being Minato's son. While the initial attention was on Naruto the topic slowly changed towards Akatsuki making him feel out of place in the conference hall.

Akatsuki had started their plan earlier than in the series which a surprise to Naruto but be figured t was his doing as well since his ability had grown too much for Akatsuki to handle.

As Jiraiya finished his speech everyone remained silent thinking about the plan. "I think we can go ahead with your plan Hokage-sama though I doubt the other villages will agree for a combined mission. The combined mission has never gone well in the past and I'm sure they won't go well this time either. Besides with Naruto's identity leaked and his abilities discovered I think they'll be more warry towards us than towards Akatsuki." Danzo voiced out from the side after Jiraiya sat down.

"I'm not talking about allied forces or anything. I'll only inform them as a form of courtesy. If they agree then we'll naturally take their helping hands and if not we'll see how they are in terms with Akatsuki." Jiraiya replied

"How do we deal with them if they don't agree?" Danzo asked again thinking to was unnecessary to reach out for other villages to deal with Akatsuki.

"Akatsuki usually moves out with the two-man team, we will just pick those teams one by one. I wanted to gain other villages corporation since most of the tailed beasts are not in the Land of Fire."

Jiraiya answered

"Anything else?" Jiraiya asked again as he was irritated by Danzo's repeated question

"Yes, I want to have Naruto join Anbu. Since he is on the bingo book and also being hunted by Akatsuki he will be safer with us." Danzo said looking at Naruto.

"Don't bother, You can't afford my fees" Naruto answered before Jiraiya could deny the request put by Danzo. Danzo was pissed by how Naruto declined him but the boy had stated his thoughts and it was rude for him to argue with a kid with such huge crowd present.

After a few more hours of discussion and division of teams to hunt Akatsuki, the meeting finally ended. By the time Naruto got out of the office, it was already midnight. Looking at the full moon Naruto regretted coming to meet Jiraiya and hurried back home.

Next day was quite noisy as Jiraiya revealed Naruto identity as Minato's Son. This was a topic that was held on everyone mouth for more than a week as they were ashamed remembering how they had treated Naruto during his childhood.

Naruto didn't care much about how the villagers felt as he was busy with managing his house. Naruto had invited Tsunade and Shizune to stay with him for the night but the duo showed no sign of leaving. Although the residence could hold few more guest, it was unbearable for Naruto as he couldn't sleep with Yugao in peace.

The walls were thick in the house but Tsunade and Shizune being a high-level Shinobi, the faints sounds from Naruto's room were easily picked up by them. Although they didn't say anything Shizune started to tease Yugao for fun and then Naruto's nightmare began.

Naruto was kicked out of his room as Yugao was too embarrassed to sleep with Naruto. With him being unable to fulfill his desires Naruto was looking for a chance to send off Tsunade and Shizune but the duo didn't show any desire to leave. Since Naruto was the one who invited them, he couldn't just push them out of the house and could only accept the reality.

Aside from that Hinata had started to move around the house no longer wearing an eye patch as she had gotten her eye back but the mental scars remained. Naruto walked out of the house and went to visit Hinata as usual.

Arriving at the courtyard Naruto looked at the figure who was dancing around a wooden log sending fists and palms in a crazed manner. "Did the princess lose her doll or something? Why are you throwing your tantrum here?" Naruto asked landing beside Hinata.

"Hmph, Do I look like someone who plays with a doll?" Hinata replied coldly not even looking at Naruto.

"I think you should stop. You need to rest." Naruto said again not minding her cold tone.

"And I don't need you to tell me what I need," Hinata said as she threw a fist covered in purple chakra destroying the wooden log into bits. Naruto could see a vague image of a lion on the purple chakra.

Naruto went forward but was attacked by Hinata with her fist. He easily evaded her fists as she was too slow for Naruto. Naruto played around her for a bit but seeing she was about to activate her Byakugan he went forward and gave a little smack on her cheeks with both of his hand.

"That's enough, Take a break and don't ever try to used Byakugan before this month ends," Naruto said still holding on to Hinata's cheek with both of his hands. A tint of blush appeared on her face and tried to back off but Naruto pulled her into a hug.

Wrapping his arms around Hinata, Naruto hugged her from behind and disappeared from the courtyard. A few seconds later Naruto appeared on top of Hokage monument and sat down with Hinata on his lap. It was one of the places Naruto hung out with Hinata during his academy days.

Naruto didn't say anything and let Hinata struggle in his arm. Hinata face had turned as red as a tomato after finding out she was sitting on Naruto's lap. After struggling for full ten minutes she couldn't get out of Naruto's grasp and finally gave in and leaned back on Naruto chest closing her eyes in embarrassment.
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