Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
33 Change of Mindset and Worldly views
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Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
Author :Username_unknown
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33 Change of Mindset and Worldly views

With his little fight with Hinata Naruto went back home and took a cold shower after his long day. Yugao had yet to arrive from the Academy so he went to Minato's Secret Room and sat there letting various thoughts run over his mind.

First was his relationship between Hinata and Yugao. He loved Yugao and there was no need to doubt himself in that matter but Hinata was a different case. He knew Hinata would marry Naruto in the anime having kids later on but he was not that Naruto and this reality was not the same.

The only reason Naruto was unable to let go of Hinata was because of his attachment to her from the anime. Was it really love he didn't know but he did what he knew was he was not ready to let her go. 'Why can't I have them both?' This question hovered around Naruto's mind all the time as he watched Hinata slowly getting away from him.

Polygamy was not normal back on Earth but it wasn't rare either. There were countries that still practiced polygamy and kings from before had their own harems full of beautiful maidens. As he was thinking about harem, Naruto finally found out his hidden desire. Harem, he couldn't deny the fact he wanted it.

The only reason he denied it till now was that he feared it would upset Yugao. "I thought I already conquered my greed, it seems I'm far from it," Naruto said to himself as he started to meditate floating in the air.

In times like this, clearing such thoughts out of his head was the best course of action. With a few hours of meditation, Naruto walked out of the room feeling much better. Just as he got out of the study room the main door opened with Yugao walking in with groceries in her hands.

"Naruto, you're back. How did you mission go?" Yugao said in cheerful tone setting down the groceries in her hands and proceeded to hug Naruto.

Yugao went forward and sealed Naruto's lips but she found Naruto wasn't as active as yesterday. "What happened? Did something go wrong?" Yugao asked in concern as she looked in Naruto's eyes.

"No, it just that I have a lot of things running in my mind. Let's have dinner first and then we'll talk." Naruto said changing the topic and carried the groceries to the kitchen.

With Naruto helping in the kitchen the dinner was short and lovely and both came out after doing the dishes.

"Come rest your head here," Yugao said as she sat on the couch and patted her thicc thighs.

Naruto didn't deny as he slept on the couch using Yugao's thigh as a pillow. He let out a soft groan as Yugao ran her finger over his blonde hair massaging his temple. Looking at Yugao, Naruto could see endless love and care in her eyes.

"Come, tell me your worries. I'm a good listener." Yugao said with a smile trying to comfort Naruto.

"That... ugh where do I start?" Naruto wanted to tell his troubles with Hinata but he didn't know where to start.

"How about you start from Hinata?" Yugao said with a hint of sadness over her eyes.

"You know," Naruto asked in surprise.

"I watched you grow and I can read your face pretty easily. You like her don't you? I could see the care in your eyes when we went to meet her." Yugao said and got up riding over Naruto.

"I have always tried to see myself as your sister but with the passage of time, I couldn't. And I always thought you'd marry someone else and I'd watch you from the sides wishing you happiness. But I could hold back. I thought I'd be okay as long as I'm a part of your life. But I realized I wanted to think for myself and take what I want.

And I did just that. I took you and showed you, my love, and much I wanted you and wanted you to love me. So as long as you love me, I'm fine if you want more women. I am 23 and I joined the Anbu at a very young age.

I have learned a lot in my time there and one of that thing is with the power you can get what you want. If you suppress your desires they'll only burst out of you later on with serious consequences. So just accept your desires and but don't let it guide you." Yugao said in a soft voice as she started to kiss Naruto.

Under her soft voice, Naruto let out his desire and started to kiss Yugao. The slow kiss started to gain heat and Naruto flipped her pinning her down. Before they knew it, their clothes were on the ground and both fought their way towards the bedroom leaving a messy trail behind them.

In the bed, Naruto laid with Yugao and top of him both drenched in sweat as they had just finished their battle.

"Before you go and find Hinata, I want you to know that the seat of First Wife will belong to me," Yugao said in a charming tone sitting on top of Naruto. Her bare breasts laid in front of Naruto as they jiggled with Yugao's movement.

"Of course, my love. You'll be my First Queen." Naruto said as he ran his hand up her belly and grasped her right breast pinching her nipples. A soft moan escaped Yugao's mouth and she again mounted Naruto's erect dick. Her movement slowly increased along with her moans and it was a blissful night for both.

Next morning both woke up in each other's arms enjoying the warm embrace. The morning felt better as Naruto's mentality slowly grew hearing Yugao's suggestions. Naruto was not on earth and he could marry as many girls as he wanted as there wasn't any law against it. Furthermore, with his level of strenght, he was above the law and people couldn't deny that he wasn't.

With Yugao's permission, Naruto was ready to put Hinata on his lap, only if she wanted though. As much as he wanted to have her, he wasn't willing to force her to become his woman or girl as she was only 13 at the moment. Remembering her age he decided to save the conversation for later as it wasn't really appropriate to talk about being in a harem to a 13-year-old girl.

Before he talked about the relationships, Naruto decided to leave again and search for Tsunade to perform surgery for Hinata. Naruto left together with Yugao as they parted ways in the middle as Yugao went to the Academy while Naruto went towards Shukuba Town a pleasure district in Land of fire.

It held many hotels, brothels and most importantly gambling houses where Tsunade would spend most of her time. It was short distance travel from Konohagakure and it didn't take much time to reach there as Naruto was able to reach the town without flying in just a few hours.

With few directions from the locals, Naruto arrived at the biggest gambling house in the town. Despite being the middle of the day, there were countless people drinking and gambling here. With few whistles going here and there as were waitress in revealing clothing ran around delivering drinks and snacks.

Naruto moved around the place and ventured towards the private room where the real gamblers assembled. Naruto had transformed into an ordinary middle-aged man so he didn't draw any attention from the crowd as he moved through.

Checking from room to room, Naruto finally found Tsunade who was shaking the dice heavily with a smirk on her face. Most men were drolling as Tsunade's huge breast jiggled with her movement but none dare to act on their lust as they already knew what would happen if they acted on their primal desire.

By Tsunade's side, Shizune was looking at Tsunade in worry as she held Tonton Tsunade's pet pig. "Haaaa," With a loud cry Tsunade threw the dice and she lived up to her title as Legendary Sucker and lost once again. The crowd erupted in cheers as they dragged their chips towards their side.

"Tsunade-sama, that's enough for today. Let's leave now, we don't have much savings left." Shizune said from the side in worry as she watched Tsunade lose rounds after rounds. And the worst part was that the day had barely begun giving them a lot of time to gamble. Shizune was sure they'd become flat broke if this continued.

"Gentleman and Ladies, You don't mind if I join right?" Naruto said as he sat down placing a huge mountain of chips on the floor. Being a ninja, it was easy for him to grab few chips from the ordinary people without being caught and walking all the way to Tsunade, Naruto had enough chips to play few rounds with the Tsunade's gamble party.
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