Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
29 Training and Progress
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Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
Author :Username_unknown
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29 Training and Progress

A month had passed since Naruto found his Dad's secret room. Naruto put more priority on learning Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu and it took him three days it since he already knew Shadow Clone Jutsu.

Naruto's learning speed was a bit faster than most people and even the original Naruto but Space-time Ninjutsu was a pain in the ass. Naruto realized now why there were only a few people who specialized in this field.

Thankfully the scrolls left behind by Minato left detailed information about the technique. With 1000 of his clones working on the technique it took Naruto a whole month to learn the basic form of Flying Thunder God Jutsu.

He could teleport himself into the location of the Flying Thunder God seal but it was nowhere as instantaneous as Minato's. But the main problem for him was the headaches it gave him. His body was not used to such fast moment so it gave him a nauseating feeling every time he used the technique.

"Uhh, Fuck I hate this technique" Naruto laid in the ground clutching his father's kunai. He had managed to teleport twice in short burst of time but that left him completely exhausted as he felt the world spin around him.

Chakra expenditure was not a problem since with his Uzumaki bloodline he was blessed with a huge reserve of Chakra which was further boosted by Kurama and his Sage mood. The only thing that stood in his way of mastering the Technique was the splitting headaches it gave as a backlash.

Naruto returned home after the sun settled down in the horizon and faded away letting stars shine in the sky. Reaching home, he found Yugao in the kitchen preparing dinner for both of them.

Naruto went for a cold shower after greeting Yugao and came back washing away all his sweat from the training. Since there was no T.V and Phones Naruto found it hard to pass the time and went to the kitchen to help Yugao.

Looking at Yugao from the back working at the kitchen a fire burnt inside him as he remembered that night. A month had passed yet both acted as if nothing had happened. Naruto was 13 and soon reaching 14 in a few months. Though his body was a lot more mature for a 13-year-old boy.

With his hormones at the peak, it was hard to drive away his sexual urges and soon found it hard to resist his the orders giving out by his little brother.

Naruto sneaked his steps as he walked towards Yugao and hugged her from behind. Yugao shuddered for a moment but didn't resist as she leaned against Naruto.

"Naruto, what are you doing? I'm busy." Yugao said in a soft voice as she tried to pry open Naruto's hand.

"Yugao, I love you," Naruto whispered in Yugao's ear as and sucked on her ears and moved downwards kissing her the back of her neck.

Yugao turned off the gas as she turned around to kiss Naruto. Muffled moans filled the room as Naruto started to battle Yugao with the tongue for dominance. The battle that started in the kitchen ended in the bedroom as Yugao slept on top of Naruto with a satisfied smile.

"I still haven't received my answer. Are still going to stay silent." Naruto said as he grabbed Yugao's perky butt underneath the blank.

"What answer?" Yugao said as she drew circles around Naruto chest with her eyes closed enjoying Naruto's touch.

"I said 'I love you'. It is usually replied by saying love you too or something." Naruto said as he flipped Yugao and got on top of her.

"You already know the answer so why," Yugao said as she wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck.

"I want to hear you say it."

"Fine. I love you more." Yugao said as she pulled Naruto and again kissed him with a fiery passion.

"Mmm, Wait..." Yugao gave out a surprised moan as Naruto entered again as he began to move his hips.

"No, I love you more," Naruto said as he sped up his movement making Yugao cry louder with each thrust. Yugao responded with clamping her legs on Naruto's hips and pulling him closer.

A few hours later, both got out of bed and headed to the kitchen after a short shower. They had yet to have their dinner and with their little exercise, both of them felt the hunger like never before.

With their feelings cleared up, the awkward atmosphere was long gone replaced by a joyful conversation. Naruto helped clean up the dishes as they flirted during the time and soon headed to sleep. Unlike the other times, both slept in the same room and snuggled into each other's embrace.

The sun rose in its usual time and Naruto got out of the bed resuming his daily routine. Few hundred push-ups and sit-ups and a few rounds of laps around the village. He still needed to exercise to maintain his physic.

Naruto watched Yugao leave for the academy after breakfast and he went to his training field in the forest shortly after. He had already mastered Flying Thunder God Jutsu and all he needed to do was get used to the movements.

Since there wasn't much left to improve the technique, Naruto brought out a few scrolls belonging to Fuinjutsu and gave out to the different squads of his clones.

Practicing Flying Thunder God Technique gave him headaches so he wasn't willing to let more than 10 clones practice it. Hence most of his clones were practicing Fuinjutsu.

"Alright, guys. Let's have a sweaty day." Naruto said as rest of his clones roared after him. The clones started with basic and started to learn how to seal kunai or any other weapons in the scroll. Uzumaki was known for their sealing techniques and Minato was a master at Sealing as well. The collection on Sealing Techniques in the Secret room was the largest among others.

Fuinjutsu was one of the complex branches of Ninjutsu as it had different derivations such as Storing objects, Sealing Elemental Techniques, Impairing Movements, etc. With basics mastered each of the squads picked up their own branches and started to train without wasting much time.

While Naruto was happily training in the woods, Jiraiya in the Hokage office was looking at a report in a solemn manner.

"Hokage-sama, is something wrong." Kakashi arrived through the window as he saw few dark lines in Jiraiya's forehead.

"Ah, yes. This report just came from the spies deployed in Iwagakure. It says Akatsuki captured Han, the Jinchuriki of 5 tails. I have a feeling that dark days are coming. Increase the border patrol and reduce the number of mission outside the village, especially belonging to Land of Rock" Jiraiya said as he sucked on the pipe and blew out a few rings of smoke.

"Acknowledged" One of the Anbu said as he disappeared from the room.

"So Kakashi, what brings you here?" Jiraiya put down the report and questioned Kakashi.

"It's about Sasuke. The cruse mark left by Orochimaru, he is using it to power himself, unlike Anko. I was wondering if we should let him continue using it or just seal it for good." Kakashi said with a serious tone.

"let him use it. The boy's mental state is not stable, we'll only push him away if we seal away his power. I don't want another Orochimaru in the village" Jiraiya said as he picked another document from the table and started to analyze it.

"I'm thinking of implementing Tsunade's Four-man Squad formation from next semester. Pick two Genin's and complete your team. Sakura is already training in Medical ninjutsu so I'll send Kiba and Shino from team 8 into your team since Hinata is injured now. Kurenai is looking after Hinata so you'll be looking after them on your own.

Just make sure Sasuke doesn't do anything stupid. I don't want the last of the Uchiha to die" Jiraiya said as he started to sign the document. Kakashi nodded and left the building with flash.
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