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28 The Namikaze Inheritance

With a very sour mood, Naruto returned home. Yugao was inside the house lying on the couch and was surprised to hear someone entering the house.

Her vigilance disappeared as she saw the face of Naruto and stood up to greet him. "Naruto, when did you come back?" Yugao said in a cheerful manner but she soon noticed the dark aura around Naruto.

"What happened? Did the mission not go well?" Yugao went forward patting Naruto's shoulder. It was rare for her to see Naruto in such mood.

"I went to visit Hinata today. I..I...I don't know what to do Sister Yugao. I should have been there, yet I was fooling around ignoring everyone else even you." Naruto said in low voice.

"Don't talk like that. It wasn't your fault. And besides, if you think you are somewhat to blame then do you think it will over if you feel sorry and cry over it." Yugao said in a slightly stern manner and pulled Naruto into a hug.

"I've always felt you were special and I know you are. I kind of raised you so I know what I'm talking about and I'll tell you that it wasn't your fault. But I also know you won't stop feeling guilty since she was your only friend in the academy. Talk to me and her before you do something stupid okay. And don't disappear on me Naruto." Yugao said as she tightened her hug.

Naruto hugged her back as he buried his face on Yugao purple hair. Naruto's sour mood slowly faded away as he enjoyed the warmth.

"Wait here, I'll cook us dinner," Yugao said as she broke free from the hug and walked towards the kitchen with a smile.

"Mm, Okay," Naruto said as he sat down on the couch feeling much better than before.

Naruto suddenly stood up remembering something and quickly entered Sage Mode. With his eyes turning gold Naruto sent our his senses towards every nook and corner of the house.

"Ah, I knew it. Thanks, dad." Naruto said as he went towards study room which belonged to his father. At the center of the room, Naruto removed the floor tiles and used Earth Release to move out the large part of the floor.

A staircase leading downwards appeared before Naruto but he decided to close the floor opening for now. It was a secret room where Minato hid his stuff and the secret room was closed without any openings. Naruto figure, his Dad also used Earth Release to shift the ground in order to enter the room.

The room was 2 feet below the ground and it was well hidden and most people wouldn't even suspect that there was a secret room before the floor since there weren't any doors to enter it.

Naruto was thinking of entering the room after Yugao went to bed. It wasn't that Naruto didn't trust Yugao but he thought it was better if few people knew about it and it would be better if he was the only one to know about the room.

Naruto picked one of the books from the study as there were many books gathered by his father. Some of it was from Jiraiya and some regarding battle tactics but most were simple books regarding history, geography and such. The study room was probably used as an excuse to hide the secret room as there wasn't any interesting book on the shelf.

Soon Naruto was called by Yugao for dinner and he went to satisfy his hunger. Since Naruto had been gone for 2 weeks Yugao didn't let him go easily as he was forced to sit down with her and retell his adventure, which he didn't mind.

Naruto shared his short but sweet adventure with Yugao as her eyes were lit with joy listening to Naruto's voice.

Just as Naruto was telling his ending battle with Doto, Naruto realized Yugao was already asleep on his shoulder. "Was my storytelling so boring?" Naruto said to himself as he looked at the figure lying on his shoulder.

Naruto smiled seeing the warm smile on Yugao's face and carried her in towards her room. Naruto tucked Yugao into her bed and covered her with a blanket. Just as he was about to leave, he felt a tug on his jacket.

Naruto saw Yugao catching on the helm of his jacket. With half of her face covered in a blanket, Yugao looked at Naruto with clear eyes. Naruto gulped as he looked at the half covered face. Yugao gaze was tender and he could see her blush despite she had covered her face with the blanket.

"Stay with me, tonight," Yugao said with a barely audible voice. Naruto was a loss for word as he hesitated to make a decision but gave in to temptation at the end.

Naruto threw his jacket and entered the bed facing Yugao. The two bodies drew closer as the heat in the room rose by a few degrees. The night was long and memorable for both Naruto and Yugao as they became one despite not speaking out their feelings.

Next day Naruto woke up alone in the bed, although he was used to it, but it felt weird today. Suddenly he remembered his night with Yugao and a complex emotion rose in his mind. Naruto loved Yugao without a doubt but there were still few things that held him from accepting Yugao.

Naruto was only 13 at the moment and their relationship was kind of a taboo. Not to mention he grew up seeing Yugao as his elder sister. It felt weird and awkward with thinking how they see each other as.

Naruto got out of bed and took a cold shower washing away his complex feelings. Walking towards the kitchen Naruto saw Yugao and stopped his step. Somehow he felt Yugao had grown more beautiful than yesterday.

"Oh, you're awake. Come the breakfast is ready." Yugao said with a smile.

Naruto nodded in a daze and sat opposite to her. Both didn't talk during their meal as they quickly looked away when their eyes met.

"I have some important work at the academy, so I'll leave early today," Yugao said avoiding Naruto's gaze and quickly walked out of the house in hurry.

Naruto shook his head with a smile as he found Yugao's actions cute. Naruto knew Yugao was too embarrassed to talk about yesterday's incident and he was too. Naruto shrugged his shoulder as he started to do the dishes. As for his relationship with Yugao, there was still time to talk about it but there wasn't anything to worry about.

Since Yugao had left, Naruto went back to the secret room in his dad's study room. Naruto had to use his Air Release to push some oxygen into the room in order to breathe as the room had been closed for a decade and more.

Naruto looked around the 10*10 feet room filled with small but precious treasures. One wall held various weapons such as Kunai, Shuriken, Katana, etc. Other three was filled with scrolls in wooden shelf making it look like an ancient mini library.

Naruto went to the wall that held weapons and picked one of the kunai from the collection. It was Minato's signature Kunai branded with Flying Thunder God's Seal.

A smile formed in his face as he went to check out the scrolls. One side was dedicated to Sealing Jutsu with many Techniques belonging to Uzumaki Clan. Another side held high-class jutsu such as Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu, Flying Thunder God Jutsu, etc.

The last wall held almost empty shelves as they held few Scrolls recording Rasengan, Flying Thunder Formation Technique, etc. The wall was probably dedicated to Minato's own creation and so the number of scrolls was limited but the techniques held were precious and lethal.

"Don't worry father, I'll fill up the empty spaces," Naruto said as he took a scroll containing Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu. He had yet to learn the technique as he only knew Shadow Clone Jutsu but not its enhanced version.

Naruto clenched the scrolls as he had yet to forget the matter regarding Hinata. Yugao was right Naruto was thinking of doing something stupid but he still needed to grow before he could do that.

Naruto started his training as he began his peaceful and slow life. He started to visit Hinata daily in and continued his awkward relationship with Yugao. He was too embarrassed to talk about it and also the half of his attention was taken by training so their relationship came into a halt. It wasn't degrading or anything but it just stopped at the border of lovers and siblings.