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26 The new Era for Land of Snow

The night ended with excitement and burning of new hope. The Filming crew was just going with atmosphere but only the people Land of Snow knew how much important the coming event was.

As for Naruto, he slept like a log leaving one of his clones to guard the hideout. The expected attack didn't come letting Naruto have his much-needed sleep.

Next, the hideout was in full preparation as the director led his cameraman around filming the preparation done by the resistant army. Asama was able to gather more men by the midday and he had around 200 men ready to attack the castle.

Koyuki got into character after Naruto's persuasion and led the charge riding the horse along with the 200 men behind.

The Director drove a vehicle from the side capturing the epic charge as they got close to the dark and grim castle.

The castle wall was filled with archer and many other motor-mounted weapons like the one in the train.

"Earth Release: Earth Wall," Naruto said as he slammed his hand ground creating multiple walls ahead of Resistant Army shielding them from the arrows.

"Archers bring them down," Koyuki said in a grand manner as she hid behind the wall Naruto created.

Koyuki's army had about 50 archers and soon they started to shoot down the archers on top of the Castle wall. Of course, they would not be able to clear them out. Naruto had few transformed clones hidden in the army and they quickly cleared the enemy archers.

There weren't many, to begin with as Doto relied on his technology and his three rogue Ninjas. As for the motor-mounted weapons, all that took to destroy it was kunai attached with explosive tags.

The explosions were well appreciated in the movies. The gates were soon destroyed and the army charged in killing the Doto's men in the process. Doto's small army collided with Koyuki's own resistance and blood spilled.

Naruto didn't take much part in it as he saw them as a necessary sacrifice to cement Land of Snow's new foundation. He could have just taken down the castle and Doto single-handedly but then what? Would the people of Land of Snow appreciate it or would they just live in fear as a single man can destroy a nation whenever he feels like it?

Would they be able to treasure their new found freedom or they would just wait for others to help when they are in peril? Kids could ask for money from their parents and waste it without care but they would only know its true value when they start to earn it themselves.

Same could be said in this case as the people of Land of Snow needed to spill their own blood in order to understand the importance of their country and their freedom. Besides Naruto had already done more than enough, it was not good to let them ride in his shoulder all the time.

Koyuki along with Naruto and the rest of anybody who was alive arrived in the main hall of the castle for the final confrontation. "Doto, this ends today. Surrender you've already lost" Koyuki said in a stern voice.

"Hmph, the only reason you're alive is because I let you live till now. Hand over the hex crystal and I'll let to walk out of here alive." Doto said in contempt.

"Your men have already been defeated, you're weapons are already destroyed and there is only two of you left. What makes you think you've won?" Koyuki said again

"Hmph, what makes you think I need those worthless cowards or those weapons. I'll deal with you and your blonde knight myself." Doto said taking off his robe and revealing a shiny black Chakra armor. The newest prototype and even more enhanced than what Nadare and his team wore.

"Ice Release: Black Dragon Blizzard" Doto jumped down from his throne and threw a fist towards Koyuki. A black ice dragon formed from his fist and flew towards Koyuki and her men.

"Fire Release: Fire Dragon Storm" Naruto countered it using his fire dragon and the collision of two dragons created a massive shock wave sending Koyuki and his remaining men flying in the air before gravity pulled them back down.

"Hyaaa, Die" Doto ran towards Naruto smashing his fist towards Naruto's face. Naruto decided to put up and act and barely countered Doto. With each blow, Naruto seemed to be in losing grounds as he was sent flying through the air and smashed into the wall.

"Cough Cough" Naruto spat a mouthful of blood giving much delight to Doto while Koyuki and the rest were left biting their lips in worry.

"Naruto!" Koyuki said in worry as tears formed near her eyes.

"Hahaha, the new armor is doing better than I expected. Now, Koyuki why don't you hand over the hex crystal and I might consider on letting you live." Doto said taking heavy steps towards Koyuki.

"Wait! I'm not done yet." Naruto stood up wobbling as he wiped the blood off his lips.

"Futile efforts. You've already lost, kid." Doto said in with a large grin on his face.

"No, this might sound cheesy but Justice always prevails at the end. You might have pressed down on the people of Land of Snow for ten years but no more. Today you shall know what it's like to be the one to be stomped in the ground." Naruto tore off his torn jacket showing his well-toned body. It was lean and it was definitely an eye candy for the female audiences.

"Rasengan," Naruto said as the iconic blue sphere formed in his hand growing in size. Before long its size had grown as big as 1 meter in diameter. Naruto pushed his water elemental chakra in the ball as he raised the Rasengan over his head.

The water elemental chakra was few but it was not there to amplify its power. The sunlight from the glass roof of the castle fell down on the Rasengan and the water broke the light refracting it into different colors.

"Its the rainbow chakra," One of crew member said in astonishment as Naruto held a Giant Rainbow Rasengan over his head.

"Ice Release: Twin Dragon Blizzard" Doto sent out his signature move in panic as he saw Naruto preparing a powerful technique.

Two Black Dragons flew towards Naruto leaving the deep train in the floor below. Naruto ran straight into them as he thrust his hand forward. Rasengan tore through the dragons with each quickly smashing onto Doto shredding him into bits of blood and flesh and bones.

The scene was too gross but the people of Land of Snow cheered in high spirits. Naruto shook his head as he overdid it for the sake of showing off.

The matter afterward was quickly settled the reign of Doto was finally over. The people were freed and they had a new Daimiyo as Koyuki took her seat as the next leader. She said she'd like to continue acting but with her new identity and new responsibilities, Naruto found it odd as he saw it as an impossible task.

A few days later the filming of the movie was finally over and Koyuki finally got her free time. This was probably her last movie and she gave it all during the last scenes. She was already aware of the new responsibilities she had and she took it positively. Maybe it was guilt for the most case as she lived already lived 10 years of her life in the luxury of sorts and her people suffered because of her family fights.

Then there was the supreme treasure left by her father, so she was curious to know what it was. Naruto accompanied her to the Frozen lake where Koyuki used her Hex Crystal to activate the machine or whatever the thing was.

Koyuki was delighted to see the treasure to be a heat generator but her smile vanished quickly as there wasn't enough power to operate the thing for a long period of time as the energy on the hex crystal ran out in a single hour. Running the generator for years was out of the question.

"Hmm, I guess the Land of Snow will never turn into the Land of Spring," Koyuki said as she sat down on the ice ground.

"There are very few things that you should never go against and one of them is Nature. Snow isn't so bad, you are now a leader so you should look at the brighter side then dwell on the darker ones." Naruto said sitting beside her.

"I know, in fact, Snow is a resource as well. I've traveled to many places during my time as an actress and I think I'll focus on developing tourism in our Land. Mountain Climbing, Snowboards, Skiing, etc are very popular among the rich individuals." Koyuki said as she gave out her warm smile.

"That's a good idea. Start with small steps before you climb the mountain princess. I know you'll do great." Naruto said giving out his own smile.

The duo sat there watching the sunset in content as the rough week they had been going through had finally ended.