Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
25 Doto Kazahana
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Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
Author :Username_unknown
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25 Doto Kazahana

The filming crew continued their journey through the sea arriving at the land of Snow in another 3 days. With everyone off the boat, the crew packed up their stuff and put them in a truck leaving towards Asama's small resistant hideout. (Trucks apparently exist in this movie, I was watching the movie for some reference and I was like WTF there is a truck and not just one. I have no idea what to do but let's just ignore it)

"This is it, our hideout is just ahead of that cave. Once we finish shooting here, we'll head to our hideout." Asama said in a delighted voice.

"This cave is rather long, is this a man-made cave?" One of the crew members asked.

"Yes it is, there was a railroad going through here once but it seems it has been buried by ice and snow," Asama said in regret. The railroad was developed Sosetsu Kazahana the previous leader of Land of Snow. It was one of the infrastructures that connected the whole land of snow to the port and created a channel for exporting and importing goods.

It was disheartening to see such assets being buried under the cruel rule of Doto and his men. Trucks stopped after coming out of the cave and the crew members prepared to shoot another scene for the movie.

As they were preparing to shoot the movie, a tremor went across the land as the ice covering the rail tracks melted down. "This is a chakra, Chakra is running through these tracks melting the ice. It must be him." Asama quickly knelt down checking the tracks and suddenly ran up the hills in a hurry.

While Koyuki called out Asama in worry, another large sound drew their attention. With a large whistle of steam, a train came through the cave stopping just a few meters away from the filming crew.

"Quick, get the camera rolling. I smell drama in the air." The director said as they found a good spot to hide and shoot at the same time.

Not long after, Doto and Nadare in his new Chakra armor came out on top of the train holding a microphone. "My dear niece Koyuki, it's been a long time. Almost ten years, you've grown well. Come let's go home. You must be cold." Doto said sounding as if he missed his niece for real.

Nadare whose half face was covered in burn marks whispered into Doto's ear. "That's him, my lord, we couldn't land a single hit before we were defeated. Our chakra amour is pretty much useless against him." Nadare said in low voice with some fear in it.

"Hmm," Doto's square face gave a stern look at Naruto as he tried to figure out what to do against the blonde shinobi.

Before he could say anything, a small avalanche with few logs in between slid down the hill colliding with the train. There wasn't much damage but it was quite a scene for the camera. Asama and his 50 men stood on top of the hill holding swords and spears.

"See, our beloved princess has finally returned. With her, on our side, we will emerge victorious. Doto, your rule shall end today. Men CHARGEEEEEE!" Asama said as they charged down the hill with a battle cry.

"I thought you already handled the resistant forces." Doto looked at Asama and his men without any emotion. They were merely ants trying to take down an elephant.

"My apologies. I will get rid of them immediately." Nadare said as he turned act.

"No, let's test the new weapon on them," Doto said nodding his head towards one of his men.

The side of the train opened revealing a motor-mounted kunai launchers. The motors launched huge waves of kunai towards the men running down the hill. The crew watched in horror as it was easy to see what would result when the two would meet in the middle.

"Water Release: Wild Water Wall" Naruto performed few hand signs and slammed his hand on the ice. The ice between the train and Asama's men melted and rose up forming a thick wall of water.

The jutsu was merely a C-rank jutsu but it was enough as the kunai that passed through the wall lost its momentum and fell down flying a few feet after passing through the water wall. The large battle cry went silent as they stopped in their tracks after witnessing what happened in front of them.

"Water Release: Water Dragon Jutsu" Before both parties could react to what just happened Naruto again made his hand signs transforming the water wall into a Water Dragon and threw it towards the mountain.

"Quick start the train," Doto shouted out as he saw the Water Dragon move towards the mountain rather than towards them. Doto could have countered the Water Dragon with his own jutsu but an avalanche was out of the question. He would survive but his weapon wouldn't and for him, the train was a valuable asset.

The Water Dragon collided with the mountain triggering an avalanche but Doto and his train escaped the incident unharmed. Asama and his men came to meet up with Koyuki and the crew with embarrassed faces.

While they felt heroic standing on top of the mountain, their bravery wavered after seeing the shower of Kunai launching towards them. It was not that they turned into cowards or anything but they realized what they just did was stupid and they would have died without achieving anything earlier.

Naruto could have ended Doto's live there but choose not to as the movie was not finished yet. Of course, he'd have to give the audience the fitting finale since he already decided to be in the movie.

"Princess it's good to see your alive" The men Asama bought started to cry out in excitement as they kneeled before Koyuki.

"Ahm, Thanks for saving us Naruto." Asama came to Naruto's side and coughed to hide his embarrassment.

"It's okay. I'm sure the audience will like that downhill charge" Naruto said pointing at the director who was ordering the crews around in an excited manner.

With Naruto on their side, the filming crew forgot their fears and filmed a few shots there and moved on towards the hideout.

The hideout was fairly simple and crude as they entered another man-made cave where the resistance survived and hid away from Doto's men. The usually grim atmosphere of the resistance was not there as the remaining men were celebrating in delight. The crew joined as well, drinking their heart out in the cold weather.

Koyuki was overwhelmed by the men there and moved out of the cave to get some fresh air. Looking at the bright stars in the sky, Koyuki took out her neckless and remembered her father and his dream. Sosetsu, Koyuki's father dreamed of bringing spring to his Land of Snow.

She hoped that the dream would come true but reality hit her hard forcing her to forget those dreams. But with the appearance of Naruto's the burnt out flames in her heart started to burn again. The hope she lost was finally back and as for bringing spring in the land of Snow, it was a nice but impossible dream.

"You really like standing in the cold don't you?" Naruto said appearing behind Koyuki.

"Maybe," Koyuki said looking at the hex crystal. (It's her neckless)

"Fitting hobby for the Princess of Land of Snow, I suppose," Naruto said as he found a seat beside her.

"My father always told me he'd bring spring in these land. As a child, I wished it would happen soon. But traveling the world for 10 years, I know it won't happen but still, I envy my father for having a clear goal. I always struggle with that." Koyuki said rolling the crystal around her hand.

"How can you find a goal without searching around for things that interest you. I myself am journeying around to find my purpose. Your father found his goal and eventually you'll find yours as well." Naruto said looking at the sky. He was searching for his purpose as well.

"Before I met you, I was uncertain but I'm confident that I'll find my purpose soon." Koyuki gave out a rare smile.

Naruto enjoyed the beautiful face without hesitating as such a warm smile was hard to come by.
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