Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
24 Princess Fuun: The Fight for the Throne
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Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
Author :Username_unknown
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24 Princess Fuun: The Fight for the Throne

"Okay, everyone! you heard the man. Come Back down. Who said you to pack up? Keep the camera rolling. There are Shinobi, we might get some good fight sequence. It will be better than the monkey dance of the stuntmen." Director said in a hyped voice unaware of the power held by the real expert.

Since Nadare and his team had yet to use any flashy jutsu they were not aware of how much destruction a Shinobi could do so they held no fear against the uninvited guests.

Naruto's face twitched as he heard the director but he decided to go along with the act. With a slight cough to clear his voice, Naruto got into role as well. "Don't worry, Princess Fuun I shall take care of these small goons. There is no need for your highness to act against these lowly servants of evil." Naruto said in a heroic voice and dashed out along with his clones to fight them.

The director gave out a smile as he looked at the scene before him and ordered the cameraman to follow Naruto. But the cameraman was at a dilemma as there were three of them and he didn't know who to follow. Fortunately, the fight was happening at the distant which allowed him to capture them all and he'd have to zoom into one of the once in a while.

Main Naruto reached Nadare in just a few seconds and started to trade blows. Fist and elbows flew around as both dodged and attacked each other at high speeds. It was a first real fight for Naruto as he only had spared with Yugao and as for the attack in the village, he slew tens of Sand and Sound Shinobi but that was just him slashing through them with pure brute force.

Techniques were important as well since they let you bring out 100% of your power correctly. Nadare was confident in defeating the kid but he suddenly noticed something strange. The kid was adapting to his attacks rather quickly and the physical power of the kid was higher than his own.

It was not ideal for him to continue the close combat and so he backed out while performing his hand signs. "Ice Release: Ice Dragon vs Tiger Jutsu". Nadare cried out as a Dragon-tiger hybrid made up of ice emerged from the ice shocking everyone and dashed towards Naruto.

"Fire Release: Giant FireRasengan" Being a sage Naruto was pretty much able to use any of the chakra nature and he had started to use the chakra nature's in the Rasengan. Rasengan was a pretty versatile jutsu as Naruto was able to use various variants of it in the series and Naruto here could see why as well.

FireRasengan was one of the easier variants of it as Naruto only needed to push Fire Nature Chakra into the Rasengan and let it burn. It wasn't a fancy technique like Rasenshuriken but a simple fireball used on top of a Rasengan.

Either ways A giant FireRasengan twice as big as a basketball appeared in Naruto's hand and Naruto smashed it on top of the Ice Dragontiger hybrid. Naruto's Rasengan tore through the Ice Jutsu like a knife going through butter and the ball slammed into Nadare's armor.

With the collision with Ice Dragontiger, Naruto's FireRasengan had lost its intensity and Nadare's chakra armor came into play as a barrier formed surrounding him and blocked Naruto's FireRasengan.

Nadare smiled seeing the barrier stopping the fireball but his smile disappeared as he was flung into the air with a bang.

Rasengan was known for its piercing and grinding power and it was already classified as an A-rank Jutsu. Adding a nature transformation meant it was no longer the same A-rank jutsu but much more as Rasenshuriken cut apart anything in its molecular level because of its sharp nature.

As for its Fire varient, it was wild and explosive and Naruto's FireRasengan exploded outwards sending Nadare flying through the ice mountains.

Nadare's teammates weren't fairing any better as Mizore the brute guy lost to Naruto in terms of brute force. "Hyyaaah" Mizore's metallic arm pumped out steams as he threw a powerful but straight punch at Naruto.

Naruto looked at Mizore in disappointed gaze finding out his abilities were slightly higher than Chunin but not as strong as a Jounin. His physical abilities did surpass certain Jounins but that was it. This was why Naruto wanted to learn more experience and techniques as the guy in front of him was the perfect example of why brute force was not always the best option.

Easily dodging the punch and sent his own, driving his fist into Mizore's face and pushing him down in the ice. Naruto's clone looked at his other self in disappointment as he was even faster in defeating his foe than his real self.

Naruto's Clone no.2 was slightly late in defeating Fubuki as she was the type to avoid close combat and maintained her distance firing off her Jutsu's from distant. "Ice Release: Tsubame Snow Storm" Fubuki sent her ice birds towards Naruto's clone.

The birds went straight through Naruto's clone but the clone disappeared with a puff of smoke replacing its place with a block of ice. "Sorry Missy, I don't mean to be rough but you know how this works." Naruto voice came from behind Fubuki.

Fubuki wanted to turn around and launch her attack but Naruto grabbed the back of her head pushing it down to the ground. The ice cracked beneath her head as the white ice slowly turned crimson. Her legs twitched for a few seconds before it stopped.

The Filming crew members were gobsmacked as they watched the real Shinobi battles but everyone's mood turned solemn as blood was spilled. Two people were killed by the kid and they were not sure of what to do.

Nadare Stood up as he looked around to see his two dead teammates. His own chakra armor was destroyed so his fighting abilities were already diminished by half. Seeing Naruto coming towards him he quickly made few hand signs in a hurry. "Ice Release: One Horned White Whale," Nadare said as a giant One-horned White Whale emerged from the sea piercing through the middle of Iceberg.

The Iceberg was broken into as Nadare ran for his life disappearing in the chaos. Naruto created multiple clones to help the crew members to get to the ship.

Inside the ship, Asama came clean with his plot explain Koyuki's real identity as the princess of Land of Snow and he was trying to get her there in order to overthrown Doto Kazahana the current ruler of the land and Koyuki's Uncle.

While everyone was in a sour mood the Director seemed to be in cloud Nines. "This is it. This is just perfect. We can set it this way, the brave Princess Fuun followed by her blonde knight taking back her rightful kingdom. 'Princess Fuun: The Battle for the Throne' I think it will be a super hit." The Director talked in high spirit. Asama's brows twitched but he managed to keep himself calm.

For him, as long as he could free the people of Land of the Snow from Doto's grasp nothing else mattered to him. And since he had used the filming crew to do his bidding he couldn't really voice out his disagreement as he was the one who deceived them first.

While everyone was going about their own problems, Koyuki was standing against the ship's railings gazing at the vast snow. Complex and sad emotions lingering around her face. A warm blanket covered her as she was lost in her memories.

"Yo, aren't you cold. I don't think it a good idea to stay here. Go back to your room and rest. You need it." Naruto said giving out a gentle smile.

"I don't need it. My heart's already frozen after the events." Koyuki said in an apathetic voice.

"Why do I hear it as 'I don't want to take up the responsibilities'. I didn't think the Princess of Land of Snow was a coward." Naruto said in a mocking manner.

"You, what do you know? And do you think if I went back, my uncle will back down and let me have the throne? Asama is an idiot, Doto has an army. Does he think he can defeat them with his puny resistance? I find it laughable and idiotic." Koyuki lashed out again.

"So you choose to ignore your people and live your successful life as an actress. I find it very scummy."

"So what? Do you mean, I should present myself in front of my uncle and let him kill me like he killed my father. You've been going on about responsibilities but do you think I'm like who can fight against my uncle and overtake the throne." Koyuki said crying.

"I want to help too. I want my people to live a happy life. I want justice for my father as well. I want to fulfill my responsibilities as well. Tell me how to do it and I'll do it without hesitation but don't you dare tell me that I'm scum. I don't want to be put in the same category as my uncle" Koyuki coarse voice yelled out as she grabbed Naruto's collar.

"Then it's simple, Ask me to help you." Naruto said with a smile not minding his collar being grabbed.

"Ask you, but why would you help?" Koyuki said in surprise.

"Well because I can and like the director said it will a great movie," Naruto said again with a smile.

"Anyways, don't think much about it. I'll do you this favor no I'll do this favor for the people for the land of Snow. So cheer up and go back inside." Naruto walked back into his own room without waiting for the reply.

Koyuki watched Naruto's back until he disappeared into his room and took a deep breath. A gentle smile hung on her face as if she had shed off all her burdens.
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