Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
21 I want my house back
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Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
Author :Username_unknown
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21 I want my house back

The storm had settled down as the whole village mourned over the loss of Hiruzen and many others caught in the crossfire. While many villagers were angry over Sand Village Betrayal, it was a shock to find out that their Kazekage had been killed by Orochimaru and he had been the one who misled Sand village Shinobi into attacking Konohagakure.

The anger was still present but they couldn't really speak out since Orochimaru was a Shinobi from Konoha originally and it was Sand village who suffered the most in this attack as they had lost their head and the heirs Kage seats had been taken as prisoners not to mention Gaara was a One-tailed Jinchuriki which meant Sand Village's tailed beast was compromised as well.

Few days after the Funeral, Sand village representatives came to the village to deliver their apology and renegotiate the peace treaty. Konoha managed to win some benefits regarding border tax and one permanent seat in their Elder council. There wasn't much to ask for as Sand Village was practically a desert with very few fertile lands and their financial struggle was known to all.

At least with the permanent seat in the Elder Council of the Sand village, they could monitor most of the works or project in Sand village. Temari, Kankuro and Gaara were the royal heirs of the village so they were sent back without any harm. As for the next Kazekage, it was for them to decide.

Meanwhile, at the Hokage's office, Naruto was standing before Jiraiya and Kakashi with a blank expression. If Naruto had returned in a low key manner then Jiraiya would have continued to keep Naruto's identity hidden but with the power displayed by Naruto even for a brief moment, Jiraiya couldn't keep his mouth shut.

"Naruto, we'd like to discuss few things if you don't mind. I know it might come as a shock to you or you may even find it unfair but I hope you understand that it was done for your own good." Jiraiya said with a serious expression.

"I'm listening," Naruto said with neutral expression but he already knew what would come out of Jiraiya's mouth.

"It's about your parents. We never mentioned your parent's name in order to protect you because of their special identity." Jiraiya said trying to find a better way to reveal the truth.

"Your father was the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze and your mother was the previous Jinchuriki of the Nine-tails Kushina Uzumaki. I'm your God-father though I'm ashamed of the title as I failed to live up to any of its responsibilities." Jiraiya said with a low tone as he looked at Naruto with a helpless expression.

"Hm, that's it. Anything else" Naruto said with an uninterested tone.

"Yes, that's al... Wait you knew!" Jiraiya said with a surprised expression.

"I've known for years actually. I met my dad and mom when I tried to break the Nine-tails seal. They had sealed a part of their chakra in me to help me control Nine-tails when Nine-tails was sealed into me. But I didn't know you were my God-father." Naruto said with no emotions.

"I'm sorry Naruto, but I.."

"Enough let's end this matter now. I only have one family member now and she is sister Yugao and since you want to keep my parent's identity secret then so be it. I'm just an orphan with no God Father." Naruto said without letting Jiraiya make any more excuses.

"Wait! Naruto, We can change that, I'll let the villager know of your real identity. We only did it to protect you previously." Jiraiya said standing up from the seat. Kakashi could only sigh from the side as he watched the drama unfold before him.

"Of course you did it to protect me. If people knew of my identity then other villages would assassinate me, wouldn't they? After all our village is so weak that they can't even protect a single child. And what's the best way to protect me? By denying me of my parents but not before letting everyone in the village know I was the one who had become Nine-tails new Jinchuriki. That is a very good way of protecting me. Bravo, whoever thought of the plan is a genius." Naruto said clapping his hands.

Although his expression was the same as before, but Jiraiya and Kakashi could sense the rage in Naruto's voice. The village decided to keep Naruto's identity as Fourth Child as a secret yet everyone in the village knew he was Nine-tails Jinchuriki causing him to be an outcast in the village.

Besides, Kushina's pregnancy was no secret and if other villages really wanted to kill Minato's offspring then it was easy for others to deduce Naruto's identity. Heck, Naruto's identity as a Jinchuriki was already enough to for him to be put in the to be assassinated list.

And if they really wanted to protect him then his identity as a Jinchuriki should have been kept a secret as well.

"To be honest, I do want my identity as Fourth Hokage's son to be known. I always wanted to be acknowledged by people and not seen as demon fox. I wanted to be taken care of rather than be alone all the time. And I was acknowledged by Yugao and was loved by her so it doesn't really matter now.

I know who my parents are and I'm proud to be their child. It doesn't matter if others know who my parents were. It's not gonna make much difference now anyway." Naruto said with a cold voice.

"I..I...I apologize on behalf of the village. Just let me know what I can do to make it up to you." Jiraiya said in defeat. Naruto had been wronged by the village and he didn't really know how to make it up to Naruto. A simple sorry wouldn't really work in this matter as the decision made by the village against Naruto's case was indeed wrong.

"I want my house back. I mean the house that my dad and my mom lived and all of the things that should have been given to me. I want my inheritance." Naruto said with expectation. Although he didn't really care for wealth much, he wanted to take back what was rightfully his.

"This can be done and anything else," Jiraiya said with no hesitation.

"Yes, I wish to be listed as a special Jounin and I will take solo missions on behalf of the village. The allowance given by the village is not enough to sustain my daily life." Naruto again presented his wish.

It was embarrassing for him to live off of Yugao earnings. He was the man of the house sustaining the house expenditure was his responsibility.

"This... I'll think about it. This is the key to Namikaze Residence. The house has been cleaned regularly so you can move today. As for being Jounin let's talk about that later" Jiraiya said fishing out a key from the drawers of his desk.

Naruto took the keys and left without saying anything else. Jiraiya gave a questioning glance to Kakashi who was standing on the side reading his favorite book.

"Don't look at me. I've always been bad with relationships and this time it was our fault. Forcing ourselves onto him won't work here just let nature take its course. As long as he lives a good life then my promise to my teacher will be fulfilled." Kakashi said closing his book and jumped out of the window.



Later in the evening, Naruto took Yugao to their new home with a delighted smile. "Tada, sweet isn't it. We'll be living here from now on sister Yugao. What do you think?" Naruto said as he took Yugao into the house by hand and showed around.

"Naruto so you already know about your parents," Yugao said with a worried tone.

"Mm, The Hokage told me today" Naruto nodded his head as he found a seat in the living room.

"I'm sorry Naruto. I didn't tell you before." Yugao said clasping her hands together with a worried tone.

"It's okay Sister Yugao. I know it's not your fault. Come let's go to find something to eat. I'm hungry" Naruto said walking towards the kitchen.

"Mm, I'll cook." Yugao displayed a warm smile after hearing Naruto's reply. She felt like most of her burden had been shed after this conversation and happily headed towards the kitchen.
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