Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
18 Heading to the village
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Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
Author :Username_unknown
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18 Heading to the village

Naruto said his goodbyes to the Eagles and resummoned himself to the Village. A nostalgia broke through his mind as he looked at the sword marks around the nearby trees. With one of the tree's having his growth of height carved in by Yugao.

Naruto traced his fingers through the tree marks and smiled. As he was remembering his days with Yugao, Naruto's attention was pulled by a large sound from deep in the forest. Naruto quickly jumped to the treetops finding a Gaint Raccoon Dog towering over the trees.

Seeing Shukaku in the near distance, Naruto activated his Sage Mode and flew towards him in high speed. Huge golden wings formed behind his back as the speed multiplied by few times arriving in front of Shukaku in mere seconds.

It was easy for Naruto to figure out what was going on here. He had been gone for 4 years now and the students from his years had already graduated to become a genin. This was the Chunin Exam arc where Naruto summoned Gamabunta to fight against Shukaku.

Naruto's sword cut apart Shukaku's foot as he cried in pain and fell to the side. Naruto was already expecting to see Sasuke but seeing three tomoe Sharingan and Curse Mark Level Two mode gave him a huge surprise. His disappearance had caused some major changes in the timeline but it didn't really matter at the moment.

"Who are you? I'll fucking tear your apart." Gaara's voice echoed out from Shukaku's body as his leg quickly regenerated.

Gaara slowly emerged on top of Shukaku with bloodshot eyes. "Tanuki Neiri no Jutsu" With a single hand sign Gaara entered deep sleep letting Shukaku take over.

"Yahoo, I'm finally out baby. It's even more perfect as there is a guy in front of me to kill" Shukaku said in a delighted voice.

"Wind Release: Wind Bullets" Shakuku started to spit out air bubbles at the high speed. Naruto's face held a smile as all the sand bullets changed direction after coming near Naruto. Not a single one managed to hit him.

It would be a matter of great shame if he Naruto got hit by the wind as he trained with the Sage of wind and the ruler of the sky. Having learned how to shape wind according to his will from Fuyumi it was easy for Naruto to change the course of Wind Bullets.

"I don't have time for childish fights. I'll take to you later Shukaku" Naruto said as he disappeared from sight and appeared before Gaara. Naruto touched Gaara's head and sent a stream of chakra making Gaara awake from his sleep and again a sent a heavier chakra making Gaara lose unconscious.

Shukaku's sand Avatar disappeared breaking into sands and flew along with the winds. Naruto flew down holding Gaara in one of his hand and headed towards Sasuke.

"I know you're there. Come Out." Naruto called out looking at a certain direction.

Temari and Kankuro came out from the shadows with a defeated and worried expression. Their brother had been defeated just like that despite using the power of Shukaku. And it was done by a single move from a kid similar age to theirs.

"Here, carry him and follow me," Naruto said throwing Gaara over to them and picked Sasuke and Sakura from the side. Putting both of them over in his shoulder Naruto started to walk towards the Village.

Temari and Kankuro looked at each other and agreed to follow the kid. They could choose to run but they had a feeling that the plan would fail before they could turn their feet in the opposite direction.

Along the way Naruto and co. met up with Asuma and Shikamaru along with few passed out Sound Shinobi.

"Naruto!" Shikamaru's surprised yell drew Asuma's as he looked at the blonde kid who had raised a storm in the village with his disappearance. The after effect of the storm was still present today.

"Ah great. Here take them I'll head back to the village first. There seems to a huge problem ahead." Naruto quickly gave Sasuke and Sakura to Asuma and flew towards the village leaving both Asuma and Shikamaru gobsmacked.

It was the first time seeing someone fly in the air without any support for Shikamaru and Asuma had heard The Third Tsuchikage could fly with the help of gravity and weight manipulation but he had yet to see this feat with his own eyes.

Asuma took out a cigarette and light it up seeing Naruto leave in a hurry and made Temari and Kankuro walk in front of them with he guarding the back. For now, the three siblings were prisoners of war.

Naruto made sure Gaara wouldn't be waking up anytime soon as he didn't want Shukaku to run amok again. With his eagle vision, he could already see the fights happening in the village from the air.

Bodies littered on the streets and rooftop, it was the first time Naruto had seen a bloody battlefield. Naruto in the series was made to be a little family friendly so there wasn't much blood and gore in the anime. And the only kill recorded for Naruto was Yura from Sand village and to be honest, not many people would even remember that he killed him.

Corpses with blood all over the body some having multiple kunai and shuriken stabbed in their body while some killed by ninjutsu. There were some unfortunate ones to die without being in one piece but this was war.

Although it was shown overshadowed by Hiruzen's fight and Naruto's summoning of Gammabunta in the anime, the truth was many people died in this attack as it was not a random gang fight in the neighborhood. It was not an act of terrorism, it was an act of war.

Some civilians and many Shinobi, blood was shed and it was the truth. Naruto's sword cut apart a Sand Shinobi was going to kill a random civilian in the street during his fight with Konoha Shinobi. It was not intentional in Sand Shinobi's part but the unfortunate soul just happened to be on the way.

Naruto had slashed his sword countless times but this was the first time he felt his sword cutting through someone's flesh. His hand shivered for a moment but the force remained as the body was cut in two. Sand or Sound village Shinobi all were human but for now, Naruto could only see them as a fish in the chopping board and continued his slaughter towards the Hokage battle.
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