Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
17 The Struggle in the fores
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Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
Author :Username_unknown
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17 The Struggle in the fores

"Master Gorudo, It's about time I head back home." Naruto landed on top of the nest and was immediately buried by three huge figures.

Kaze, Shiro, and Fuyu had grown up to 6 meters tall in height towering over Naruto by few times. Kaze was like his father having healthy gold feathers, Shiro was like his name being as white as snow going after his mother and finally, there was Fuyu.

For Naruto, she was the most beautiful of the trio as she had gotten a mix of white and gold feathers running down her body.

"Brother Naruto, are you leaving?" Kaze asked in a childish voice. Naruto had a hard time adjusting with the voices of the trio as they were still a child but with a height of 4 meters when they first started talking. It was normal for him now.

"Yes, I need to go back home. I'll summon you guys from time to time and I'll come back here to train as well so no need to worry." Naruto said patting the lowered heads of Kaze, Shiro, and Fuyu.

"No, I want you to summon us every day," Fuyu said in a sweet voice looking at Naruto with her large golden eyes. Kaze and Shiro joined with making Naruto drown in their voices.

"Okay Okay, I'll summon one of you every week taking turns okay. There are bad people outside and they will take your beautiful feathers if they saw you flying around." Naruto said in defeat and soon the Gorudo's kids yelled in delight.

"Kid, you have far surpassed my expectations and teaching but summon us whenever you are in need. Our Sacred Mountain will support you to our fullest." Gorudo said in a satisfied voice.

"Make sure you visit us every once in a while. Okay, Naruto." Fuyuki said while rubbing Naruto's head the tip of her massive wings.

"Of course. I'll come back with some treat next time." Naruto said and started to perform the reverse summoning. With a puff of smoke, Naruto disappeared from the Sacred mountains appearing at his training ground in the woods from Konoha.

Meanwhile, on the woods of Konoha, Sasuke's pursuit of Gaara had gone downhill. Sakura had come to well he didn't what hell she was doing here but she had managed to play her part as burden once again.

After separating from Shikamaru who stayed back to buy some time against Sound Shinobi Sakura continued to pursue Sasuke with the help of Pakkun. By the time she had caught up with Sasuke, they had already started to engage in combat and before she could do anything she was caught by a huge yellow hand and slammed against a tree.

Kankura and Temari watched in horror as Shukaku slowly started to take over Gaara. It wouldn't much of a problem if they were in the village as there would be elders to take control of Gaara but it was different here. Their father was already fighting against the Konoha village and there was no one to control berserk Gaara here at the moment.

Gaara had targets at the moment but what happens after he kills them? Brother or not, his target would immediately shift towards them once he was done with the Gennins from Konoha village.

While fearing for their life Kankuro and Temari were not sure of what to do. Sasuke, on the other hand, was going through a mental break down.

*Cough Cough*

Sasuke started to vomit blood as he was sent flying from the slap of Gaara's giant sand hands. He had already entered tailed mode with a yellow sand tail on his back and giant claws on both of his hands.

With Sakura on his grasp, Gaara started to taunt Sasuke in a crazy manner. Drool dropping down his deformed face Gaara delivered crazy laughter.

"You're weak, Sasuke. I heard you left your teammate to die in the forest of death. Are you going to leave your chick to die here as well? Hahaha" Gaara squeezed his hand forcing Sakura to scream in pain.

"Come Sasuke, use that dammed jutsu of yours. Your girl won't last any longer" Gaara said again as Sakura was knocked out.

Sasuke clenched his fist in anger as helplessness covered his eyes. The death of his teammate played in his mind along with the last word of his brother. A sudden sting of pain hit his neck as he suddenly remembered something.

The Curse Seal from Orochimaru, it was poison for Sasuke as it restricted his movements but he did remember how he went berserk during one of the confrontations with Sound Genin. It was at the moment of his anger he didn't suppress the Curse seal and let it take over him, granting him a lot of chakras.

He could use some chakra right about now. He had already used Chidori twice now and he could one more time before he ran out of his options. "Fuck, I'll accept this power of yours but only for now," Sasuke said as he let go of himself letting the Curse seal slowly spread over him.

A wave of ecstasy drowned his mind as his Chakra was suddenly multiplied by a few times. With Strange tattoo covering his whole body Sasuke moved with flash appearing before Gaara's face and his Chidori screaming loudly as it cut apart the hand holding Sakura.

The whole atmosphere around Sasuke had changed as he stood on top of another branch carrying Sakura on his hand.

"AhhhhhhhROoouuur" Gaara scream slowly turned into more beastly as another arm grew from his torn shoulder. "That's it, I'll fucking kill you," Gaara said as jumped towards Sasuke.

Sasuke quickly ran from the branch carrying Sakura on his shoulder. He could do nothing with Sakura on his hand so he could only escape dodging Gaara's violent attack. Sasuke's speed was already reduced carrying Sakura but he could still stay ahead of Gaara's grasp.

Suddenly Sasuke's tattooed face became horrified as Gaara used his arm to slingshot himself towards Sasuke. With no choice, Sasuke used his body as a shield to save Sakura and took Gaara's punch head on.

Sasuke flew through the tree branches with Sakura in his arms. Sasuke threw Sakura into a bush on the side while mid-air and tried to stabilize himself in the air but failed to do so as he smashed into a huge tree trunk.

The tree deformed as a crack went up to the tree as leaves fell from up top. "More, Give me more of your power" Sasuke started to draw chakra from the seal by himself as he entered level two of Cursed Seal mode. Webbed-claw-Wings sprouted from his back as his skin turned dark grey with his eyes turning black and his face now having 4 pointed Star above his nose that went up to his cheeks and forehead.

Without any care for his body, Sasuke blasted into the air with Dark and white Chidori in his hand and intercepted Gaara in mid-air.


A shock wave was released from the colision of Sasuke's Chidori and Gaara's Sand Fist. Both landed on the ground and both fell into their knees a few seconds later.

"Did I do it? Is it over?" Sasuke said to himself as he turned around to look at Gaara. A sense of relief appeared over his dark eyes as the sand cover Gaara started to fall off. But soon his eyes started to shake as the sand covering Gaara started to rise in a violent manner.

Soon a sandy-brown Raccoon dog towering at 20meters tall appeared before his eyes. Dark blue curse seal covering its body whole body, the giant figure looked at Sasuke in contempt.

"Hahaha, Sasuke. I thank you for entertaining me till now but I'll show the true power." Gaara's voice echoed through the forest as he used his giant foot to stomp Sasuke.

"Is this it? I'm gonna die before I can even avenge my clan." Sasuke was unwilling to die but the shadow grew larger drowning him as he closed eyes to await his fate.

But the pain didn't come as expected but a scream echoed out almost breaking his eardrums. Before Sasuke's eyes, a figure stood in the air leaving him gobsmacked. "Naruto" Sasuke only said a single word before he passed out returning to his human form.

A hazy face with a comforting smile last appeared in his eyes before he fell to the ground. Too many things had happened today and he was in no luxury to think how a person could stand in mid-air.
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