Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
14 The Battle Between Hokages
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Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
Author :Username_unknown
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14 The Battle Between Hokages

"I'm a bit surprised though. Our foolish teacher finally did something wise giving you the Hokage seat. I'm curious to know the reason" Orochimaru said while trading blows with Jiraiya.

"Why bother asking when you already know the answer. There is still time to end this madness Orochimaru" Jiraiya replied jumping back and threw explosive tags towards Orochimaru.

Orochimaru easily dodged the explosive tags and replied with his own attacks. "Striking Shadow Snake" Orochimaru's tongue turned into a black snake and launched itself towards Jiraiya.

"Needle Jizo" Jiraiya's white hair grew out covering his whole body shielding him from Orochimaru's tongue.

"I'm not done yet. Fire Release: Flame Bullets" Jiraiya counteracted with flame bullets shrouding Orochimaru in flames.

Anbu outside were delighted to see Orochimaru burn down in flames but the voice from the side quickly pour water on their delighted faces.

"Jiraiya, do you think that's enough to kill me?" Orochimaru said appearing on the side unharmed.

"Of course not, Big Ball Rasengan" Jiraiya's voice rang out as he appeared behind Orochimaru and slammed the Rasengan on Orochimaru's back.

Orochimaru flew back like a ragdoll barely managing to land on his foot as one of his hand touched the barrier. Orochimaru's hand caught fire with a burnt smell emitted out from the wound.

"Che, I didn't want to reveal my cards this early but you forced me Jiraiya," Orochimaru said as he started to form hand signs. "Summoning Jutsu: Reanimation" Orochimaru cried out as he slammed the tiles of the roof.

"Oh no, you don't. Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique" Jiraiya acted in haste but the distance between then made it unable to stop the technique.

Three coffins emerged from the ground and blocked Jiraiya's Fire Dragon Technique. Three gray and zombie-like figures stepped out as Jiraiya started to sweat.

Unlike in the Fourth Shinobi War, Orochimaru had yet to perfect the Reanimation Technique, therefore, the Reanimated First and Second Hokage in the series couldn't break free from Orochimaru's control while fighting the Third Hokage.

It also meant the Hokage's never fought in their full ability as First Hokage didn't use his Sage mode against Hiruzen. Hence Hiruzen was able to defeat both First and Second Hokage along with Orochimaru at the cost of his life.

"Summoning Jutsu" Jiraiya quickly moved his hands and summoned a couple of toads at the side and furthermore created two more shadow clone as he prepared to go Sage mode. The cube wasn't big where he could summon Gamabunta or the other giant toads hence he could only make do with smaller toads with a height slightly bigger than him.

There were summoned only to buy him some time so he could enter sage mode. Jiraiya spent no time as he held his hands and started to gather Nature chakra in his body.

Orochimaru was done summoning three of the Hokage's moved to put the control talisman on the three Hokages head.

"Don't let him complete the jutsu," Jiraiya said as both of his clones along with the toads moved to attack Orochimaru. Jiraiya saw the summoned Hokage just stood their like statue and thought the jutsu wasn't complete yet and hence without any chitchat he sent his clones forward to stop Orochimaru.

Orochimaru dodged to the side as he managed to put a talisman on the Second Hokage's head but was unable to put the tags on other Hokage.

"Oh, Reanimation Jutsu. I should have never created this cursed jutsu." Tobirama said as he looked around. Seeing two clones and toads chasing after a white figure Tobirama returned his attention to Jiraiya.

"You must the current reigning Hokage, introduce yourself before we fight," Tobirama said as he held his urge to fight. While he couldn't control his body and wanted to move he tried his best to buy as much time as he could for the Hokage in front of him.

"I'm the Fith Hokage, one of the students of Hiruzen Sarutobi also known as the Toad Sage. I would say it is a pleasure to meet you but that would be lying considering our current situation." Jiraiya said as one of his Clones came back to guard him.

The Clone quickly summoned a couple of toads with one being Gamariki. "Gamariki go towards that fatso and cast genjutsu on him. If I don't get rid of this barrier then, I'll be in huge trouble." Jiraiya ordered as he ordered his clones to buy him more time.

"But I need physical contact to cast my stronger genjutsu. Although it will take more time, I'll try my best Jira-chan" Gamariki didn't play around seeing the grim situation as he quickly moved towards the fatso and started to form hand signs.

The Anbus outside were sweating hard as they saw three of the previous Hokages being summoned. Kakashi and Might Guy's face turned pale as they saw the scene as well. But they were helpless to do anything since they had their hands full as well.

Hiruzen quickly came to the arena as well dressed in his battle attire. "Jiraiya, Orochimaru" Hiruzen cried out in surprise as he jumped near the Anbus. "Hiruzen-sama the situation inside is grim, is there a way to break this formation." The Anbu leader asked in concern.

"We needed to hit the barrier with at least S-rank Water Release Jutsu. Although this Barrier is only B-rank its defensive power is quite strong. Gather more men and prepare a combined jutsu. I'll take care of the little snakes first. Hurry, Jiraiya will be in huge trouble if First and Fourth Hokage are released." Hiruzen said and moved towards the village gates.

Orochimaru came prepared as he had attacked from all sides. The Giants Summoned snakes were the real problem as they inflicted more damage to the village just because of their giant size. If they were allowed to slither around in the village then more houses and building would be destroyed.

"Call more men with Water affinity, we need at least 5 more men excluding us. Hurry" The leader of the Anbu spoke and two of his followers separated in two directions in a flash.

Orochimaru lacked in terms of taijutsu and Jiraiya's clone started to use Frog Kata making Orochimaru unable to cast jutsu as he was pushed from two sides.

But same could not be said for Tobirama as Jiraiya's clone could barely defend the attacks from him as he kept on backing down. It was good thing Jiraiya's clone was durable enough to buy some time.

"Keep trying froggy, One of our teammates specializes in sound based genjutsu. We are trained to withstand at least B-rank Genjustu. But keep wasting your energy for all I care. Hahaha" Jirobo said with a laugh.

Gamariki displayed a helpless smile as he moved towards Jiraiya to help him buy some time against Tobirama. "Water Release: Water Pistol" Gamariki came from behind as he spat water bullets from his mouth.

Tobirama quickly dodged to the side but Jiraiya's clone took the opportunity to land a blow on Tobirama. "Giant Ball Rasengan" Jiraiya's clone slammed the blue ball on Tobirama's chest and pushed him down on the ground.

Jiraiya's clone landed on tile but disappeared with a puff of smoke as it had run out of Chakra. Jiraiya was ecstatic to see the result but his smile quickly disappeared as the hole on Tobirama's chest started to regenerate at a huge speed.

"I am sorry, youngster but this ends now. Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique" Tobirama said as he spat out a huge dragon made of water towards Jiraiya.

"Hokage-sama" The Anbu outside cried out in worry as he looked at the Water Dragon moving towards Jiraiya.
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