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Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
Author :Username_unknown
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13 Chunin Exam

Naruto had disappeared and his unexpected disappearance had managed to create some waves in the village. Jiraiya had stepped up to be the Fifth Hokage and things were starting to settle down and village internal conflict slowed down as well.

While Jiraiya was a pervert, he was without a doubt a great shinobi and he was a man who controlled the largest spy network outside the village. Jiraiya, unlike his teacher, was a crafty character. He was one of the strongest shinobi of his generation both in abilities as well as intelligence.

Jiraiya slowly halted Danzo's influence in the village and didn't back down while confronting other villages. 'Appear weak when strong and appear strong when weak' This was the tactic he chose to implement as the military might of Konoha was affected by a lot.

Knowing Yugao had looked after Naruto for 3 years Jiraiya released her despite the elders showing the dissatisfaction but it was something he needed to do. Jiraiya felt guilt when confronting her as he had neglected his Godson despite promising his student Minato but Yugao had left the Anbu just so she could look after Naruto.

Naruto's disappearance was partly Yugao's fault but the village didn't have any right to punish her. If they wanted to view Naruto as a weapon belonging to the village then they should have treated him fairly and given him enough training and made him the weapon he was supposed to be.

But everyone shrunk back when it was time to look after him. They saw Naruto as a time bomb and yet refused to act towards him because he was the son of the great Fourth Hokage. So they just left him to rot on the side despite the sacrifices made by his father for the village.

Anyways Yugao was released but she couldn't go back to her life as the guilt was killing her inside. For Yugao, it was she who caused Naruto to disappear and there was a chance Naruto might never return.

Yugao quit her Jounin duties and started to take care of Naruto's home waiting for his arrival. But days turned to months and months into years and yet there was no sign of Naruto.

4 years passed away in a blink and some people even forgot the existence of Naruto.

Today the Konoha village was especially rowdy as it was the final day for Chunin Exams. Konoha hosted the Chunin exams inviting Genins from various village to test their abilities.

And the main attraction today was the fight between Sasuke Uchiha and Garra of the sand. Many rich merchants and politicians from different elemental nations had come to enjoy the fight and gamble while they were there.

Despite the lively environment, the internal situation was pretty grim. Jiraiya was putting up a good smile while giving out a speech to the crowd he hadn't been able to let his guard down because of his old friend Orochimaru.

Through his sources, Jiraiya had found he had come for the Uchiha kid and he was planning on taking the kid in a very high profile manner. With Kazekage and his forces inside the village, he was at a disadvantage not knowing where Orochimaru was going to strike from.

It was even more troublesome knowing Gaara was a Jinchuriki of one-tails and it was very dangerous if he went berserk at times like this. But in these troubled times, it was good to find out there were talented Shinobi among the smaller generation such as Shikamaru, Neji, and Rock Lee.

The crowd was yelling on high spirit as Gaara and Sasuke trading blows with each other. Since Naruto was not there his place in team 7 was replaced by another kid with a lower score in the academy to balance the team.

But unlike Naruto, the kid was not a Jinchuriki with plot armor to save him from Orochimaru and died in the forest of death. It was a huge blow for Sasuke and Sakura seeing their teammate die just like that. Especially for Sasuke who was reminded how his clan was massacred by his brother while he was left out because he was too weak for his brother to even bother killing him.

He once again was reminded how weak he was as he failed to save his teammate. Sasuke managed to awaken his third tomoe Sharingan and with Kakashi teaching him Chidori, his combat prowess was raised a lot but his cooky nature had turned down by a bit after witnessing his teammate die in front of him.

Sasuke moved like the wind as he mimicked Rock lee's movement leaving Gaara unable to even see where the attacks were coming from. Soon Gaara was pushed to surround himself in a sand ball to defend himself. Sasuke ran on top of the arena wall and started to prepare Chidori.

Surprised gasps ran across the arena as many were amazed by seeing the lightning gathering on Sasuke's left hand creating loud chirping sound. Sasuke ran down towards Gaara leaving a trail behind and threw a straight jab dodging the spikes coming out of Gaara's s


"Blood, It's my blood...." Gaara screamed from inside the ball making Temari and Kankuro who was spectating the fight with worried eyes.

"This is bad" Temari exclaimed as fear was written on both of their faces. Shino at side spying on them as he found them suspicious.

Sasuke backed off returning to a safe distance as the Gaara's shield fell off reaving his wounded self. While many were looking forward to what was going to happen next a large scale genjutsu had been cast in the arena making the civilians unconscious.

Many Ninja's from Sound and Sand village surrounded Konoha as the two men from Kazekage's side launched the attack signal. Kazekage holding the Hokage as a hostage jumped on the roof with four sound Ninja jumping on the four edges of the roof.

"Protect the Hokage-sama" The Anbu tasked with protecting Hokage moved towards them but the four Ninja on edge started to do hand signs on Kazekage's order.

"Four Violet Flames Formation" The four cried out as a purple cube formed on top of the roof trapping both Hokage and Kazekage on the inside.

One of the Anbu was too late to stop as he collided with the barrier and brusted in flames. Others Anbu's were helpless they could only stare at the Hokage inside the barrier.

"I never thought Sand village would betray the leaf, but then again I'm sure this wouldn't be the case if it was the real Kazekage. What do you think Orochimaru?" Jiraiya said with a disappointed tone.

"Ohhh, I guess you already saw through my disguise but isn't it foolish to let me trap you here," Orochimaru said narrowing his eyes.

"I think its better this way. The damage to the village can be reduced with us contained in a box." Jiraiya said jumping away from Orochimaru's grasp.

"Idiot. There won't be a village left once I'm done with you." Orochimaru said as he dashed towards Jiraiya.

"It's more idiotic, that you underestimate the village you grew up in" Jiraiya responded with his own blow.
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