Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
11 Level 1 Sage
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Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
Author :Username_unknown
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11 Level 1 Sage

On top of a very tall cliff, a young blonde boy was sitting bare-chested in a lotus position. Many golden lines ran across his body constantly shifting position trying to find an ideal position to rest. The bones near his back would move in a disgusting manner as if something was trying to break out of his back.

Claws formed in his hands and his fingernails got bigger by a margin. The boy was Naruto and he was trying to attract Nature chakra into his body according to the method taught by Gorudo.

Naruto was a bit surprised finding the method given to him vastly differed from the ones taught by the toads from Mt. Myoboku. He didn't need to sit still like a statue or apply some oil and get beaten by a rod to control the excessive Nature Chakra.

"Being a sage means being one with the wind. So just feel the wind and let it guide. Soon you'll learn to guide the wind itself. Every high beast in this world has their own way of interpreting a Sage and for us, the Eagles, Wind is what we believe in." Gorudo said these words as he sent Naruto to the top of the mountain where they had nested and made him feel the wind every morning and evening.

The was almost blown away by the wind as it was too strong for him. With his quick reflex, he managed to use his chakra and stick his foot on the ground, if he hadn't managed to do that then he might have ended in a pile of bones down below the mountain.

In the day Gorudo taught him a set of movements to control his agility and move like the wind. The White Eagle came to give out some pointers as well. Human's ninjutsu was faulty according to them and they didn't like to use hand signs to control the chakra in their body.

Hand signs were performed in order to manipulate the amount of chakra required to perform a jutsu. Naruto agreed as well since there were jutsu that didn't require hand signs like his Rasengan and many had trained themselves to perform jutsu with single hand signs. Since it was possible to perform one hand signs to performs a jutsu then it meant one could discard the hand signs and perform the Ninjutsu.

Naruto felt his decision to stay here was not wasted as he was fascinated by how Fuyumi controlled the wind around her with just the wave of her wings. She was not waving her wings to create violent wave but letting move around her according to her wishes.

"Airbending" was the word that popped up on Naruto's head as he looked how Fuyumi created a mini tornado on her wings. He wanted to try some Air-bending move from Avatar but now was not the time but it was something Naruto kept on the mind.

Back at Naruto, he slowly controlled the raging Chakra inside his body and tried to balance everything. The bones protruding on his back slowly subsided and Naruto's body returned to its normal state. The golden lines moved to his back as they formed golden wings tattoo above to shoulder moving towards his arms all the way to his elbow.

Naruto opened his eyes with which had turned golden similar to Gorudo's, his eyesight enhanced by many times but Naruto was not surprised. When he started to first practice Nature Chakra he had turned into something like an Eagle-human hybrid due to the imbalance of Nature Chakra in his body. Fortunately, Gorudo helped him out pushing away the excess chakra from Naruto's body before the transformation became permanent.

Eagle sight was one of the perks he received during the transformation and now that he managed to become a perfect Sage he kept some of the perks. Besides his golden eyes and the wing tattoo on his back, there weren't any other changes on Naruto's body.

Naruto stood up as his face held a confident smile. His long hair swaying in the winds as he enjoyed the violent gales on top of the mountain. Naruto held out his hand and a small tornado formed in his hand. It was one of the tricks taught Fuyumi and this was the first time he had managed to do it.

"I guess its time to test these babies" Naruto looked at his shoulder seeing the golden wing tattoos. After taking a few steps Naruto ran towards the end of the cliff and jumped.

"Ooooohoooooooo" Naruto dived head first disappearing below the thick clouds. Below the cloud was a vast forest full of green. Two huge Charkra wings formed behind Naruto and he started to fly like an Eagle.

After flying for a few minutes Naruto flew back to the mountain landing on top Gorudo's nest. As soon as Naruto landed three shadows jumped on him burying him down on the ground.

"hahaha, stop it guys." Naruto cried out as tears started to form on his eyes due to being tickled. The three figures were the children of Gorudo and Fuyumi. Two males and one female name Kaze, Shiro and Fuyu. The eggs had hatched on his second month of arrival and they saw Naruto as their elder brother.

"Caw, Caw" Kaze, Shiro and Fuyu cried in excitement as they brushed their soft feathers on Naruto and it was very hard for Naruto was very ticklish. The kids were only 4 months old so they couldn't speak yet but were intelligent enough to understand Naruto.

All three stood up from him standing at 3 meters all of them were taller than Naruto. It had been 6 months since he came here and Naruto had finally managed to become a sage. Fuyumi had already given him the contract a few months ago but Naruto said he wanted to stay more.

He was only a level one sage, he couldn't sustain his sagehood for more than 10 minutes. He would burn more chakra when flying so his Sage mode wasn't really combat ready. Naruto wanted to reach the level of Hashirama before he went back.

According to Gorudo, Naruto needed to reach level 3 sagehood before he can influence Nature Chakra according to his wish and enter Sage mode at any time without meditating.

The First Hokage never needed to meditate in order to enter Sage mode and he could sustain that state for a prolonged time while fighting. Reaching the level of First Hokage was the benchmark he made for himself.

A giant shadow formed behind Naruto as Gorudo flew down on the nest with a huge dead white snake on his claws. It was time for dinner and the menu tonight a snake from Ryuchi Cave.
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