Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
9 Reverse Summoning Jutsu
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Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
Author :Username_unknown
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9 Reverse Summoning Jutsu

With Naruto's enrollment in the academy, his boring days started and but his training never halted. Yugao forbade him to send shadow clones in the academy but she didn't say he couldn't send them to the woods to train.

With four of his clones training in the woods, Naruto slowed down his lifestyle in the academy. Watching kids run around in the class made him remember his school days and the place wasn't bad.

He could access the library and learn many D class ninjutsu but they were not that useful to him but he needed to higher authorization for higher level ninjutsu and there was a way to get them. He just needed to remain at the top of his class and that didn't require much of his efforts.

After their first year ended and Naruto managed to secure the top place with perfect score, Hiruzen finally gave into the countless request from Naruto and allowed him to check C-rank ninjutsu from the library.

Besides his academics, his relationship with Hinata was progressing in constant speed as well. It was hard at first with Hinata's shy nature but humans were capable of adapting to the extreme environment if given enough motivation.

Staying as bench mates for a whole year now, Hinata no longer blushed like a tomato when interacting with Naruto and he had started to take her out in the name of training. Naruto gave her the space she needed and just let her find happiness in what they were doing at the moment and letting her think about her responsibilities.

She complained about how her father was pushing her to become a leader material and how much she hated it. Naruto was all ears listening to the little girl's rants as they enjoyed their lunch together. Naruto was content with how things were progressing.



In the woods where Naruto usually trained, Yugao and Naruto were continuing their monthly spar. With three years of training, Naruto was on par with Yugao in terms of kenjutsu but he always lost due to his lack of experience.

"Konoha Style: Hazy Moonlight Technique," Yugao said as she dashed towards Naruto in high speed.

"Earth Style: Tearing Earth Turning Palm" Naruto's clone from the side did few hands sings and slammed his palm on the ground make the ground collapse inwards with Yugao in the center.

With her dash interrupted Yugao jumped up and two more clones appeared in her side all launching at Naruto again.

"Konoha Style: Dance of the Crescent Moon" Yugao launched another move from her arsenal and went for a knockout.

"Konoha Style: Dance of the Crescent Moon" Naruto replied with his own technique and all of the Yugao disappeared with a puff of smoke.

"Wind Release: Gale Palm" Naruto received a palm from Yugao from behind on his back as he was sent flying away in the forest. Both of Naruto's Shadow clones disappeared on the side but the Yugao was shocked as the one she hit disappeared as well.

"Hazy Moonlight" Naruto came from behind with sword in his hand and managed to put the sword on Yugao's neck.

"I won, Sister Yugao" Naruto said taking a heavy breath as sweat dripped down his chin. They had been sparing for more than an hour now and he hand used at least twenty C and D-rank Jutsu's while Yugao only used 6 or more using as less chakra as possible. She was not a monster like Naruto who had tons of Chakra reserve.

But utilizing them with precision was a difficult task as well. Naruto managed to get his first victory against Yugao but he was more burnt out than Yugao who only had few drops of sweat on her forehead. Looking at her, Yugao could continue this fight for a few more hours, while the same could not be said for Naruto.

"I guess you did. But I won't hold back on our next spar" Yugao said with a smile and headed towards the stream to wash her face. Naruto followed her as well, he needed to cool down more than her.

"So, since I managed to get my first victory do I get a reward," Naruto asked after they came back from the stream and sat down to take a rest.

"Hmm, I'll think about it," Yugao said closing her eyes.

"Can I please learn a B-rank jutsu now. I've been itching to try new jutsu for a while now." Naruto said with a pleading tone.

"I don't about B-rank but how another C-rank jutsu," Yugao said with a smile.

"C-rank, I can learn that in the library. I want to learn a B-rank jutsu" Naruto denied immediately.

"Mine's a bit different," Yugao said again.

"Different, how?" Naruto said with a questioning gaze.

"Its summoning technique" Yugao and did a few hand signs after bitting her finger.

Circular seals formed in the ground and with a puff of smoke, a cry of the eagle was heard.

"This is my summons White Eagle. She is a type of messenger bird" Yugao said patting the head of the Eagle with closed its eyes in delight.

Naruto was elated when hearing 'Summoning Technique' but his mood deflated like a balloon seeing it was just a messenger bird. 'Do I really have to settle for frogs' Naruto said to himself as he looked at the Eagle. The bird was definitely more pleasing to the eyes that the frogs but it was messenger bird not fit for combat.

"What with that look of yours? You don't like my summons." Yugao said with a glare.

"No of course not. I was overwhelmed by delight as the Eagle is so cute." Naruto lied knowing what was best for him. Yugao summoned a small scroll where Naruto needed to sign the contract for summoning the Messenger Eagle.

Naruto gave in and signed the contract with tears in his eyes and did his first summoning technique. Naruto didn't put much effort in the process and summoned an eagle slightly smaller than Yugao's. At least it could fly and the small Eagle hovered around Naruto in delight.

"Very good. You managed to summon on your first try. I'm so proud of you." Yugao praised in delight as she messed up Naruto's hair making it look like a birds nest. The small Eagle then sat on top his head making Yugao burst in laughter. Naruto's eyes kept twitching as he couldn't let out his dissatisfaction out in the open.

"I'll head back, for now, I need to prepare dinner. Come back early okay." Yugao said and left Naruto with his new summon.

Naruto shook his head in defeat as he played with the little Eagle he summoned. After looking at the contract he let out a crafty smile and sent back his eagle.

Naruto started to do the hand signs of summoning but in a reverse manner. He was going to reverse summon him and try to find a bigger animal or bird in the place where he would be sent.

"Reverse Summoning" Naruto said as he did the signs with a bloody finger and he disappeared with a puff of smoke.

Naruto opened his eyes in an unfamiliar place. His mouth hung wide open as he looked a the human size eggs beside him.
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