Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
8 Don“t be like me
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Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
Author :Username_unknown
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8 Don“t be like me

Naruto came of his room wearing black pants and orange hoodie, his blonde hair slightly longer than in the series and not as spikey. (His hair is same as Ichigo during his fight with Aizen. I don't know how to describe the hairstyle.)

"How do I long?" Naruto said as he made his hair entering the kitchen.

"You look like an orange monkey. Now eat up and leave for the academy. It rude to be late on the first day." Yugao said as she put the plates in the table.

With the care of Yugao Naruto height had grown much higher than that of the original series. Reaching 4.8 ft which was slightly taller for an 8-year-old he just a head shorter than Yugao.

Yugao had developed as well from the young 16-year-old girl to 18-year-old women with well-developed curves. Having to look after Naruto she slowly develop a mature vibe and couldn't be looked at like a girl anymore.

Naruto had complex feelings about her as he saw her as a sister but she wasn't really his sister. It would be a lie if he said he saw her only as a sister and nothing more. Naruto did dream about her with a couple of kids in their arms but he was only 8 years old and he had time to sort out their relationships later.

Besides he hadn't even reached his puberty yet, so while his little brother could stand, he couldn't shoot yet so there was that. Naruto shook away his thoughts as he sat down with Yugao and started their breakfast.

"Sister Yugao, Why do you insist on sending me to the academy? With all you've taught me, I can just take the graduation exam now and become a genin." Naruto said to Yugao with a pleading tone.

With Yugao's training, his abilities were somewhere between mid-high level Chunin and he could be more but his age was holding him back. And those were his pure abilities, he was also a Nine-tails Jinchuriki so he could do fight a Jounin once he used the chakra provided by Kurama. With his current relationship with Kurama, Naruto didn't need to worry about Kurama going berserk and taking over him but Nine-tailed mode was still out of question.

Kurama allowed Naruto to use up to 3 tails transformation and said he had to wait a few years more to use more chakra from Kurama. It was not that Kurama didn't allow the transformation, but his physical body couldn't handle the Charkra Kurama was willing to give.

"Don't be like me Naruto. Make some friends and try to enjoy your life. You deserve it. And I'm going out on a mission so you'll be alone for a week so don't create any problems. I'll be visiting the academy so don't you dare skip any classes." Yugao said with a sad tone as she couldn't enjoy her childhood due to being an Anbu.

"Fine. But I'm very happy with what I have right now? Having you here is enough for me. I'm only going there because you asked me to. And take care of yourself during the mission." Naruto stood up and left jumping through the window, hopping from roof to roof.

Yugao looked at Naruto leaving towards the academy with complex emotions. Hayate had asked her out for a date and she refused. Naruto appeared on her mind when Hayate confessed his love to her. Hayate only shook his head with sadness when Yugao declined but gave out an understanding smile and walked away.

But this only made Yugao more guilty. Naruto was only 8 years old while she was 18 and there were a clear 10 years of difference between there age. . She felt like she was a pedophile lusting after a kid but she couldn't help. And so she started to take more missions to avoid Naruto while trying to make it look like everything was fine.

Yugao took a deep breath and started to get dressed and pack her weapons for her new mission. She left the house shortly after trying to shake away her complex thoughts.

Naruto arrived in the academy ground just in time to hear the speech given by Hiruzen. The usual stuff about 'will of fire' and something-something. After half an hour long speech Naruto and his new classmates went to their new class.

Looking around he found many familiar faces such as Hinata, Sasuke, Sakura, etc. By now everyone had taken their seats and found their own friend. Sasuke was sitting near the window with his brow twitching in irritation.

Naruto laughed as he would be the same as well if there were two uncivilized girls screaming right into his ears. With Sakura and Ino fighting for sits near him and other girls taking front and back sits Sasuke could only sigh in defeat.

Not giving him any attention Naruto searched for a place to sit and moved after finding his target.

"Yo, how you've been Hinata?" Naruto said taking the sit right next to her.

"Wah, Na..Na. Naruto. Oh, I'm fine" Hinata with her usual shy nature replied in alarm as she saw Naruto sitting right next to her, her voice getting smaller with each word as her face started to blush.

While Naruto hated her shy nature but he had to admit she was cute and adorable. A couple of students found different reasons to move out of the front and back bench leaving Naruto and Hinata alone.

Hinata was Hyuga clan heiress and had high status so few kids dared to stay near her. It was also why Naruto found the sit next to her empty but the kids moving away from the front and back bench was pure because of him.

Their parents had warned them to stay away from him and naturally they would follow their parent's instructions. The kids didn't know and there were not at fault either so Naruto didn't mind. Naruto was long used to such actions and just leaned back and tried to talk more with Hinata.

Hinata's blush grew dark as she saw other kids moving away as many thoughts ran on her head.

'kyaaaaa, I'm stilling alone with Naruto. Did they move away thinking we're a couple.' Many thoughts similar to this ran on her mind as she didn't even hear Naruto talking to her.

Naruto had seen enough anime to notice what was going on so he just left Hinata on her dreamland. Her face was already too red, he feared she would blow up he pushed her anymore.

A few minutes later Iruka came in with a book and introduced himself as their teacher. Taking attendance Iruka quickly started to teach the basics of Ninjutsu which was hand signs.

Naruto had yet to meet Iruka and Iruka only looked after Naruto due to his troublemaking habits in the series and since Naruto didn't have those habits now Iruka's thoughts on Naruto were neutral. Naruto was just another student he was going to teach.

As the class was ongoing Naruto quickly entered his dream world as he already knew about the hand signs. Same was the case for kids from Ninja family as they whispered with kids next to them but kids from common background listened with great interest.

Rest of the day was boring as well since there wasn't much to learn. Naruto kept a low profile drawing no attention to him unlike the Naruto from series. As for making friends, he was not that interested as his thoughts were vastly different from the kids around him.

But he was interested in bringing Hinata out of her closet and make her stronger. In the series, during the Pain Arc Sakura sat on the sidelines crying like a bitch but it was Hinata who came out to save Naruto and lost her life in the process.

Hinata was a strong girl, she just didn't know how to interact with others due to her strict upbringing. Hinata was one of his favorite girls from the series and he wanted to do something for her without wanted anything back.
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