Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
7 Beginning of the Academy
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Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
Author :Username_unknown
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7 Beginning of the Academy

"Rasengan" A shirtless Naruto ran through the forest and slammed the blue ball in his hand against a tree.

The blue ball drilled into the thick bark of the tree and the other side exploded into bits. The tree slowly started to tilt and fell down with a bang.

Naruto took heavy breaths as sweat dripped down his muscles. For a 7-year-old, Naruto's body could make people droll at sight. His body was lean and packed with tight well-defined muscles. His slightly long hair stuck to his face due to sweat as he wiped his cheeks.

Two months had passed since the Uchiha Massacre and he had managed to master both Shadow Clone Jutsu as well as the Rasengan. He was still working on the Shadow Shuriken Jutsu.

Naruto ran towards the small stream nearby and jumped in to cool off his body after throwing away his pants to the side. A cold bath after the intense workout was definitely relaxing and Naruto enjoyed every moment of it.

Naruto resumed his training after getting out of the stream and started to throw his wooden shurikens. He really wanted to buy metal shurikens but he learned that the academy would provide him free shurikens and kunai after joining so he decided to use wooden ones for now.

The money provided by the Third Hokage was barely enough for Naruto as his appetite had increased, buying shurikens and kunai was something he couldn't afford right now.

As he was hitting the bullseye he made in the tree trunk a hand cover his eyes a figure hugged him from behind

"Guess who?" A soft voice entered Naruto's ears as the hot breath tickled him.

"Do, I have to?" Naruto said with a smile and turned around to hug the figure.

"I missed you, sister Yugao" Naruto said as he started to move his head left to right.

Naruto height was only around 4ft and his head was still right in Yugao chest. Yugao hugged him back at first but soon found out what he was doing.

"You pervert" Yugao sent a fist right on top of Naruto's head and her foot went straight for the family jewels.

"Agrhhhhhhh" A scream echoed in the forest as the birds flew away in fear.

Naruto sat down on the ground with one hand on his crotch while another holding his head.

"Okay quit your acting. I know you've already healed." Yugao said in a cold voice.

Naruto stood up scratching his head in embarrassment as he checked out Yugao. Her usual Anbu attire was gone replaced with a blue shirt and pants with a green jacket. The ninja headband strapped in her arms and her purple hair flowing all the way down to her waist. And also there was no mask covering her face now as her beautiful face was out in the open.

"Quit daydreaming show me how much you've grown," Yugao said as she took out her sword and got into a battle stance.

Naruto took out the sword given by Yugao from storage scroll and he got in the stance as well. Without words, both disappeared in the wind as they clashed with each other at high speed.

"Dance of the Crescent Moon" Naruto created two more shadow clones and rushed towards Yugao at high speed.

"Hazy Moon Light," Yugao said in a light tone as her sword left after images as she moved it around her to form a circle which then formed a moon and she rushed at Naruto in a speed higher than that of Naruto slashing through all of them.

All of the Naruto's vanished with a puff of smoke as another Naruto emerged from behind with his sword on Yugao's neck.

"I won Sister Yugao," Naruto said with a smug smile.

"Are you sure about that?" Yugao voice came from Naruto's back as the Yugao in front of him turned into a log.

It was the legendary Substitution technique.

Yugao swung her sword down hitting Naruto's head with its hilt.

"Ouch, Sister Yugao my height is not growing because you keep hitting my head" Naruto complained as he rubbed his head.

"You are growing just fine. let's go lunch is on me" Yugao ruffled Naruto's hair and moved towards the village.

She could finally treat Naruto to lunch without hiding in the shadows. And her days as an Anbu was gone and she could finally take a breather. Naruto's progress was good as well and she planned on teaching a few more ninjutsu to Naruto before he could enter the academy.

With Yugao back, Naruto's training intensified as she started to train Naruto with holding back. She had taken permission from the Third Hokage to take care of him and he agreed.

Hiruzen had already suspected what was going on once Naruto stopped his troublesome habits but his suspicions were later confirmed when Yugao asked to leave Anbu. But it wasn't anything major and he could finally have some peace since Naruto stopped painting over the Hokage monuments.

Besides Yugao had asked to take care of Naruto which meant he didn't have to pay her for looking after Naruto. It was a win-win situation for him so he agreed without hesitation. He had ignored Naruto despite what his parents did for the village so he partly agreed because of guilt as well.

Months passed faster with Yugao by Naruto's side and he enjoyed every second of it. Although she was sometimes harsh during the training she displayed her care as well.

10 months passed by and Naruto was now 8 years old and his academy days were starting. Yugao didn't hold back on her teaching as Naruto had multiple D rank Jutsu and few C rank jutsu in his arsenal. He absorbed everything Yugao had to teach like a sponge.

(I checked Narutopedia for D rank jutsu but there weren't many presents, let's just say he know few more than what is shown in the series. It's not like D rank jutsu will be used in the future. Some useful D-rank techniques are body flicker, shadow shuriken, etc)

His Chakra affinity had already been tested which was wind as expected and Yugao had the same affinity as well. Although Yugao relied on her sword more she had few tricks up on her sleeves as well.

Naruto could do Wind Release: Gale Palm and Wind Release: Great Breakthrough without any difficulty. As for higher tier techniques Yugao said she would teach him in his later years.

"Naruto wake up. Its time for school." Yugao shouted to Naruto who was drooling in his bed. Starting today, he was going to Academy. Although he had nothing to learn there Yugao forced him to go saying he had to make friends.

Yugao had taken permission from the Third Hokage and moved in with Naruto taking the spare room in Naruto's apartment. Since Naruto was only 7 at the time Hiruzen didn't think of anything suspicious and accepted the request.

And now Yugao had turned from sister to mother as she started to cook for him and wake him up in the morning. Which also led him to become lazier as he no longer needed to cook for himself and live alone.

"Just five more minutes," Naruto said in a drowsy voice as he continued to snore.

"Don't make me come to your room Naruto," Yugao said in the cold voice from the kitchen.

"Okay, mom. I will be there in a second." Naruto stood up in a hurry and got dressed up for the academy.
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