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The sun had started to peek out from the hill as the sun rays rained down on Konoha. Civilians started their daily life as the noise gradually started to build up.

The villagers were still discussing the Uchiha Massacre Incident even though a month had already passed. There was quite an uproar when the Third Hokage announced the news. Some were happy some were sad and some were lost in the gossip as they continued their daily life.

Konoha's military power had suffered a significant blow but they had also managed to avoid a disaster but the villagers were unaware of the scene behind.

Naruto didn't care what happened behind the scene as he was slurping down on the Ramen at Ichiraku's while listening to gossips. He had stopped his troublemaking habits so the whispers about his had declined to a degree but the parents of many children kept them from playing with Naruto.

He was also spending most of his time in the woods so he had currently zero friends but he didn't mind. He was sure he could become friends with Shikamaru and Choji but he had no time for them yet.

Anyways back to training as Naruto produced a shadow clone while in the woods. He couldn't produce more yet but he was getting there. But at least his progress had doubled with the help of his trusty shadow clone Naruto no.2.

With Yugao gone and no Anbu on his tail, he finally found time to train his Rasengan. He didn't want to use his shadow clone to create a single Rasengan like in the series as he felt that was humiliating. His pride wouldn't allow it even if he took years to master it. It was his father's technique, it could be proud only if he used his single hand to create it.

It was also the reason for his delay in learning shadow clone and he hadn't even started the shadow shuriken jutsu. He had no idea why Yugao gave him shadow shuriken jutsu as she trained him in sword arts. He had yet to throw a single shuriken and the main problem would he didn't even have a shuriken.

But it was a problem for some other time as Both Naruto took a held out their hand and a small blue sphere formed in their hand. The blue ball increased to regular size Rasengan but the problem was the chakra was rotating in a single direction. But he had reached the perfection in maintaining the sphere while keeping the chakra in a very dense state. In a way, he had formed Rasengan without its destructive power.

Jiraiya's method was good but it didn't work for Naruto as there was so much to do in a single time. Naruto was taking a step at a time as he started to make another rotation inside the Rasengan. One by one he started to form more rotation inside the Rasengan as it started to wobble around its form started to break.

Slowly the Rasengan vanished from both Naruto's hand as they both couldn't get past the 30'th rotation. But his progress was good. Naruto in the series took two weeks to learn the Rasengan but he required a shadow clone to maintain the form. Even in the latter year he still used a shadow clone to do a Rasengan.

Naruto of now saw it as an imperfection. Minato's Rasengan was the perfect one as he could create it in second and thrust it in the opponent's back before they could even react. Remembering the scene from the series as Minato used his Rasengan on Obito, goosebumps formed in his hands.

Naruto could reach the same amount of speed with Nine-tails mode, he still wanted to learn the Flying Thunder God Technique. It was "must learn technique' for Naruto standing at the top of his priority alongside sage arts, taijutsu, and other stuff.

"I think I can master Rasengan in about a week or so now. I'll focus on forming more shadow clones for now." Naruto said he did hand seals for shadow clone jutsu and with puffs deflated Naruto no.3 appeared beside him.

"Take a rest for now. I'll go and create some wooden shuriken in the meantime." Naruto no.2 said as he jumped towards the tree branches.

"I know, I know," Naruto said as he laid on the ground and closed his eyes.

"So how's my best friend doing?" Naruto said as he opened his eyes in the vast grassland.

"I'd do better with this cage but I'm good. So brat you got more stories of yours. My ears have been itching for a while now." Kurama said as he perked up his ears.

It had been a year since Naruto started talking with Kurama. While there was nothing to talk about he had started to talk about the fictional stories from his other words. Marvel stories, DC stories, some Chinese cultivation stories as well as some Japanese ones.

While talking about stories Naruto never brought up talks about using his power and Kurama slowly got used to the stories as well. While he was surprised by the number of stories Naruto had he never questioned him how he knew so many of them. For him listening the youngster was enough.

"Hm, how about the story about Monkey King Wukong then," Naruto said as he went near the gate and leaned his back against the steel and sat down.

"The four tails ape. No, skip it. I want another story. It would be great you have some story of the great demon Lord Nine-tails." Kurama instantly denied.

"It's not about the four tails. Its an ancient story belonging to a different land. Just listen. I don't have any other story at the moment." Naruto said as he started to think how the story went.

Telling stories to Kurama was one of the ways to remember his old home. It helped him create a bond of sorts for Naruto with Kurama. At least they could be considered friends now. it was impossible to do a transformation but he could see himself going Nine-tailed mode in the future.

After the daily dose of storytelling, Naruto came back to the woods with Naruto no.2 sitting near him who was sharpening wooden shuriken with the sword given to him by Yugao. A pile of shuriken in the ground beside him along with wood chips lying around.

"Let's start throwing," Naruto said standing up as he went pick the shuriken. The wooden shurikens were harmless but Naruto's goal was to increase his throwing power and accuracy. As for shadow shuriken jutsu, it was a story for another day.