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"Ah baby, I love the pain" Naruto screamed as he kicked the bark of the tree blood dripping down his foot. It had been a week or so since he started to do physical training. It started with his master Saitama's training that is 100 push-ups, 100 situps, 100 squats and 10km running every day.

And as for kicking the tree part, he saw Rock Lee do it in one of the episodes so why not he said and kicked the tree with some hesitation. And the result was as expected, Naruto sat down on the ground holding his leg with tears in his eyes.

The pain was so intense he brusted out in laughter thinking how stupid he was. But Kurama did his magic and the wound quickly vanished in minutes and after thinking for a few minutes of thinking Naruto kicked again and again.

"Broken bones heal stronger, No going back now," Naruto said to himself as he kicked the tree 10 times before he passed out from the pain. He came back a few hours later and started to laugh.

"What the fuck am I doing?" Naruto cried out. Naruto laid on the ground for several hours that day thinking about the training and with the next day he came back and repeated yesterday's action.

And now a week later he was still doing it and he started to get numb to the pain. The regeneration Kurama provided was also the reason why the wounds didn't affect Naruto much. If it was any other people then they wouldn't have been able to walk for a month after kicking a tree with that force.

"Wait" Naruto took a break for a while and stood up ready to kick again but a voice from behind stopped him.

"Ah, stupid brat. Do you want to become cripple or something?" Neko who had been tasked to look after Naruto had grown irritated with Naruto's change and that god awful training. While she was ordered to never make a physical contact she couldn't hold back anymore and jumped out from the shadows.

"Ahh, What the fuck?" Naruto screamed as he was truly startled being caught off guard. While he kicked the tree ten times a day, he still had to mentally prepare himself for the pain when he kicked it and the with that loud scream from behind caught him off guard, which embarrassingly made him squeal like a girl.

"Enough, I'll help you with your training. I can't bear it anymore." Neko said in defeat as he looked at Naruto's leg. The wound had closed but a huge blood clot had formed above his naked leg which made it look horrifying.

"Crap, I never thought Third Hokage had Anbu watching over me. The only problem is if she belongs to the Third Hokage or the Root." Naruto said to himself as he looked at the newcomer in a wary manner. "And who are you? Are you a pervert, who likes to play with little kid. Do you dare come near me, I'll scream." Naruto decided to play dumb and brought both his hand near his chest.

Neko's veins were popping inside the mask as she listened to Naruto's slander. 'What the fuck? What do you mean by a pervert?'

'Cough Cough'

"Ah, no I'm a ninja from the village. I was coming back from a mission and I saw you. That training will not get you anywhere. How about I train you in my spare time?" Neko said in a gentle tone trying to ignore what Naruto just said.

"Ninja, I'm pretty sure you're a pervert. You're even wearing a Neko mask. I'm pretty sure you're one of the ugly aunts in the village. I'm warning you, leave or I'll scream." Naruto said as he took few steps back, with hands protecting his chest.

"You brat. I'm done with being gentle" Neko said as she grabbed her mask and threw it right at Naruto knocking him down. Neko took heavy breaths as there were multiple veins popping in her forehead due to anger.

Awhile later Naruto was swinging a wooden sword while Neko was stilling in a branch absorbing Naruto's movement. After knocking out Naruto, she showed Naruto couple of tricks to prove she was a ninja and also a 16-year-old girl named Yugao Uzuki. Seeing her face Naruto quickly remembered her from the anime and took the chance to become her student.

While he didn't know whose faction she belonged to, but he knew she was one of the good guys in the series. Yugao in the series was a student of Hayate Gekko training in kenjutsu and naturally, she handed him a wooden sword to teach him the art of the sword.

While Naruto had seconds thoughts about swords it was better than kicking the tree blindly. Naruto was thinking of joining Rock Lee while in the academy and train under Might guy along with him in terms of taijutsu.

As for now, kenjutsu would work just fine. Naruto was currently doing a vertical slash and repeating it again and again until he started to sweat. The movement was simple but doing it for a long period of time was boring.

Also while he trained alone, he could take a break whenever he wanted but it was not same now as Uzuki would throw a small stone at his forehead as soon as he started to get sloppy with his movement and she never missed.

"Ah" Naruto screamed again as there was the red area around his forehead. Without looking at the direction where it came from. Naruto straightened his back and moved his sword.

"Sister Uzuki, when will you train me in some Ninja technique. How long do I have to continue this single slash for?" Naruto asked in a pleading tone as tried the legendary puppy-eyed technique but unfortunately, it didn't hit the mark as another stone struck his forehead.

"Enough talk. Just do what you're told. Where did the energy you used to kick the tree disappear?" Yugao said with a smile as she picked another small stone and threw it up in the air and caught it again. A smirk plastered on her face as she looked at Naruto. She had yet to forget how she was branded as an ugly middleaged pervert by the demon ahead of her.