Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
2 I would have prefered old man Teuchi
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Broken Worlds: A Naruto Fanfic
Author :Username_unknown
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2 I would have prefered old man Teuchi

Sean and who was now Naruto cried until there were no tears to shed. Though he was done crying the mood was still heavy as he moved from the floor to his bed and started to think about what he needed to do about his horrifying future.

"Why Naruto of all people in this world? I would have preferred 'old man Teuchi' over this trouble maker. The founder of Ichiraku ramen. Ah, what a life it could have been. Watching real-life Naruto from the sideline while being the boss of a small diner." Naruto closed his eyes to remember the storyline of Naruto.

While he was a fan of Naruto he was not a hardcore fan who knew exactly what happens in each episode. 'Naruto' was famous for its filler episode and Sean conveniently skipped the chapter and watched the main storyline. But still, it had been years since he watched 'Naruto' and he had forgotten many of the earlier episodes of 'Naruto' as it aired decades ago.

Sean or Naruto tried to get a good sleep but he couldn't as he kept rolling around the bed. Naruto in his previous world was a lazy guy and slept till 9'o clock every morning but had to work hard due to his circumstances. But still, he napped in the free times between his jobs as his body was always exhausted to the huge workload.

Naruto didn't mind continuing his habit here as well but there was only one problem and that was the endless amount of energy coursing through his veins. He was in the body of Naruto Uzumaki who were renowned for their vast chakra reserve and on top of that he was a Jinchuriki of Nine-tails.

The amount of stamina present in the tiny body was countless time more than that of his previous body. "Ahhhhh" Naruto screamed with red eyes as he jumped out from the bed and got dressed in his signature orange jacket and pants.

He walked towards the mirror and noticed his panda eye was almost gone due to Nine-tails regeneration and his spiky hair had almost covered his eyes. From the memories of Naruto, it seems the wound came from saving Hinata from the three bullies and somehow Sean's soul entered the body of Naruto when he was knocked out.

And the two souls slowly merged during the night letting Sean taking over as the dominant host of the body. Why or how it happened, he didn't know but he didn't care either as it already happened and there was no going back now.

Naruto came out of his small apartment given to him by the Third Hokage and walked along the street towards previous Naruto's favorite place. Along the way, he heard numerous whispers calling him out as demon and such but the expression on Naruto's face didn't change a single bit.

Naruto was used to it. Sean wasn't but previous Naruto was used to these things as his senses were enhanced being a Jinchuriki and he could hear whispers as the crowd didn't even bother to hide it. This also the reason why previous Naruto was so driven to prove his worth to the village and make them acknowledge Naruto as their equal.

Sean was not the same, equality never existed and it never will. People were driven to live to become better than someone. It was the reason why there were leaders and many other followers. It was the reason why Daimyo and kage existed as well. Why people tried to give out reason's explain themselves to be righteous but in the end, it didn't change the fact that they did it to become better than someone else.

Being better than someone else meant being superior to them and they were proud of it as well. As for being a Hokage, he didn't even want to think about it after he saw Boruto. Growing without a parent, Naruto should have known how much being there his kids meant yet there he was drowning in the paper works while his kids started grew apart from him.

Naruto shook his thoughts away as he smelled a sweet fragrance and he had arrived at his destination.

"Old man, give me a bowl of ramen. Wait, make that two please." Naruto sat in the chair as he looked at Old man Teuchi.

"Oh, Naruto. Aren't a bit early today." Old man Teuchi laughed as he went inside to cook for Naruto. A little later a cute girl in an apron came with a huge bowl of ramen and put it in front of Naruto. "Thanks, sister Ayame" Naruto clapped his hand and broke the chopsticks and started to gobble down the noddles.

"Take it easy Naruto. Dad said it's in the house. So take your time." Ayame smiled as she walked back inside to help her father.

After munching on his favorite Ramen, Naruto was now resting on top of Hokage monument. For some reason, he was really holding himself back for painting on the faces but managed to hold himself back. Some habit was hard to discard and making trouble was what Naruto did most of the time.

Even the villagers found it odd as Naruto had yet to create some trouble today. "AH" Naruto who was just laying on his back stood up. "I totally forgot about him," Naruto said to himself as he sat back down and closed his eyes.

Opening it again he found himself in a dark sewer and a giant prison in front of him.

"Oh, Look who came to visit. Kid come here." A dark red pair of eyes with vertical slits became visible and soon its body followed suit and Naruto saw a huge orange fox lying in the cold wet ground sleeping as its Nine-tails wagged around in the air.

"Ohoho, he's definitely bigger than I thought," Naruto said as he went near the gate and gazed back at the huge pair of red eyes.

A smirk ran through the fox's face as he saw the kid doing what he told. "Now twist that seal and I'll give you endless power." The fox said as red chakra gathered around Naruto carrying him up to the circular seal in the gate.

Naruto placed his hand on the seal as his eyes grew dark. "Good now twist it in a clockwise direction" Fox excitedly stood up on his fours as he saw kid undoing the seal.

Naruto suddenly let out a smile as he twisted it in another direction and a huge wooden gate crashed down from above nailing the fox down on the ground.

"THE OTHER WAY. TWIST IT IN ANOTHER DIRECTION" The fox cried out as he screamed at the kid.

Naruto twisted the seal back to its place and smiled at the giant fox.

"You Brat. You did that on purpose. Come here you. I'll eat you alive." The fox rammed its body in the gate as he tried to take a bite out of Naruto who simply backed off to a safer distance. The fox's claws still waving outside the gate to catch the kid.
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