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12 Important chapter pat2

@@This is not a chapter, but here is where I will explain better about weapon levels, metal levels and how it will practice swordsmanship.

Weapons are divided into levels:

• Mortal: they are simple weapons, with nothing special.

• Spiritual: they are weapons that have registration standards in them.

• Earth: weapons that can absorb the power of laws or heavenly power.

• Heaven: they are weapons that have absorbed so much energy from the law or celestial energy that they have created a soul. (Earth-level weapons can turn Sky-level weapons.)

Levels of metals:

• Level 1 to 5: The only thing that differentiates a level 1 metal to a level 5 metal is resistance.

• Level 6: They are metals that have soul force inside them, these metals are more resilient and they make it easier for a blacksmith to put a registration pattern.

• Level 7: metals that can absorb energy from the law.

• Level 8: metals that can absorb celestial energy.

• Level 9: This type of metal is artificially created, when a blacksmith melts a level 7 metal with a level 8 metal he creates a level 9 metal, this metal can absorb both law energy and celestial energy.

Level 10: They are metals that were created early in the universe, these metals absorbed so much energy for so long that they created a soul. To create a weapon with this type of metal first the metal has to accept the person. (A weapon created with this metal is a Sky level weapon in its creation.)

Ming Zi will fight with swords, but I have no idea what the sword stages are so comment as you would like it to be.