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45 Pair of “Dirty“ hands

After the fourth period, the class finally got their long-awaited recess as Rito slumped his head on the desk with an exhausted face. All his excitement for attending the school had been scraped apart by the tedious studies.

Now, he actually preferred the tiring days where he trained, ate and slept or fought against a strange alien creature.

In reality, he wasn't a study material. After all, he had grown without any experience of school life and had only seen them in various mangas and novels but this imaginary bubble had burst apart the moment they started teaching the English language course.

"Hey, Rito-san. I heard about your incident. Feeling better now?"

A black-haired boy came up to his desk and asked as he kept on gazing at his arms.

Noticing his gaze, Rito's brows shot up.

"Fujio-san, is something wrong with my hand?"

Fujio immediately shook his head and replied with a wry smile.

"It's nothing. I saw you on a video yesterday and it looked like you have finally awakened your quirk, congratulations."

The moment he spoke those words, the attention of other students also came back to Rito as they flooded his table.

"Oh yeah! I completely forgot about that! Your quirk was amazing!"

"Yeah! Did you really fight S-Class Hero, Tatsumaki?!"

"What's your quirk? It looked like enhanced strength!"

"Hey, hey, what happened that night Rito-san, did you awaken your quirk after that incident?!"

A lot of boys and girls asked him various kinds of question about his quirk and the incident with Tatsumaki and also about the night of his transmigration.

He couldn't answer all of them at the same time as he slowly explained them the situation.

The question regarding his quirk was quite easy to explain as there are a number of cases where people awaken their quirk after a certain incident.

The name of his quirk decided by the Hero Association was Enhanced Body, simple and effective.

Meanwhile, he couldn't answer their queries regarding his incident with Tatsumaki because of various reasons while he didn't know much about the incident of him exiting the city either.

"Either way, Rito-san, please be careful from now on!"

The class president spoke out and everybody nodded.

"Thank you for all of your concerns. I will be careful from now on. I apologise for worrying you all."

Rito didn't have any reason to avoid them or act coldly so he simply smiled and politely nodded.

After the group dispersed, two figures finally came to Rito.

"yaah~ I thought they would never leave!"

Ochaco grinned as she looked at the guys covering his table just a moment ago.

"Well, it is a natural reaction, after all, I got a super cool quirk."

Rito grinned and stood up, too.

"I am so hungry, let's go to the cafeteria!"

Ochaco laughed and put up her fist.

Nobody was surprised by her reaction since Rito and Ochaco used to hang out a lot.

Rito shrugged and went with Ochaco while the frowning Haruna tagged along.

"You've been awfully quiet, is something wrong, Haruna-san?"

Rito smiled at Haruna.

"Oh, it's nothing. I am just thinking about those five guys that you knocked down in the morning."


Rito looked at Haruna curiously.

"Yeah. I don't like them."

Haruna nodded and stated as she remained deep in her thoughts completely unaware of a sneaky presence approaching her from behind.

"What about them?"

Rito frowned as Ochaco was slightly stunned by their conversation.

'Rito-kun is calling Haruna-chan by her first name... now that I think of it, he has been calling her by her first name since yesterday.'

Ochaco felt slightly uncomfortable as she wasn't called by her first name yet and she has been hanging around him from the very first day of the school.

Meanwhile, Haruna replied once again.

"It's the way they peek at me or Ochaco. They were peeking at me today, too. And that guy also looked at Ochaco weirdly, I don't like it."

Rito's expression turned into an understanding one as he asked a question.

"Did you both not know that you have your own fan clubs?"

His question stiffened both of them as even Ochaco's thoughts turned sluggish.

Seeing their expression, Rito continued.

"Those five are the founder of your secret fan club and not only them, but almost all the males are also included. And you guys don't have to worry. You both are only a small part of the number of girls they have been a fan of."

His words turned their expression even more wonderful when suddenly Haruna's thoughts turned and she narrowed her eyes as she looked at Rito.

"Rito-san, how do you know all of this?"

Rito, who was going to reply her honestly and casually suddenly stiffened.

"Oh, that's... um—"

Haruna looked at his face and smiled with a chilling expression.

"By any chance, are you a part of this secret fan club?"

Ochaco also looked at him with her big round eyes.

Rito, who was walking between both of them felt his back covered in sweat when his mind turned alert and he immediately grabbed both of their arms and pulled them towards his chest.

"Wha– we aren't at that—"

Ochaco's face immediately flushed and she started spouting gibberish while Haruna's face turned beet red and she bit her lower lip.

At that very moment, two pairs of hands grabbed at the empty air where both of the girls originally stood.

Rito also turned his face to look at a girl with messy dirty blonde hair and his face unconsciously held a derisive smirk.

"You aren't going to touch them."

His face said it all.

After the unknown enemy came to the light, Rito let go of the two blushing girls as Ochaco placed both of her hands on her cheeks as she kept on speaking gibberish. Apparently, she had already lost it.

Meanwhile, Haruna looked back with a red face and looked at two girls glaring at Rito's back.

"Mio-chan? Risa-chan?"

Haruna finally seemed to have understood Rito's action as her face blushed once again. After all, he only hugged her and Ochaco to save them from these two girls' hands.


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