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Mike looked around, he noticed that the other adventures were looking at him funny or keeping their distance while whispering about him, Clearly, they were looking forwards to seeing how Mike would get beat up

'...Well this cheap dagger won't really do… If I had the knife I would be able to wipe the floor with any level 4…'

Mike opened his hand and tried to summon the knife, but after waiting for half a minute for it to materialize out of thin air he shook his head and gave up on the idea before he drew the cheap dagger and began spinning it around

'Looks like you'll have to do…'

Mike waited about half an hour, meanwhile, the young noble lady had woken up and gave him a glare before she stomped off, Mike ignored her and span the dagger around with increasing speeds, as he did he looked towards the center of the city, about 200 meters away was a luxurious carriage that slowly approached the caravan

'Well, I really hope you hold up for the upcoming fight…'

Mike stopped spinning the dagger before he began walking towards the carriage that just had stopped, a dignified middle aged man stepped out of the carriage and looked around and quickly found his daughter, she ran over and told him something before she pointed at Mike, Mike gave a slight smile as the middle aged man walked over with a hand on the hilt of his sword

"Are you the one that beat my daughter?"

Mike gave a nod

"Yeah, you really should teach her some manners, calling a level 4 a beggar… I really should have slit her neck for that"

The middle aged man looked over Mike and gave a scoff before he spoke sarcastically

"You? A level 4?"

Mike gave a sigh

"...Looks like it runs in the family"

The middle aged man slowly drew his sword and spoke

"For putting a hand on my daughter you deserve death, be thankful for I will personally punish you!"

Mike took a stance, just as he did a boom sounded out above the city as something parted the clouds beyond the south gate and shot past Mike's head before it embedded itself into the cobblestone road with a mighty roar, kicking up dust that forced everybody present to cover their eyes


Suddenly Mike's laughter sounded out as a red light shone in the dust that had yet to be settled…

Turning time back a little on Thera in the capital city a grand auction was happening in a giant theater in the middle of the city, the participants were all wealthy nobles or high level adventures, two cloaked figures took their seat at in a private box, but still kept their hoods on, as the auction the two figures were silent meanwhile on the stage anything from magic weapons to high level slaves passed by and was sold to the highest bidder, soon one of the figures asked the other

"Are you sure it's here?"

"Yeah, and it should be one of the next items… Look there it is!"

On the stage a glass cabinet was rolled onto the stage, insided it lay a dagger, nay a knife on display, the two cloaked figures trembled slightly before one of them spoke

"We must have it!"

The other figure gave a nod, her eyes glued to the knife that had changed her life

"Yes, once we have it we're one step closer to finding our master"

Soon the bidding began, the price quickly rose into the hundred thousands, but then suddenly something happened to the knife, it suddenly began trembling before it ever so gently floated a few centimeters, then it happened. An indescribable scream sounded out shattering glass all over the venue and most of the capital city, including the display case, then even though it was day darkness descended and within that darkness, a vermilion light shone for a moment before light returned. For a moment everybody's eyes were gathered at the knife that now floated in the middle of the air before it suddenly accelerated and broke through the roof and hovered above the capital city for a moment before it flew north quickly breaking the sound barrier with a boom, the two cloaked figures were the first to recover as they stood up and walked out of the venue

"It flew north…"'

The other gave a nod

"That means Master is north of Thera"

Then red light much like the ones the knife had given outshone in their eyes as they walked out of the theater…


Mike was still laughing wildly even as the dust settled, but then suddenly he stopped laughing and looked down at the cheap dagger before he threw it to the side and called out

"Come on, I am right here"

Mike sounded like he was coaxing a child as he called out before he opened his hand and the object that had embedded itself into the cobblestone floated up and as if pulled by some invisible force it quickly landed in Mike's hand, Mike nearly teared up, it had been so long since he had last held the knife

"...Welcome home"

Then suddenly a red light shone in his eyes before the knife also shone with a red light

"...Yeah, I know… You're hungry, don't worry I'll feed you in a bit"

Mike then looked up at the dignified noble man and his daughter, they both trembled when he looked at them, the nobleman felt that the danger Mike posed had just risen to exponentially so he quickly tied to smooth over the situation, not because of fear of his life, but because anyone welding such a powerful magic weapon surely had a big backing

"Now, I believe we got off on the wrong foot, please accept my apology and know that I will discipline my foolish daughter, if you just allow me to---"

"Draw your sword… Or don't, it makes no difference"

The nobleman trembled slightly before he quickly tired once again to calm things down

"Now, now let's not be hasty, if you just allow me to explain---"

Those were the last words he ever spoke because faster than he was able to react Mike closed the distance and slashed his throat, cutting apart the steel armor he wore, as the nobleman fell to the ground busy choking on his own blood with his eyes wide open Mike looked over at the daughter and gave a slight smile

"Run little rabbit"

Hellen didn't freeze as her father did, she simply turned and used all her speed to try and escape, but the knife soon flew through the air and was instantly buried in the back of her head killing her instantly, then Mike opened his hand and the knife flew back and landed in his hand before he stroked the blade and muttered


As the adventures and merchants watched the two corpses dried up, the nobleman that wasn't quite dead let out a haunting scream that quickly ended, then all eyes gathered on Mike that showed a slight smile as he spun the knife around before he spoke

"Well then, let's get the caravan rolling shall we?"

The head merchant realized Mike was speaking to him and hurriedly gave a nod before he wiped the cold sweat off his face with his own shaking hands before he calmed down (or at least tried to) and yelled

"Alright, we're moving in two minutes!"

Mike then sheathed the knife and walked over to one of the carriages and with a light jump he landed on the roof of the carriage and laid down. After the initial shock wore off the adventures many of them began discussing the fight with awe, after all they all hated nobles especially those that tried to play adventure and got other real adventures in danger, so Mike killing Hellen and her father was a good thing for them, at least it was way better than having to be Hellen's servants all the two month trip while listening to her whine.

Soon the two minutes were up and the convoy slowly began moving, Mike lay and looked up at the clouds with a slight smile on his face

���Now I just need to keep a low profile on the next island and then I will have made it to Threa where I can get that sweet revenge on the hammer party…'

Mike closed his eyes as he thought about how he should torture Hector and the rest of the members of the hammer party when he got to Thera, Time passed as it always does and soon almost two months had passed, Mike protected the convoy when he wasn't sleeping on the roof of a carriage that is, he earned the respect of the adventures on the way by always leading them into battle and killing monsters and bandits alike, greatly reducing the potential casualties