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It was a peaceful day in the Seireitei, the Shinigami were doing their usual work, everything looked absolutely normal. Maybe not entirely normal, a single detail was ruining this peace. A pair of bored Yellow eyes watched the Captains of each divisions as they gave their reports to Head Commander Yamamoto.

'Old Man, to think that you're not even able to know that i am here. What would you do if you knew ? Would you get a heart attack ? Or maybe would you discard everything and use your Bankai on me?' Thought the owner of those yellow eyes. Though it would be better for him to get a name, not that he didn't have one. It's just that he didn't wanted to use his old name anymore.

The Captains finished their reports and the Head Commander asked for silence.

"Very well, since there's nothing abnormal to report, we can get to the main subject of this meeting. A strange source of Reiatsu has been sensed in the Hueco Mundo. According to those who felt it, it is similar to that of a Vasto Lorde." Said the Old Shinigami, the Captains shrugged it off since a Vasto Lorde wasn't exactly something incredible in the Hueco Mundo, even if they knew that at some point most Vasto Lorde died. They knew Yamamoto was there at that time, but he never wanted to talk about it. Which proved that something important happened that day.

All of a sudden, Captain Soi Fon rose from her chair. She didn't know why she actually did it, but her entire mind was fixated on what happened that day when all the Vasto Lorde died. The thought had just appeared in her mind and now she couldn't stop thinking about it.

"Head Commander, pardon my question but....I think we all want to know what happened 'that day'. I know it doesn't have much to do with our current 'problem', but you never answered our questions about that event." Said Soi Fon, she sat down on her seat and blinked twice. For some reasons the previous thoughts she had seemingly vanished. Yamamoto's eyes narrowed when he saw her behaviour, he knew something was weird but he decided to answer her question. He got up and walked around the Captains, taking a deep breath he started.

"That day, we received several reports from all the scouts we had sent in Hueco Mundo. There had been some sorts of massive battle between Vasto Lorde, and it could potentially become dangerous for the Soul Society. As such we had sent scouts and they all returned with the same report. Every single Vasto Lorde had been killed. In the matter of a single night, they all 'died'." Said Yamamoto, the Captains' eyes widened when they heard that. Surely he wasn't going to tell them.....

"Yes, they were all killed by the same being. That's why i never talked about it, for this being was supposed to be a secret. That's also why i consider the current matter important, this unknown Reiatsu could be his, though it is way too weak to be him. From what i can remember he never could hide his reiatsu." Said Yamamoto, they all looked at him and Captain Hitsugaya decided to ask something.

"Why do you sound like you know this 'Being' personally? Honestly, i get the feeling this being is a hollow and thus i don't see how you could know him personally."

"Indeed, he's a hollow. I know him personally, that i can say. A Hollow isn't supposed to remember his past, but he did. I recognized him the second i saw him. His face, i could never forget, even if the mask hid it." Said Yamamoto, he actually sounded sad..........And remorseful ?

"Who is he ?" Asked Captain Kurotsuchi Mayuri.

"His old self doesn't matter anymore, but........" Yamamoto glared at the captains and they felt their blood freeze.

"I think you would do well to remember at all times what such title involve. For he is.............The Hollow God"


(Las Noches, just before the Hollow God woke up)

"I do believe that everything has been said. You can return to your occupations, i have some matters to attend to." Said Aizen, he then left the room, leaving Gin and Tousen behind. As soon as he left, Nnoitra literally jumped on Grimmjow and assaulted him with questions.

"Who is this Hollow ? Is he really that strong ? Why are you so afraid of him ? Is he the one who gave you your name ? What does he looks like ? Did he-"




"Nnoitra, Grimmjow, stop fighting all the time" Said Ulquiorra appearing between the two and separating them, he heard a light snicker coming from Hallibel and turned towards her.

"Why are you snickering ? I didn't take for the type to act like a human woman."

"I'm not acting like a human. It's just that Grimmjow amuse me, he has some rather interesting ways to block the fear." Said Hallibel loudly as everyone looked at Grimmjow who glared at her.

"Why you litt-"

He didn't even had the time to finish that they all felt it. A Reiatsu that surpassed everything they experienced before. It only lasted a few seconds, but it was enough for them to gasp in shock. Though Grimmjow and Hallibel had different reactions.

"FUCKKK!!!!!IT'S HIM!!!!" Shouted Grimmjow as he ran outside, heading towards the source of this power.

Hallibel smiled and walked towards the door.

"If you want to know who he is, then follow us. We should get there quickly, before Grimmjow can do anything stupid."

"Like what ?" Asked Yammy Llargo

"...................Like provoking the wrong Monster and getting utterly destroyed. I can remember that 'HE' is.......How did he call that......Ah yes, Grumpy in the morning."