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Sosuke Aizen, Ex-Captain of the 5th Division of the Gotei 13, the Shinigami who manipulated the entire Seireitei before betraying Soul Society, stood before his Espada. He had been amazed by their potentials, but something else picked his interest. Something that he learned of ,just after he recruited them but never asked about.

"Grimmjow, Hallibel.....If i remember what Barragan told me, you two got your name from a Hollow that educated you years ago. My questions is , who's this Hollow ? I'm quit surprised by the fact that you learned from another Hollow, given how a Hollow would never listen to another one except if this other one was stronger than the Hollow. Which means that this Hollow was , and might still be, more powerful than you." Aizen had a vicious glimmer in his eyes as he said those words, he was already excited by the prospect of recruiting such a powerful Hollow. He saw Grimmjow tense while Hallibel bowed and spoke in a little nervous tone.

"Aizen-Sama, this Hollow doesn't have a name. He chose to abandon his old name, though he remember his old life." Aizen perked up at that, a Hollow who remembered his old life was incredibly rare. Hallibel saw that and continued, " I can tell you that he's indeed more powerful than us, and excuse me if i sound a bit too disrespectful , but i think he's more powerful than even you."

Ulquiorra glared at Hallibel for this comment, while Nnoitra looked at Grimmjow and was astonished to see fear in the eyes of the Sexta Espada. The other Espada were shocked by what Hallibel said, except for Barragan who obviously knew more than most thought.

"What ?! Such a powerful Hollow existed and i didn't know of his existence ?!" Shouted Szayel Aporro Granz, the scientist certainly didn't sound too pleased by this bit of information. But who could blame him, the Espada and Fracciones were all unnerved by what Hallibel said. It also raised the question of how this Hollow could stay hidden from all, when he was so powerful. A question that Aizen was going to ask, but Barragan beat him to it.

"He's been sleeping this whole time. He went to sleep a short amount of time before you came to Hueco Mundo, Aizen-Sama" Said Barragan, with a bit of venom when he spat the word 'Sama'. Aizen wasn't someone who could make Barragan his subordinate so easily. Barragan had never respected anyone, except for 'HIM'.

"Sleeping, huh ? My, my this Hollow do sound quite special. I never heard of any Hollow who goes to sleep for such a large amount of time. Though i also never heard of any Hollow who could best Aizen." Said Ichimaru Gin, the Ex-Captain of the 3rd division of the Gotei 13. Besides him, Coyote Stark, the Primera Espada, watched Hallibel with growing interest. He always knew she was hiding something, whenever he asked her why she was so knowledgeable about Humans she would always dodge the question. Though he now understood that it wasn't a big secret, simply something that she didn't wanted to casually talk about. Grimmjow did seemed scared at the mention of the Hollow, which didn't surprise him, he could already imagine Grimmjow trying to kill the superior Hollow and being beaten to death. It still made him quite curious as to how this mysterious Hollow made Grimmjow so scared of him.

"Indeed.......I would also like to know how this Hollow could be sleeping all this time. A Hollow cannot resist it's hunger, it is known by everyone." Said Kaname Tousen, Ex-Captain of the 9th division of the Gotei 13.

"W-Who knows! Anyway weren't we supposed to talk about those shitty Shinigami ?!" Said Grimmjow, sweating bullets as Hallibel smirked at him. She mouthed something that made him angry enough to clench his hands until he drew blood. Ulquiorra saw it and understood what she said, 'Bad memories, right ?'. He didn't know what she meant by that, but he wasn't curious enough to search for the meaning of these words.

' Grimmjow is trying to change the subject ? Quite surprising, this Hollow seemed to have let a strong impression on him.' Thought Aizen amused, before he clasped his hands and motioned for the Espada to take seats.

"Very well then, it is time to talk about my plans for the Soul Society."


At the other side of the Hueco Mundo, inside a cave a deep rumble could be heard. As soon as it was heard, all the Hollows fled towards the Menos Forest, knowing what or who exactly was the origin of this noise.

"*Sigh* How long has it been ? I hope i didn't sleep for too long this time......Why do i even care actually ?" Said a figure as it stepped out of the cave. It's body was half-Human and Half-Hollow. He, because it was obviously a he, had a single of black horn protruding from his head. He also had a Hollow mask that was entirely blank, there was only a slit for it's mouth and two holes for his eyes. Several cracks were on the mask, as it looked like it could be broken at any time. For some reasons, the Vasto Lorde class Hollow, was wearing a Haori that was an exact replica of the one the Captains of the Gotei 13 were wearing. An emblem could be seen on the Haori, it was-


The Hollow turned his head only to see an entire army of Menos Grande heading towards him.

"Oh, i forgot to hide my Reiatsu. *Sigh* It's just such a pain to do it." Said the Hollow, he brought his right hand in front of him, pointing it at the Menos grande. He formed a palm with it as an insane amount of Reiatsu could be felt coming from him, and.....

"Dios Cero"