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Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Author:The Leaf That Goes Against Water

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Updates:237 You Dare to Take My Rake Cat! You Are Seeking Death!

We’ve had systems that help the MCs make pills, steal skills from legendary masters, and even be forced to show off to earn points, but what about a system that allows one to run a virtual reality internet cafe, featuring all the classic games?

Our MC awakens in a new world (Truck-kun strikes again) and finds himself with a mysterious system that allows him to run a fully self-...
《Black Tech Internet Cafe System》 Volume 1
1 Super Internet Café System
2 Resident Evil One: Virtual Reality Remake
3 Wang Tai’s Gaming Experience
4 The Horror of being Wrecked by a Zombie
5 Your Playtime has reached the Limi
6 Do not Compromise your Integrity for Small Profits
7 Being Calm in the Hour of Peril – Playing Before the Big Exam
8 A Shop that Rips Customers Off?
9 New Task
10 Get Up If You Can
11 If You Don’t Go Looking for Death, Death Won’t Knock on Your Door
12 It’s More Than Just a Game
13 The Most Reliable Weapon in Resident Evil is Actually…
14 This Internet Café Does Not Provide Overnight Services
15 The First Thing to do Every Morning…
16 Playing Games isn’t Trickery
17 The Birth of the Tyran
18 So-Called Skills
19 How Legends Are Born
20 Ambition with the Internet, T-Virus Without Side Effects
21 Just Play the Game, Don’t Smash My Door
22 The Sweeping Declaration
23 What’s a Genius? I’d Rather Discuss the Game
24 The Slow-Rising Resident Evil Hype
25 The New Movie and Next Game
26 The Zombie Horde – The Charisma of the End of the World!
27 It’s Only a Little Interesting?
28 There’s no Seats Left, You’ll Have to Wai
29 The First Cultivator to Come to this Little Shop
30 Cultivator? Electrocuted!
31 Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
32 You Bought the Entire Street?
33 A Straight-A Student Who Skipped Class
34 Yuan River Realm Cultivator, Would You Like to be Electrocuted?
35 One Day, You Will Become a Butterfly
36 Internet Café Upgrade
37 Diablo and Special Sprite
38 It’s Hot Outside, Games are Better with Sprite
39 I Accidentally Drank It All
40 Play Safely and Peacefully at the Internet Café
41 No One Will Marry You When You Are Expressionless and Vicious in The Tongue
42 Generally Speaking, Aces Can Send Him Flying
43 Playing Games is the Only Way to Go
44 Friend, Have You Ever Heard of Glory?
45 You Have to Admit Defea
46 Have You Ever Seen a Shadow Street-Dance Army?
47 Fans of the Plot and Official Novel
48 Here Comes the Elderly
49 Old Men Who Suffer from Eighth-Grader Syndrome
50 If You Want to Play, Come Back Tomorrow
51 Assassination
52 Buns for a Little loli?
53 I’m sorry, but I refuse
54 Sir! Activate the Game for Me!
55 A Weird Little Shop
56 Addicted to Diablo
57 Kill Andariel at Level 2?
58 Don’t Fight! Play the Game First!
59 Wang Tai Stands Ou
60 The First Draft of the Official Novel
61 Jiang Xiaoyue’s Ambitions
62 Do you Have the Courage to Compare Items?
63 You Can Sell Virtual Items as Well?
64 Watch the Owner Play
65 It’s Addicting to Watch Others Play as Well?
66 An Exasperated Jiang Xiaoyue
67 The Disappearance of the Cloud Ocean Faction Disciples
68 Being Watched
69 Parents are Here? Don’t Worry, We’re a Proper Internet Café!
70 Readjusting Your State of Mind
71 The Owner Isn’t Here, So You’re All Refusing to Play?
72 Make the Owner Come Back so We Can Watch Him Play!
73 The Birth of Haagen Dazs and the Legend of the Sword and Fairy!
74 Not Playing Diablo but the legend of the Sword and Fairy!
75 With a Celestial Sword, I Can Go to the Heavens and Enter the Netherworld
76 Sword control technique Exist?
77 Fang Qi Goes by the Rules
78 I Think We’re in Trouble
79 Watching the New Game
80 It’s a Giant Hole
81 I’m Addicted, So You Should be Too
82 Prey
83 Do Not Offend the Small Shop’s Employee
84 New Task
85 Talking About the Legend of the Sword and Fairy is Better than Heavenly Dao
86 Throw Him Out Immediately
87 First Attempt at the Sword Control Technique
88 A New Routine?
89 They All Have Different Things on Their Minds
90 The New Shop
91 Livestreaming in this New World
92 Learning About Bullet Screens
93 Surprising Everyone
94 The Legend of the Sword and Fairy
95 Hidden currents
96 Human Hearts and Minds
97 Storm
98 The World is Big
99 Big Guy, Small Gun
100 Modern Technology in the New World
101 Confusing the Roles
102 One Can Beat Shop Owner in This Game
103 Great! We Can Beat the Shop Owner Soon
104 Another Big Gun
105 Moving like Flowing Water
106 Typing out GG
107 The Fury of Lingyun Academy
108 Explaining Counter-Strike to Teacher
109 Related business
110 Scientific Way of Making Artifacts
111 The Downside of Playing Games
112 Hunted Down by my Own Game Character...
113 Another Mix-up
114 National Examination
115 Don’t Fire!
116 Guilty
117 This Internet Cafe is Your Strongest Suppor
118 Broadcast It on Livestream
119 Real battles Need Nimbleness
120 Solving the Issue
121 Beat the Wrong Guy
122 Playing Games? Impossible
123 A Comedy Livestream?
124 Playing Using Keyboard and Mouse
125 Binge-watching in This World
126 Don’t Go to the Internet Café Tomorrow
127 The Killing Strike of Lingyun Academy
128 Popular Business
129 The Growing Youths
《Black Tech Internet Cafe System》 Volume 2
127 Accidentally Published - Chapter 134 Don't Read Because of Spoilers
130 Curiosity Killed the Ca
131 A Bold Idea
132 The Pinnacle Duel Between Two Masters
133 Diablo’s Sudden Popularity
134 Tricking Instructors to Play in Internet Café - A Smart Move
135 Come and Gain Levels!
136 Fang Qi’s Scheme
137 The Glory That Belonged to the Disciples!
138 Take orders, Disciples from Liuyun Daoist Palace Cloud Ocean Faction
139 Wait In Line for About Five Hours
140 Professional Narrator Xiao Yulv
141 A Book Worm + A Foodie = A Fanatic
142 Fighting for Seats
143 Outdoor Livestream
144 Please Take Me on the Flight!
145 One Can Go Anywhere with the Sword Control Technique!
146 All the Way to the North
147 You All Need the Legend of Sword and Fairy
148 National Examination
149 Keep a Low-Profile! Keep a Low-Profile!
150 Such a Beautiful Person Must Be a Guy
151 Win with One Strike
152 The Miserable Failure of Lingyun Academy
153 Sword Control Technique!
154 Challenging the Higher House!
155 A Nimble Play
156 Don’t Mess with the Disciples of Lingyun Academy
157 The Ending
158 Task Completed - Binge-Watching in This World
159 The New Item on Today’s Menu
160 Wanting to Destroy the Shop and Kill the Owner!
161 Hooked Nalan Hongwu
162 Watching for Free? The Shop Owner Is Nice!
163 Godly Sword Lightning-Controlling True Spell!
164 Come and Train You Mind
165 New Items Again!
166 Sir! I’ll take one bowl of instant noodles with one sausage!
167 No! The Next Update will be Next Week!
168 Premier Zhang Can Cultivate?
169 Sir! Wake up! Someone’s Smashing Your Windows!
170 Let’s Go and Watch the TV Series After the Daily Meeting with the Emperor!
171 The Old Premier Led a Team into the Internet Café
172 Talking About the TV Series Before Morning Meeting?
173 Young Master Song! Explore the New Game!
174 Scared Them Out of Their Wits
175 Throw Clumsy Punches with Fear
176 A Competition of Courage? Disciples of Shengjing and Xiyi Will Play It!
177 Failed in Competition of Courage! We’re Scared out of Our Wits!
178 Looking Forward to Mr. Fang’s Performance
179 Close the Door Behind You and Then Run
180 Xiaoyue! Help Me Up!
181 Want to Play Games Dressed as a Girl? Impossible!
182 Nalan Hongwu: I’ll Show You How to Play It!
183 The Senior Seeks His Death
184 The Senior Failed!
185 I Have Special Skills to Fight the Bosses
186 Otherworld!
187 This Was The Whole Story
188 New Task: Interne
189 Invitation from the Emperor?
190 Messenger from Cultivation Realm
191 We’ll never go to the Cultivation Realm!
192 Sir, you cheated us!
193 A 40-meter long saber
194 Wind God Kick? Look at my Cloud Expelling Palm!
195 This Guy Is Toxic
196 The Senior Has Something Weighing on His Mind
197 We Wuwei Daoist Alliance Won’t Attend the Conference!
198 Some people are making trouble
199 The System’s Black Technology and the Easter Egg in Jade Dynasty
200 As Strong as Me
201 Want to Kill People in the Shop? The Shop Owner Is Angry!
202 The Senior Has Strong Mental Strength, and There Are Many Levels in the Emperor Warrior Realm!
203 You Must Use Your Brain While Playing Games
204 Internet Cafe Competition: Infancy of E-Sports
205 Mr. Fang’s Second-Hand Smoke
206 People Showing off Are Destined to Be Struck by Lightning
207 About the Competition
208 A New Crisis
209 Super Thrilling! The People in This World Also Likes Face Slaps From Wastrels
210 Wind and Cloud’s Comeback! Suppress Space! World-Ending Sword 23! Part 1
211 Wind and Cloud’s Comeback! Suppress Space! World-Ending Sword 23! Part 2
212 The Scheming Before Competition
213 E-Sport Curse!
214 Unpredictable Ending, and the Second Item Trade!
215 A New Way of Making Money
216 Watch the competition While Eating Spicy Sticks
217 Continued Pressure
218 36 Tiangang Sword Array, the Second Round of the Competition!
219 The Strategists Are Cunning
220 The Necromancer Without a Skeleton Army
221 Sorcerers and Sorceresses Are Done; The Quarter Final Begins
222 The Curtain Falls
223 Trying the Guns
224 Runewords and Rune Symbols
225 The New Spiritual Artifact Is About to Be Born
226 The Legend of Mir 2, and the Grand Cultivators Playing with Magic Properties
227 The Group Trip to Mount Haruna
《Black Tech Internet Cafe System》 Volume 3
228 Mr. Fang might take a robbers’ boa
229 I’m Not Trying to Target Anyone
230 I’m Still New, and I’ll Get Better at This
231 The New Shop Clerk
232 The Other Side of Half City
233 The Internet Is Activated! Watching QQ!
234 Build an Online Games Guild
235 With This Name, You Will Get Beat the Moment You Walk Out!
236 Establish Dominance Casually
237 You Dare to Take My Rake Cat! You Are Seeking Death!