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514 Impurities in the Void Fores

Present day…

There was no official name for the space that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Eventually, it was called Void Forest by those that managed to get into the place, either invited or by accident. 

Yen Mingjue still remembered clearly the first day his mother started making her residence. He had expected her to leave after a few days. However, the days turned into months then eventually years.

His father was furious, and Yen Mingjue still felt bitter about the fact that his father did not hold back on blaming him for what happened.

The death god even tried to personally bring his mother home to the point of demanding the entrance until he ends up causing a rift with the other gods.

Yes, gods could have their vessels or wraiths to work for them. However, there was a specific restriction for his father because of what he did in the past—the kidnapping of a mortal. After doing that, the mortal was brought to the Underworld alive.

How many years was it? Yen Mingjue could count it, but he was lazy to do so.

It was a long time ago. Yen Mingjue's father was still mad about it, but just seeing how this place turned out, Yen Mingjue was sure that his mother had a good life and productive life. 

From a vast wasteland, it now looked like a forest from the Underworld. There were dead trees all over. Howls of beasts that were so familiar with him could be heard from afar.

Aside from that, he was aware that the place did not have any daytime. It was not a big deal for them since he was used to such an atmosphere, and that was the case with Xiao Shi as well.

It was always night time, and if not for the fireflies as well as the stars that shine brightly on the place, one needed to have spiritual stones or use their spiritual energy to be able to see the path. That was also the reason why his mother's residence was so easy to find due to its current design.

"Wait!" Yen Mingjue suddenly exclaimed loudly as his hound form stopped. "We don't look like we are getting close…" It took a while for him to realize that something was wrong. However, he was still not sure since it was a long time ago when he visited the place.

"Master, how can that be? Was this a trap?" Xiao Shi asked as she tried to sense if they were currently under an illusion.

She was eventually confused because she felt strange magic was around them. For example, a strong cultivator needed to focus enough strength on sensing it, while the weaker ones might not be able to feel it at all.

"Master, why not go there instead?" Xiao Shi suggested as she pointed out a direction where the strange magic was weakest.

Xiao Shi knew that the master of the residence not far from them was also her master. That was the reason Xiao Shi did not want to have any confrontation with the one responsible for the strange magic.

"Wang Yin! I need your help! Get out and meet me!" Yen Mingjue was upset. It was evident by the way he called his mother on her name.

It was also upset on himself, as he was so into his reminisces that he ended up wasting time. Aside from that, he did not like the fact that his mother's subordinate was not able to sense that he was from the Underworld.

There was no need for confrontation. It was his mother's fault, after all, for not teaching her people how to deal with him.

"Master!" Xiao Shi exclaimed suddenly.

Immediately, he shifted his gaze on Xiao Shi and found her legs were wrapped on impurities!

"Get away from it!" Yen Mingjue commanded urgently.

Xiao Shi was trying to fight it off. However, he as clearly struggling.

If he did not experience the horror of the impurities in the Mortal Domain, Yen Mingjue would not bother as he could give Xiao Shi another vessel. However, he now knew that Impurities could absorb everything and anything depending on the user.

If the impurities absorbed Xiao Shi, there was no way he could revive her.  Yen Mingjue tried to help her, but before he could do anything, he already felt there was something wrong with the vessel he was using.

 It was easy to guess what was happening, so he immediately fought to escape as well. Yen Mingjue sent more energy to the hound.  Aside from the fact that he could not let any enemy take his vessel away, he was also feeling worried about his mother's safety.

The type of impurities attacking them at that moment was the kind that was controlled by YinYings. Aside from that, impurities were never right for beings who were blessed with gods' blood like his mother. Just being exposed to a very tiny amount, could be very dangerous.

"Fvck it!" The burst of his spiritual energy allowed him to get away from the impurities that were holding him. That was the case with Xiao Shi as well.

Yen Mingjue took advantage of the familiar environment as well as the energy that his mother had used in it like his own, allowing the trees to attack their unseen enemy.




It was the sounds of every hit that managed to land on their enemy. The shadows were still burry within the darkness, but even there, so they moved closer as he did not stop his attacks. It did not take long when he was able to see the figures of beings that he was fighting.

"What did you do to my mother?! Where-" He was not able to finish his statement when he saw who he was fighting...


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