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The neon sign was flashing brightly. It was a sign stating that the place is open for any customer who wants to visit.

Not only was the sign looking so out of place, but that goes to say for the entire residential area as well. The front of the house was surrounded by brightly lit bulbs that were in different sizes and colors, flashing in different styles. If this place was located in a busy market street, it would surely get attention.

At that time, the appearance of the forest was still new and not know by many. Nowadays, it was called the Void Forest. It was located in the middle of the Immortal and Heavenly Domains. No one knew how it appeared or how huge was it, but those did not matter.

Yen Mingjue finds it laughable. Though he has an urgent matter to do, he could still not help notice the strangeness of the place. The last time he saw the area, it was yet to be built entirely.

What matters was that the one who owns the seemingly only residence in the dead forest was someone he knows dearly and how she started living in an isolated place. His mother…


Void Forest, years ago…

"Mother! Are you listening to me? This is not really a good idea!" Yen Mingjue exclaimed in frustration.

"Shhh... Silence, please," Wang Yin said softly while her eyes were closed. She was busy as she raised her arms in the air, extracting the remaining magic that she currently has. Yen Mingjue knew that she was working on her defense magic in the area. At the same time, she was also controlling the bone soldiers around to finish building her residence.

"Mother!" He shouted in worry the moment she opened her eyes. Tiredness was clearly visible on her beautiful face.

Wang Yin shifted her gaze towards her son with a heavy sigh and shook her head, "Dear, I made sure to avoid your father when I was pregnant with you. I do not want you to get his uptight and grumpy personality. So tell me, why are you still so like him?" She uttered with regret.

After hearing what his mother said, Yen Mingjue's face turned black. He suddenly remembered how his father tossed him around as a child to get him as far away as possible from his mother.

Was that because the man had a grudge towards him because of 'this avoiding' that his mother had mentioned?

Or his father was just someone who hates mostly everything aside from his mother?

"Wait! Do not try to change the topic!" Yen Mingjue hissed in annoyance, which her mother just shrugged at. "Mother this is not really a good idea. Aside from father being furious once he found out that you left, this place is still a mystery and might be dangerous for you!" He explained concerning.

Thought at that moment, Yen Mingjue was sure that his father already knew everything. Yet, what could his father do? A god could not visit the Qi Universe unless one wants to cease existing. 

"Huh! There are others that can entertain him. I can't just stay in that lonely palace for another day!" Wang Yin glared to Yen Mingjue, "Don't you even pity your beautiful mother?" She asked with a pout.

Yen Mingjue pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration, "So how do you plan to sustain your spiritual energy?" The beings from Beyond or the Underworld needs the sustenance of spiritual energy to keep their Immortality.

They rely on the essence of pure souls that are staying on that Domain to keep their magic and existence.

With most of the areas of the Universe that was mixed with impurities, it will be a challenge to Wang Yin even to use the air to extract a very tiny amount of spiritual energy. 

In truth, Yen Mingjue did think that his mother did choose the newly appeared place wisely. He even considered the possibility of his mother getting involved in the whole place's existence.

Yen Mingjue looked at the vast barren land that suddenly appeared in the middle of two domains. Because of this, the spiritual energy in both separate areas was coexisting. Unsurprisingly, since the whole place still new, there were barely impurities in it.

It was a perfect place for anyone to advance in their cultivation. Because of that, Yen Mingjue worries about his mother's safety. After all, greed was a mortal's nature.

"Can't you see? I am building a store!" Wang Yin shouted braggingly with a smirk. It was easy to know what her son was thinking, "Greed is a good marketing tool, you know."

Yen Mingjue frowned as he crossed his arms over his chest. He then gazed at the bone soldiers that were still building her mother's residence. "I am sure that you will get a lot of customers with this far remote and dangerous place." He uttered laced with sarcasm.

Wang Yin chuckled as she looked around the place with satisfaction, "We don't need a lot of visitors, dear son. Mother just needs someone willing to pay for our services." She said, assuring.

"Services, huh." He mumbled softly, visualizing how it would happen.

His mother was not a celestial being. She was from the Immortal Domain that his father, fancied, more like kidnapped to the Underworld.

Aside from her natural gifts as a mortal, her years of staying in the Underworld and being god's wife made her really special.

He released a heavy breath and gave up convincing her. After all, it was seldom for him to see his mother happy or seemingly enjoying what she was doing.

Yen Mingjue hoped that his mother would give up after a couple of days because he really felt that her whole plan won't work. There was no way she could collect souls to sustain her to continue living in the barren land for days.


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